Mattress Shopping for Back Pain Heavy People Side Sleepers Best Bed Bad Firm Fat Sleeping Box Sale

Mattress Shopping for Back Pain Heavy People Side Sleepers Best Bed Bad Firm Fat Sleeping Box Sale

There isn’t one mattress to eliminate all
back pain and to make everyone comfortable when they sleep. Our backs are all too different and quite
complex. In this video I will go over the main problem
in shopping a mattress, how to select a mattress, my recommendations on where to start, warnings
on what to look out for, and cheap tips to modify your current mattress. The biggest problem with picking out a bed
is that you are never actually asleep when you are trying a bed out. Let me explain. Mattress retailers tell you to lay on a bed
for 15 minutes to see how the bed really feels on your back when sleeping. But this isn’t true. When you sleep all your muscles relax in a
way that is impossible to recreate when you are awake. No matter how long you lay on a bed. To further my point for this reason people
snore when they sleep and not when they are awake. This is because All your muscles relax that
includes your throat and your back. Now! when all your muscles are relaxed the
main support for your spine transfers to the ligaments and capsules that hold the spine
into place. If those are kept in an unfavorable position
every night They begin to stretch and pinch, then become inflamed, bruised, and painful
and will stiffen and degenerate in time. No trial of a bed while awake can recreate
that condition no matter how long you lie or how comfortable it feels while you are
trying it out. It all changes as you sleep, even the comfort
level. Therefore the most important thing you can
do to select a mattress has nothing to do with the mattress itself. The most important thing you need to look
for in a bed is their return policy. You need multiple nights to use the mattress
before you decide if it is right for you or if it needs to go back. What makes your back feel good even for a
few nights can lead to other problems in the future. When purchasing and trying out a bed be conscious
of soreness that you feel in the morning and throughout the day. What is slightly sore now will be really painful
in a year using the same mattress. When I was purchasing one I returned 3 beds
before I got to a mattress that worked for both my wife and myself. Now where to start purchasing a mattress? I recommend an Adjustable number bed, Like
a sleep number. I will link to site that I prefer in the description
below. Its most important feature is it’s Return
policy. You have a pretty long trial period in which
you are able to return the bed if it does not work out for you. The second biggest reason to purchase from
that link is its Consumer Rating. Consumer Reports found that amongst everyone
that tried out their beds it kept your spine in line better than all other beds for both
side sleepers and back sleepers. Both their basic and their best model rated
better than all the other mattresses. Another reason I love adjustable number beds
is that often times pain will not develop for months or even years after sleeping on
a bed or mattress. So Simply change the number if it isn’t working
out for you. Now the beauty from purchasing specifically
from the link below is that you know going into a store isn’t going to help you out that
much. You have to try it over a period of time. So if you are curious I provided a link below
where you can purchase one. That link below will help you out too so if
you go to a different device or computer to purchase a mattress come back to this video
and click on that link below. I have a few warnings and also things to try Sleeping with your back propped up slightly
can relieve a lot of stretching that goes on in those spinal ligaments. You don’t need an expensive mechanical bed
either to prop your back up either. I learned to sleep with a pillow wedge. It took a few weeks but my back felt a thousand
times better. This one specifically is adjustable. I will link this great wedge below. Be aware of bed toppers. While a small one will help your back feel
better, a thick one can really hurt your back. Especially your lower back because your butt
will sink in too far into the foam and cause stress in your lumbar region. This is why they say a bed that is too soft
tends to cause pain in your lower back. I recommend a one inch topper I will link
to in the description below along with everything else I recommend. In fact, butt position could be a problem
even without using a foam topper. It is hard to detect because the angle of
your buttocks only has to vary a little bit for it to cause pain at night. Having a favorable buttocks to spinal angle
will help relieve the stress on those spinal ligaments. Putting some sort of pillow under the crest
of you butt or your knees will help change this to a more favorable angle. Also be aware of memory foam pillows. They can feel really good but they tend to
be a little too firm for our light heads and can push our heads forward causing stretching
in your neck and cervical spine. Once again those stretched ligaments over
time cause pain. If you are a side sleeper the biggest problem
you may encounter at night is from your body collapsing and the best way I can explain
this is like a taco. This will cause random pain in parts of your
back. Sleeping with a body pillow between your legs
and your arms will thwart this collapse and help things to feel a little bit better and
stay aligned. Studies have shown if we don’t have enough
vitamin D in our system our muscles actually relax too much at night causing a lot of pressure
on our spine. In fact this interesting study shows that
having vitamin d blood levels within a certain range will minimize most sleep disorders. Pretty crazy, huh? Losing weight will also take pressure off
of the spine. Extra weight during the day is compensated
for by your postural muscles in your back but during the night your ligaments can’t
handle the extra weight and your postural muscles are relaxing. Jogging or Using a Stairmaster without the
side rails will help to not only lose weight but strengthen the postural muscles of your
back All mattresses and products I mentioned are
linked to in the description below. Like and Subscribe.

20 comments on “Mattress Shopping for Back Pain Heavy People Side Sleepers Best Bed Bad Firm Fat Sleeping Box Sale

  1. Rick Buck Post author

    Bed and Accessory Links:
    Adjustable Number Bed – Generic(120 day return policy):
    Adjustable Number Bed – Name (Returns within 30-100 nights) –
    Tempur-Pedic and Serta Mattresses ONLY (90 or 120 day returns):
    Eco-friendly Mattresses (90 day Return Policy):
    Adjustable Wedge:
    Memory foam leg rest only:
    Body Pillow:
    Mattress topper (it is actually 1.5 inches. In the video I say 1". The base is 1 inch and the projections make it 1.5):

  2. StyngRay Post author

    What mattress do you recommend for overweight people. I am 6.1 and 300 pounds. What is the warranty on the air pump on the sleep number bed?

  3. Pete T Post author

    I liked your number one advice, the Return Policy! I almost bought a bed yesterday because of its supposed high retail and deep discount but she told me no warranty, no return = No Sale! I already got a refund from Loom & Leaf because I changed my mind. Now I plan to get a Zenhaven. The mattress is highly praised, they have a 100 day trial period and now with my refund, I have great confidence in their trip and return policy.

  4. Tyler Proulx Post author

    I think having a couch is better, you can have people come sit next to you then when they leave you can lay down go to bed. shhnaaappyyy

  5. Masoud Shamaeizadeh Post author


  6. Rey Improgo Post author

    How would you feel buying that knowing someone used it for 100 days? Im in the sales of matress this was used as an agressive sales techniques.

  7. Tom Cat Post author

    Everything about this review makes perfect since and i agree thru my years with back pain. One exception I dont care for sleep numbet mattresses or air adjustsble. I agree with adjustable beds, good lower back support, body weight management, medium firm support and no foam toppers. There are also problems with medium firm mattresses is that issues other than back problems may require softer mattresses with good support. Mattresses need changed out every few years to keep good support. Over weight people may need to change out more often if thet have any back or medical issues. I still give this video a thumbs up for the excellent amount of information in a short video. By the way my choice presently for an excellent mattress is a tempurpedic supreme breeze on top of a serta custom adjustable frame.


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