Miracle Back Pillow for Lower Back Pain Review – Ask Doctor Jo

Miracle Back Pillow for Lower Back Pain Review – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody, it’s Doctor Jo, and its
product review time. The folks at Miracle Back sent me their miracle back pillow,
and Dr. Friedman, who developed it, sent me some pictures of Macie and Cass, which you
know we always love the dogs around here. Let’s get started. What’s very cool and
unique about this back pillow, is you lie on your stomach with it. I haven’t seen
any kind of low back preventing pain pillows that you lie on your stomach. So
it’s really really cool because this broad piece up top goes just below your
chest and then the point down here kind of goes over your pubic area. And so your
stomach goes in the space here and actually takes the pressure off of that
area. Especially when you’re lying on your stomach, if you’ve got a little extra belly, maybe
slightly overweight, or if you’re pregnant, or something like that, if you
lie on it puts that spine in a really awkward position. And this pillow really
helps put you in a neutral position, which is very very cool because I myself
really like to sleep on my stomach, but I don’t do it often because I have some
neck issues and end up having my neck in a really weird position. But this helps
with the neck as well as the low back because you can get your whole spine in
neutral position which is super comfortable. So it’s really really cool it also has a zipper here where you can
open it up, take it out, clean this separately if you need to and that’s
really nice as well. The cool thing again about lying on your stomach with this
particular miracle back pillow, is it makes so you can do some traction of
your back. So it opens up those spaces. So if you have something like a pinched
nerve, disc issues, something like that, getting that spine in that neutral
position this way versus in that extended position or even in that flex
position for a long period of time, it makes it so is taking pressure off of
the nerves and the disk that might be pushing on the nerves to cause that
pain. So getting into that position and just even taking three nice deep breaths,
it helps relax those muscles back there and then get that neutral position. So it’s really cool again it’s
unique, it’s something that I haven’t seen before, and I was really excited to
get to try it out. So i’m gonna show you how it looks lying down. So once you lie it down, again make sure
the broad piece is up top where your chest area is going to be, and the apex is
going to be at the bottom. Just lying down on it getting your breast area
slightly above a slot there. So coming down, getting that comfortable position.
And again, you take the first three deep breaths to get everything nice and
relaxed, but they recommend lying on about 15 to 20 minutes at a time. So just
lying here, deep breath in, do three those, and even
after that first one I actually felt just a little pop in my back that my spine
was adjusting itself which is really nice. And just laying here and relaxing
if you want to. What I also like about this is you can use it as a tool for
therapy exercises as well because now that my spine is an alignment, my hips
are in alignment, if i wanted to do just a few exercises like a leg lift, I could do something like that. Just do
maybe ten on one side, 10 on the other side. And the thing is since you’re in
that nice neutral position you should really have a whole bunch of pain when
you’re doing that if maybe you have pain doing it otherwise. So again just kinda nice and relaxed
laying there. And what I really like for me with my neck issues, a lot of times if
your stomach lier you know you have to turn your head one way or the other, but
this puts you up just a little bit so then if you have a pillow here, you can
just place it on your forehead, and then you have this room to keep again your
neck in that neutral position. Then you’re not stretched stretching out and
straining those neck muscles. So overall that works very nicely as well. So there
you have it. If you have any questions leave them in the comment section. If you’d
like to find out more about it go to miracleback.com If you’re interested in
purchasing the pillow go to our website AskDoctorJo.com/miracleback And remember, be safe (get that spine in
a neutral position), have fun (sleeping very well), and I hope you feel better soon.

7 comments on “Miracle Back Pillow for Lower Back Pain Review – Ask Doctor Jo

  1. Carole Jackson Post author

    I'm wondering how the instructions re limited time on it to 15 min fits w comments re comfortable sleep. Do you build up tolerance w time or what?

  2. Mary G Post author

    Dear Jo,
    I have congenitally skinny disks and at age 61 – ouch! Desk posture I have down cold. But when I want to relax and read, watch TV after a hard day, recliners stack my vertebrae in an uneven and uncomfortable position. I need my neck supported. Please, please, any suggestions? Thanks. Mary


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