MY STORY: Living with AutoImmune Disease – RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) – Yulanda Sabrina [HD]

MY STORY: Living with AutoImmune Disease – RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) – Yulanda Sabrina [HD]

hello world my name is Yulanda I’m 29
and I live in England Surrey, leafy Surrey I’ve never done anything
like this before this is my first youtube video it’s probably taken me two
years to pluck up the courage to actually do this so yeah here goes
forgive me if the lighting is bad it’s been a really weird day to day it was
raining now it’s cloudy it was sunny a minute ago it’s been a bit weird so I
hope that the Lighting’s okay and you can see me okay I’m going to make this
short and sweet I don’t want it to be a long drawn-out video I’m hoping to do
other videos you know spin-off videos from this so if there’s anything that I
go over that you’d like me to maybe go into more detail about or you want to
ask me a question about please comment and leave me you know your questions
even if you just want to come and say hi or you know tell me your story then
let’s do that let’s make this a little community because I feel like living
with autoimmune diseases can be or is a really scary thing and sometimes you
feel like you’re all alone and you’re the only person in the world going
through it clearly you know you’re not there are other people out there though
experiencing the exact same thing that you are my autoimmune disease is
rheumatoid arthritis I have endometriosis as well which I was
diagnosed with two weeks ago which I’ll make another video about and I have
Sjogren’s and syndrome which is an eye condition but it’s kind of a secondary
disease to the rheumatoid arthritis so I know a lot of you will know that with
autoimmune diseases yes you have a particular autoimmune disease but you
also probably are experiencing other horrible conditions and diseases that go
along with that particular autoimmune disease and that you have if that makes
sense so my Sjogren’s syndrome which is extreme dry eyes my eyes are mostly all
the time was probably not but not today actually all the time red and bloodshot I
sleep with my eyes open that’s a secondary disease to my rheumatoid
arthritis it’s caused by inflammation of the eye, Rheumatoid Arthritis is an inflammatory disease
I guess I should go into a little bit about what rheumatoid arthritis is I
heard that they’re kind of trying to change the name to rheumatoid disease
because arthritis this is just one of the symptoms that we experience or that
I experience so there are lots and lots of different types of arthritis
rheumatoid being one meaning that I have a dodgy immune system basically
it’s malfunctioning so when I get a virus or cold or when anybody gets the
virus or cold your body will do what it’s supposed to do send down anti-bodies to
you know grab the virus and kind of break it down and get rid of it well my
body and anyone with rheumatoid arthritis our body over reacts to the
slightest thing so our body’s constantly under attack by its self you know my
immune system is attacking my body so anywhere where there’s you know constant
movements you know like your joints your body will attack so your finger you
have the two bones you have cartilage that wraps around the end of the bones
I’m not a doctor so if I get this wrong please correct me but I think it’s
cartilage that helps the bones you know glide off each other smoothly then you
have a sack of fluid it’s called the synovium filled with fluid and oil which
helps you lubricate the joints and then the outer case of the joint is
wrapped with your tendons I think that’s how it is my body’s atacking the synovium so my joints will become inflamed and very painful tender swollen and you
know you know it’s all joints in my body so it’s painful and it’s really not a
nice thing to be going through at all that’s basically what it is rheumatoid arthritis also attacks your organs it’s not just your joint so you know your
heart your lungs you liver the brain your eyes is an extremely serious
disease and I feel like there’s really not enough awareness about the disease
so if I can do this video and just you know educate one person then I’m
happy so yeah that’s the basics of it really and if I go back to the beginning
of how it started with me my symptoms were painful stiff hands and wrists in
the mornings when I awake it started in one hand and graduate to
the other hand one foot then it graduated to the other foot my toes and
my ankles both knees were agonizing now I’m experiencing pain and stiffness in
my neck and my shoulders sometimes my hips if I’m really fatigued my eyes as I
said before and my jaw yeah it can be really horrendous sometimes especially
when I have a flare up the flare-ups can last anywhere between you know two days
to a week when I was diagnosed the doctors first thought it was carpal
tunnel syndrome I wasn’t convinced I’m the type of person that runs to the
Internet goes on google searches my symptoms and I’m basically diagnoses
myself and then I take what I found to the doctor for them to follow it up so
doctors never ever know what I’ve got or they just brush it off as something else
and in my gut I knew that it was something serious so the doctor sent me
to the consultant rheumatologist who lo and behold diagnosed me with early
active rheumatoid arthritis they put me straight away on really heavy drugs some
of the drugs are used in small doses for cancer patients methotrexate
hydroxychloroquine and folic acid the methotrexate I had to increase every
couple of weeks that started making me feel nauseous
blured vision headaches I hated it and so I went back and told them about my
symptoms and they lowered the dose I had steroid injections they were absolutely
horrendous so painful the injections themselves was so painful but they did
ease the symptoms for you know a good maybe four weeks and then the symptoms
would come back as I said I’m trying to pack everything into this video that
I can I’m trying to talk as fast as I can my
mom she’s an advocate of holistic healthy alternative medicines so she
wasn’t having any of it she was like you know you’re 27 you’re so young
you’re basically bedridden because the fatigue was crazy sometimes I didn’t
even want to get out bed the pain was crazy
