Migraine Success Secret #11 “Vitamin D”

Migraine Success Secret #11 “Vitamin D”

Hi, Dr. McCarthy here and today we’re
gonna talk about Migraines Success Secret number eleven. we’re going to be talking about
vitamin D. Vitamin D has become a buzzword lately in the healthcare
industry and everyone thinks they know what’s going on and everyone says well
let’s check your vitamin D, oh take a whole bunch of vitamin D, when in fact
people don’t really know what they’re talking about and if you’re gonna have
your vitamin D evaluated and you’re gonna take some vitamin D, you better go
to someone who really knows their stuff, this is not something to fool around with. This is
really not a vitamin, it’s more of a hormone and you really shouldn’t go
screwing with hormones, unless you’re an expert. The first issue is people will
check your vitamin D levels, traditional health care providers, but then we check
one for 25 hydroxy, you need to check two forms, 25 hydroxy and 125 dihydroxy. If
you’re not checking both, that’s surefire sign that your doctor doesn’t know what
they’re talking about. You’ve got to check both and then when you take
vitamin D, you’ve got to recheck these levels every so often to make sure
they’re both going up appropriately. Next thing is you can get some vitamin D from
foods that you eat but most of it is coming from a four to five sources, that
means a synthetic form of vitamin D has been added, like to milk, it does a body
good, bologna. There’s no vitamin D in milk that’s good
for your body, you just better off not drinking milk. Where you really should get
your vitamin D from as the sunlight but in this day and age I’m so afraid to go
out to the sunshine then we cover up our kids with all kinds of protectants and
UVA and UVB, we put sunscreen from head to toe all over the kids and they get no
sunlight so they actually become vitamin D deficient. There’s a fine line, you have
to know what you’re doing. The lab ranges for vitamin D are way too broad,
I talk about this on a lot of my videos. The lab ranges for vitamin D run from
25 or 30 all the way up to 100 and that means that if your vitamin D levels like
a 31, your doctor will say hey then the normal age you’re fine, baloney. You’re
nowhere near fine ,you really need to be way up at the top end, like eighty,
ninety, or a hundred. That’s what you need to have proper balance in your immune
system. If you’ve got an autoimmune issue, you’re dealing with these chronic
migraines, you’ve got inflammation
inside your body, 30, 31 levels of vitamin D, that’s nowhere near enough. I’ll show
you how to get your vitamin D levels up to the proper area so that your immune
system becomes balanced again and the inflammation goes down. If you’ve got
really low vitamin D, you’ve got really high inflammation, that could be the
major trigger behind these chronic migraines that are ruining your life. You
need to call my office now. Don’t suffer with another migraine. Thanks.

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  1. MB031 Post author

    Interesting !! My 25(OH) level is 67 and I still get ocasional migranes.I have it from sun synthesis only,never used suplements..If you want to be close 100 levels,you need to use supplements,no way from sun !!!


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