Mr. Giraffe’s Car Is Too Small! | Cartoon For Kids

Mr. Monkey, monkey mechanic,
was relaxing in his hammock, when all of a sudden, the garage bell rang Oh boy, a visitor. Who could it be? Look, it’s Mr. Giraffe Hello, Mr. Giraffe. How can I help you today? There’s something wrong with my car, Mr. Monkey Ever since I started driving it,
my neck has been really sore I think this car is broken Mr. Monkey checks the car He checks the engine, the tires, and the shocks Hmm There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong In fact, this car is in tip-top shape But there must be something wrong with it, Mr. Monkey My neck is so achy Mr. Monkey tries to get a closer look at
Mr. Giraffe’s neck but Mr. Giraffe is very tall,
and Mr. Monkey is much shorter Let’s see, Mr. Giraffe is very tall but his car is not so tall Mr. Monkey has an idea He needs to find a way for the very tall Mr. Giraffe to fit in his not so tall car First, he will need some supplies He’ll need 1…2…3…4 pieces of wood and they are all the same size and length He’s going to make a square A square has four equal sides Like this There Now we just need some bolts to attach
the square to the car Eight bolts should do the trick 1…2…3…4…5…6…7…and 8 Mr. Monkey is just about ready to head back to the car but he’s going to need one more thing… his trusty monkey wrench! What is Mr. Monkey up to? Mr. Monkey is almost finished, he just needs to fasten the square down with the bolts How many bolts did Mr. Monkey have? Let’s count them 1…2…3…4…5…6…7…and 8 Mr. Monkey is all done and he’s very
proud of his handiwork He invites Mr. Giraffe to test it out Amazing! Mr. Monkey, you’ve solved my problem He made him a sunroof or rather, a giraffe roof Mr. Giraffe’s neck was hurting because he was too tall to fit inside his not so tall car But now that Mr. Giraffe has his giraffe roof, he can sit comfortably without any more
neck aches Goodbye, Mr. Giraffe Don’t forget your sunscreen And with that, Mr. Monkey swings back to his
hammock to finish reading his magazine and eating his banana It’s me, Marvie, from Sesame Studios Wow, Super Simple TV, that was a really fun show! It reminds me of my friends Elmo and Cookie Monster
at Sesame Street Did you know Sesame Street has a YouTube channel? You should check it out it’s one of my favorite channels

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