and and you know one minute I’m fit and health and the next minute I felt like I
was half dying she dragged me literally to a very amazing holistic doctor called
dr. Ferguson I’ll put his link in the description box for you to check him out
he was a very sickly child growing up he went through hell and back um you know
with his health and that’s what inspired him to help others and to find
alternative ways of treating things like autoimmune diseases arthritis things
like that lupus he does what is called a live blood test so he pricks your finger
and puts your blood under a microscope and shows you live on the screen what
your blood looks like when you’re at the doctors and they take your blood and
they send it off your blood is dead by the time anyone is looking at it under
the microscope a live blood test you can see is what it is you can see your blood
you know real time see what it’s doing my blood was in his words he has five
hundred odd patients in his words the worst blood he’s ever seen my white
blood cells were all clumped together normal blood you have you know a clear
screen and then you’ve got these white you know cells blood cells or whatever
they are bouncing off each other there’s movement in the blood and and the cells
bounce off each other mine were all stuck together some were
black I said what those black things he said I have parasite to my blood I had parasites in my blood I had metal in my blood sugar in my blood all sorts of
different horrendous rubbish in my blood I said how did I get this way I feel
like I’ve been so healthy and tried to do my best when it comes to my health he
said literally you know people with autoimmune disease were born this
way but something has triggered the dodgy you know gene or DNA in me to now
bring this disease out if that makes any sense so I’ve always had it but it’s
just been in hiding so there’s something that I’ve triggered it whether it be
stress or just eating badly I don’t know something triggered it and yeah so he
put me on the strictest food regime that I’ve ever had to endure in my life two
months no alcohol no sugar no salt no oil and for the first couple of days had
to juice just straight juicing then I had to have like herbal teas every day
and spirulina no fruit I was eating you know beans pulses vegetables no white
rice no bread fish no meat I’m a pescetarian anyway so I I didn’t eat
meat anyway but it was just so strict and that was over Christmas on my
birthday and New Year it was hard as hell but I did it went back to him for
follow-up two months after I literally felt like I was cured while I was I was
cured I had no symptoms I was back to normal I dropped loads of weight I felt
amazing on top of the world so it just goes to show that auto immune diseases
can be fought with food you know we are what we eat we hear it all the time I was
totally acidic you know just my body wasn’t liking anything I was eating
basically I probably had food allergies I didn’t even know about and all of this
brought on this disease then life happened I started eating badly again
not badly but I would have the odd you know bit of cake or bread or anything
sugary um and that would set me off so I started noticing that anything bad for
me would start to cause my inflammation and make me flare up again so I thought
what’s really annoying is that you know the health system does not tell you
about using food as medicine and it doesn’t
eliminating certain foods you know can basically cure you of your diseases why
they don’t tell you any of that I have no idea it’s clearly you know I want to
make money off the drugs but they don’t give you any alternatives they just you
know put you on these hardcore drugs and then that’s it I didn’t feel that that was
right for me I then as I said started to flare up again because of eating
badly and I started to notice a pattern of whenever I would drink alcohol or eat
sugar the next day I would literally be half bedridden sore achy it was
horrendous I then decided that I was going to exercise eat right and try and
manage this myself without any of the drugs that the rheumatoligist wanted to put me on, probably about a year later after my diagnosis I felt
like I had it a little bit under control I would have the odd flare-up well as I
said that was when I ate badly I wasn’t on any drugs I threw a whole massive box
of drugs in the bin I was feeling okay and I was feeling like it’s something
that I could cope with being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis you know it
does hit you like a ton of bricks but I always knew that I had enough willpower
and enough strength to not let it consume me you know it’s something that
affects me every single minute of the day but I don’t let it consume me I
stopped owning it as well I stopped saying you know my rheumatoid arthritis you
know I have the disease but it does not have me I love that phrase so they say
it’s not curable but I believe it is manageable with your diet and other kind
of healthy medicines such as tumeric I recently learned that tumeric is an
amazing anti-inflammatory and tumeric tablets I ordered some off the net started
taking them there are other you know healthy ways of bringing down your
information if any of you have any amazing healthy natural remedies that
can help you no inflammation put them down below tell me about them
tell me about your experience tell me what works for you tell me what hasn’t
worked for you I’m doing this now totally drug-free I’m trying to eat
right I’m now starting a new juice regime which I’m going to maybe do
another video on that’s really helping me it’s totally changed my life I do
suffer now from the odd flare-up mainly affects the joints in my hands and my
wrists sometimes I’ll experience sore feet and neck I’ll wake up sometimes I
can’t tell my neck to the side is horrendous and my eyes as well will be
bloodshot and red and that’s how I know my flare-ups coming on I’ll wake up on
my eyes will be red and my rheumatologist has given me eyedrops for
my eye condition I think I’m going to do another video my eye condition because
that’s a whole new subject but then in terms of the arthritis it’s there I’m
dealing with it I’m coping with it and I just want to share my story with you
