20 comments on “Mother of child killed by out of control car wants driver to be charged

  1. P2Feener 305 Post author

    Damn hearing her say I tried to lift the car and I couldn’t all I could think of is a bad nightmare…and this lady is living it…damn. 😥

  2. christopher hennessey Post author

    She doesn’t have to worry about being strong.She is being so and it’s ok for her to cry,no weakness on her part.

  3. christopher hennessey Post author

    I’m sure the driver will be criminally charged. I hope she ends up having another child to help her heal .

  4. lou kane Post author

    My heart goes out to her! 😢😢such a sad day for anyone to lose a child, he was so adorable, i know he's in heaven, RIP little one, till mommy sees you again!

  5. time4growth10 Post author

    It won’t bring him back. But I feel her pain and wanting the driver to be accountable for his lack of responsibility on the road. If you can’t text and drive, you can’t fight and drive either. No different than driving intoxicated as well. RIP little man !

  6. Dboi Laflare Post author

    Only right he be charged yes a mistake bit one that took a life people have to pay for mistakes especially when this severe. There's alot of people in prison for mistakes.


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