Mega Construx Halo Series 11 individual figures review!

Mega Construx Halo Series 11 individual figures review!

hello its Jang here with look at the
mega construx halo series 11 individually packed figures normally the
first thing that I would do here is get these all open so you can see all of
them in their natural form but first I want to show you the packaging which has
changed just a little bit these are the ones that formerly would have been
called halo heroes you know they give you the opportunity to get exactly the
figure that you want or the exact one that you’re looking for because it’s you
know nicely displayed and everything which cost a little bit more well quite
a bit more actually for them to produce they have the little blind bag figures
but you do at least get like you know unique paint schemes or painted up
accessories and things that make them a little bit more valuable to us as well
but the packaging has gotten a little bit cheaper I want to say quite a bit
cheaper actually this time around with just a thinner cardstock on the back
very simple monochrome print on the back as well and just a slightly more simple
blister I think yeah just a single pack doesn’t have any additional insert in
there anything but I don’t mind that one bit I just wanted to point it out for
folks who are interested or care about those things definitely not going to be
as good to keep on card for the mint on card collectors out there definitely not
my thing I always get them open but these are actually easier to get out of
the package now and should help the poor suffering company to hopefully make a
little more money off of still hopefully good quality products okay let me get
these open and take a look at them individually
what ODST lang here is from the fireteam Raven arcade game and I’m not a big fan
of purple just generally speaking but I have much respect for this choice of
purple it does definitely look good with the greys and the silver and everything
the color match between the paint applications such as what’s used on the
helmet and also for the shoulder armor and also for the lower legs matching to
the plastic purple that’s used for the main chest armor which then has grey
applied to it as a pain out that’s really good you know the the hues
very very close and then you have that subtle difference of the visor color
which is a little bit more reddish closer to a wine kind of color and yeah
this is when you look at it up close this is a well produced figure as the
proper female torso underneath it’s a shame that they did not also including a
helmet off version of a head or I think that would have been a good value to be
sure look at the paint application all the way around the back of the lower
legs you know on the boots having that additional purple going back there
that’s pretty nice overall pretty well done comes with the Magnum which has a
single paint color application to it the CQC Spartan has a color scheme that you
don’t frequently see from mega very earthy very dark with good subtlety in
there between the black the very dark brown and also a little bit of olive
drab use just around the the top here this webbing the fabric material so that
looks pretty good and it’s it’s different and it’s not what you usually
expect you’ve done a pretty good job with the visor as well maybe a little
bit muddled around the edges I don’t know if that’s intentional or not if it
is intentional it’s really good shading if it’s not it still works as pretty
good shading this one comes with the concussion rifle which in my opinion is
just kind of a deluxe accessory from mega
it used to be rather rare they’ve made it less rare lately as they’ve made that
set of molds the two available with the the actual weapon itself and then the
whole magazine in there more available in more sets or worth more figures but
this one also has the copper color or its accent color and that works out
pretty nicely and shows its detail coming around the back more paint
applications with the the armor the main body armor getting that olive drab on
top of the dark brown I appreciate it very much and the tan I kind of expected
the tan to have some speckles mixed in with it but it doesn’t it’s just it’s
more it’s actually in kind of more of a a dark beige almost I want to say
but yeah just overall I think the whole figure works together well and again
with the dark and earthy color scheme it’s just not what you usually get this
is more like what you usually get or at least frequently get this Spartan
operator has a very bright color scheme very very bright
the yellow is like a school bus yellow color maybe a little bit a little bit
brighter than that paint application on the shoulder armor here is good eight
application on the main showing that the canisters I guess the pouches for 40
millimeter grenades I’m assuming those look pretty good the the optics
I guess the sensors sensor array on the helmet that’s done pretty nicely but the
visor is not and that that whole helmet the whole headpiece has a slightly
translucent plastic this is the bad in my opinion the bad kind of bright the
bad kind of bright color production where it’s so bright and it lets so much
light through it that it starts to look extra extra extra toyish unnecessarily