guys and if anyone wants to ask me anything please do I want to be here to
have this discussion you know you’re not alone it can happen to a two-year-old
all the way up to you know an elderly person it can affect anybody at any time
I just want to try and be here to offer support to anyone that needs it spread
awareness about the disease because you can look at someone with RA and not even
know that they have RA it’s not an obvious disease the symptoms aren’t
obvious you know my fiance and my mom and my sisters people that are closest
to me know what I go through nobody else really knows you know the days when I
don’t want to get out of bed I’m fatigued I can’t even make myself
something to eat cause I’m so tired I know my fiance is there to support me and I
feel so blessed and fortunate that I have the support system around me to
enable me to have those days when I’ll just want to stay in my bed yeah this is
me I have rheumatoid arthritis but it
doesn’t have me and thank you for watching I appreciate you and
like subscribe share do all of that stuff if you know anyone who is
suffering from an autoimmune disease you know share this video with them maybe
it’ll help them and and as I said we can have back and forth dialogue with each
other and go from there so I’m going to go now and thank you for
watching and yeah oh I totally forgot to show you guys this is my paperwork from
the last two years these are my clinical letters and my appointment letters look
look at this look how thick that is it’s crazy I’ve had MRIs I’ve had all
sorts of scans ultrasounds and I’ve had x-rays I’ve had everything in and out of
hospital and out of three hospitals in in my local area so yeah I know a lot of
you can relate to this these were my wrist splint that I had to
wear for the first in a couple of months when I was really in agony with my hands
and my wrists you know I was wearing these to work and out and about no not cool but had to be done I was in so much pain my knees as well I had to wear this
knee bandadge if you can call it that I would wear this to work out as well I
actually have two of these I can’t find the other one but yeah all sorts of
different things I’ve had to to use at one point I couldn’t open a jar I couldn’t open a bottle and found it hard to eat with a knife and fork I found it
hard to sleep because the joints were just so inflamed and so painful I feel
like I have a high pain threshold anyway but then I feel like I’m coping now a
bit better I’m going to check my notes to see if I’ve forgotten anything
the most awful thing about having rheumatoid arthritis or an autoimmune
disease is that you can develop secondary diseases so for instance I
started to get acid reflux and indigestion so then I had to take drugs
to combat that so it’s like there was a drug for every symptom and then you
would get side effects from that drug and then it’s like a layering effect so
you’re just on this cycle of pills and it’s awful it is not really where you want to
be I developed sinus infections and a one point I was severely vitamin D
deficient and I was taking drugs for my deficiency I’m still on a maintenance
dose for that although my juicing and eating vegetables you know up in my
intake of veg really does help with my deficiency getting enough sunlight
exercise and all that sort of stuff and I’m now at a point where I just don’t
want to take any any drugs because every drug I take I then experience a side
effect then I’ll have to take a drug for that side effects and it’s just horrible
cycle that feels never-ending so I’m proud to say that I’m not on anything
right now and all that I’m on is I try and juice at least twice a week and I
take em tumeric tablets when I am bad and I do have a flare-up I will take her
ibufrofen and its really good it takes some information straight away apart
from that I’m not on anything I feel I’m clean try and keep a clean diet as much
as possible I’ve looked into the Paleo diet I’ve looked into being vegan and
pescetarian I don’t eat meat so if feel like the transition to vegan might be
fairly easy maybe I don’t know I do love my fish but I’ve tried to cut
out dairy and we don’t drink milk at all I drink almond milk and I don’t eat eggs
anymore I love eggs but I don’t eat them anymore
and there’s so much information out there on the internet and about foods
that cause inflammation in the body so it makes sense to stay away from those
foods you know and yeah that’s about it so with all that
said now I’m actually going to go and thank you so much for watching please
subscribe share like all of that good stuff and follow me on instagram if you
like and like I said hit me up if you have any questions or want me to go into
more detail about anything that I’ve discussed thank you for watching bye
honey bunnies

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  1. Suleyma Plancarte Post author

    I'm 28. I've known about my disease since I was 20. Ive never had treatment. I went Vegan did raw vegan its helped tremendously. Best thing I ever did. But lately I got a new job. It's been so hard to stay as healthy as I can. My fatigue and flares are affected by the weather more than food now. I live in southern utah desert. But we've had some hard freeze weather. I've never done prescribed drugs because of all the side affects. I do better with a low sugar salt oil and gluten free diet. I'm laying in bed with a heat pad. I'm having a flare up now. Ankles knees hips hand spine are my worst. It does feel lonely, most days people don't know I'm in constant pain. I do deal with it alone. Even though my family knows. We all have health issues. So I tend not to bother anyone. Depression is definitely a concern. I try to get some excercise on those low days. I've also had sciatic problems and pseudotumor cerebri. My skin gets affected aswell but have managed it with my diet and african black soap. Thank you for making this video. Somedays people look at me like I'm complaining or talking about it for attention or to get out of things. There are days also I can't get out of bed. But I do it because it feels worse to lay there feeling sorry for myself. Life goes on. I can say I've been able to accomplish so many things and be happy with a good attitude even when I feel my worst.


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