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(Crowd cheering) Hi, I am Michelle Wie. I play professional golf. I started playing golf when I was four years
old. I turned pro when I was 15 so I’ve been kinda
doing this for a really long time. I train six days out of the week, and I play
ten and a half months out of the year, so its a pretty grueling schedule. Definitely gets hard on my body sometimes. I unfortunately got into a car accident in
December. You know just kinda having you know back pain
and neck pain kinda throughout the year. And then all of a sudden I hit one shot you
know at the KPMG and I just felt it go. Since then it just got really bad for a couple
weeks after that. I had to play the US Open and had to pull
out unfortunately. It is one of the most important tournaments
to me of the year, so I was freaking out. You know, I played one round, I don’t know
how I played that one round. It was definitely difficult. Pulling out is the last thing you wanna do,
but you know I was in a situation where I knew I was gonna get hurt more and I just couldn’t, I honestly couldn’t handle the pain. It was the worse pain I have felt in a really
long time, yeah. I couldn’t get in and out of a car, I couldn’t
sleep, I couldn’t breathe because it would put me in spasm. What brought me to the clinic was Dr. Halland
Chen and Dr. Michael Nguyen. They, you know are the best in epidural, and
block injections were exactly what I needed. I had so much inflammation in the neck that
ice and anything wouldn’t have helped, it would have taken me months and weeks, and
they made me feel really comfortable throughout the whole process. Before I came in for the injection my pain
was constantly a seven or eight, and it would spike to a ten. And it was awful. Then right after the injection, the first
injection it went down, straight down to a two, and then after I got a second injection
that I thought got it down to a zero. So that injection was crucial for me to you
know, recover, you know get along my rehab process. I have six tournaments end of the year so
I am really excited for that. It’s important that my body stays healthy for
that. Dr. Halland and Dr. Michael, it’s a fun experience
here. Every time I come in, you know, they are playing
music, and you know its a fun experience, they make you feel really calm, and confident that
everything is gonna go well, and I feel very safe, and just know that I’m gonna get better
after. Is a great feeling coming here.

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