toyish recognizing of course that this is a toy it’s just a little thing you
know a little action figure still they can do better they have done better they
do better all the time and just the projection on this one it’s not that
good especially with the head I think the rest of it is okay yeah yeah I’m I’m
alright with the rest it’s very bright it’s brighter than I would like but it’s
the head that is definitely the worst and it’s accentuated in its its worst
Ness okay there you go have fun with that one by the fact that there is no
outline on the visor that just makes it so much worse oh there you go have a lot
fun with this one because I mean even the visor print itself that gold is not
particularly opaque so you see some of the red coming through it and then you
see some of the light coming through the red that’s not good
however the major redeeming quality redeeming point redeeming thing on this
figure is that is glorious glorious splazer
that is the best Spartan laser production a microscale that I’ve ever
seen especially from something that’s not
done by hand and I don’t think if it’s done by hand would be this good there
are some little little issues with it but I cannot complain it is beautiful
look at that thing look at all the little fine prints on it
all the paint applications it’s just glorious fantastic it’s just too bad
that it was matched up with a figure I mean this looks so realistic and so raw
you know compared to this that almost looks prototype like or again just super
toy ish so a little bit of contrast they’re really nice here well so this is
okay but the head just kind of ruins it for me
uh-huh ripa moramee or ripa moramee however you pronounce it I do not care
we all know who we’re talking about and the name is written right there it’s the
arbiter from the original Halo Wars much love for this one to be sure this is
done very nicely got the good silver color it’s not it’s not a super bright
silver it’s not it’s it’s light but it’s not super metallic you know it’s a
little bit plasticky feel like you might not be seeing quite as much of its
metallic nature here on camera just because of the way that I have this
light set up in the studio here as I see with my with my plain eyes but it’s
definitely not super chrome it’s not like the previous one that they did the
previous official or me character that came with the phantom years and years
ago but all the the fine lines the fine filigree lines in there that is
beautiful that’s very well done the gold is very
good has a good Hugh good opacity good level of metallic sheen to it a good
amount of metallic flake in there that also is done with the top of the helmet
there beautiful absolutely beautiful really well done and then it also comes
with the paint applications the unique paint
patience on the two swords there it is a little bit of a shame that they don’t
still make the classic style of sword from from mega you know they’re just
using the three four three IRRI design which I personally very much
prefer I just like that design I think it’s much more sleek and interesting
looks more like it’s going to go through flesh
it looks more alien I don’t know it just it just works for me but it’s not
appropriate for this era I do wish that they still had that older mold in
circulation you know in use for situations like this where it’s more
appropriate to use the older thing sorry about the light always going through it
but you get the idea here the skin tone okay it’s not it’s not super bright here
I can always go for a little bit darker than that but it’s not bad overall
definitely a worthwhile figure to collect all right this may be a bit much
so let me see yeah I think that’s gonna gonna help a bit there just hold this
behind this is speaking of three four three euro this is a modern Master Chief
but with over shield and what’s interesting here is well first of all
it’s super super bright it’s very neon this is kind of add a glow effect but
there’s a lot of paint application work going on with a lot of these armor
pieces a lot more than meets the eye at first I mean the kind of lightening
appearance is it consists of two different colors that are applied you
have the the very light color it’s kind of like a light spring green almost like
a lichen color you know it’s a very very pale green but then there’s also an
apparently an olive drab is what it looks like to me that’s used as a as a
contrast color same color that’s used on the assault rifle there which also has a
couple of other colors applied to it it’s not the best looking thing but it’s
okay and it’s it’s new you know it’s unique so it’s collectible but you see
the shoulder armor has some of that both sides lower legs upper legs there’s a
outline around the visor which is important the visor
print itself from paint application with gold is sufficiently opaque so that’s
not too thin yeah I I personally probably would have wanted to see a
little bit less brightness maybe go more in the pure green direction with the
color less neon than this but it stands out it’s it’s something different paint
applications come around the back a little bit as well that’s nice ya know I
have mixed feelings about this one I feel like I need to see more of his
natural color either appearing you know his natural armor color either appearing
in some parts like on the arms or I don’t know this one doesn’t quite work
for me but I don’t mind it you know it’s not like I look at it and say this is
done wrong it’s just I I would have made different choices or at least I would
have tried they probably tried as well probably some of them didn’t work this
might be the best stick head had done and you know just reasonably with
production let’s move on this last one is the remnant hunter and it stands out
for a couple of reasons actually not just the fact that it is significantly
larger then the regular pictures significantly larger but also this is
the only one out of all of these that required some proper assembly out of the
package I actually had to do some work to finish the figure rather than just
putting the figure on the stand and putting any weapon in the hands this one
requires all these little bits to be added in the spikes had to be added on
to the back and both pieces of the shield system on this arm needs to be
added on no big deal whatsoever it’s just it’s a big figure yeah needed to
save somewhere that’s perfectly fine colors on this one are pretty good got a
nice level of Metallica you got that kind of wine metallic-y in color here
same that was used I mean this is a this is a soft material obviously but that
color for me was most famously used most famously used on the revenant the
revenant vehicle and that same color is also used here it’s not quite as opaque
not quite as metallic but then you have it really good right here a little bit
on the body kneepads and such when these first came out in warzone and halo 5
guardians they kicked a lot of butt and they continued to do so for unprepared
teams but yeah you know worthy thing in game and were they figure of it it’s
always nice to get hunters you know they haven’t been made very frequently by
mega at all it is a little bit awkward seeing it on the stand because
technically it’s its legs want to be at least have a space of at least two studs
between them so it’s kind of a little bit knock-kneed here but yeah overall
and these you know let them let them relax and they’ll become a little bit
more consistent between each other a couple of these were a little bit folded
up in the package but all in all pretty good and nice to be able to get as an
individual without having to buy an entire big expensive set so there you
have them series 11 of the mega construx halo formerly heroes figures
maybe not the strongest full series that they’ve done to date but it definitely
has some unique elements in it in my opinion the most collectible most must
buy figure here is the halo wars arbiter I just haven’t got an official one of
those in a while and it’s well done if you have played fireteam Raven which I
myself have not had a chance to do yet then this could be a good one to collect
just to kind of you know attach to your memory of that experience if it was a
good experience which I’m assuming it it would be this is one of the less
collectible I’d say Master Chief variants that they’ve done to date one
of the less interesting but if you want to get all the Master Chief’s there’s no
reason not to get that it’s you know it’s different it stands out which can
be good or bad this would probably be my personal second favorite of the
figures here just because of my mostly the color scheme it’s just so dark and
dingy in a in good ways yet the visor stands out well and that concussion
rifle is very nice my least favorite is definitely this for the reasons I
already explained although that splays err that’s a must
so even even if I wasn’t reviewing these even if I wasn’t trying to collect as
many of these things as I could I would still have to get this figure myself
because of that accessory and for no other reason I don’t think they did that
on purpose to be honest I don’t think they’re you
know trying to intentionally give you something that you won’t like and then
bundle with it something that you will like I don’t I don’t think that’s the
case at all but this could have been a better figure mostly if the head was
done better but overall I mean yeah the stuff is pretty good always nice to be
able to get a hunter just by itself let me know in the comments what you think
about these though what do you think about this as a series compared to
others that they’ve done in the past and I’ll talk to again as soon as I can
thanks for watching

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    Gotta agree, definitely not the best lineup Mega has done for the heroes series. However it’s nice to have gotten a wars Arbiter, and for once an accurate modern articulation arbiter. The others have atleast some aspects worthy of getting, but they don’t compare to the majority of figures we’ve seen previously in the Halo Heroes line in my opinion.

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    These Halo Heroes are seriously Mega’s best work, I wish I could actually get a hold of them in Australia! 😔

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    Man they down the quality of the package. To keep figures at the same quality…I guess its sales r showing. We will get less and less for the same price lol. Found my set at walmart btw

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