Massage Techniques : How to Massage Away a Headache

Massage Techniques : How to Massage Away a Headache

If you’ve ever wondered how to massage away
a headache, I can help you. I’m Sundae with Natural Sundae. And what you want to do is
make sure your client is nice and relaxed. Actually, the first thing I want to do is
just take my client’s arms, and pull them down very, very gently. This is just a nice
way to create space in between the ear and the shoulders. I’m just going to go on this
side, pull that arm down. Now actually, this doesn’t have anything to do with a headache,
but I always like to start massaging the ears, because it actually helps them relax for the
massage. So I’m just going to do some nice, circular motions you see with my fingers and
my thumbs, just around the ear tissue. Pull up, pull out, and then it real….feels really
good when you pull down on the lobes. Now the first thing I want to do, is I actually
want to start with the shoulders and neck, because that’s where a lot of tension can
start anyway, and travel up your head and your neck and cause the headache. So, I’m
just going to push those shoulders down very gently, and relax them first. You can knead
them, knead that…those shoulder muscles. Bring my hands under the neck, to lengthen
that neck. You can cup the neck in your hands, like this, and bring your hands forward to
really create length in the upper neck. Then what you want to do is, you want to start
at the temples. And you want to gently massage the temples, being careful ’cause it can be
very tender and sore if someone has a headache. So gently with the temples. There you go.
And…..special technique that I created actually. ‘Cause I like to take my two fingers and be
very gentle. I like to place ’em under the bridge of the….right by the bridge of the
nose, right by the brow bone. I like to come over the brow bone, and over to the temples.
And then repeat this several times, being very gentle, because I’m massaging around
the eye area, which is very thin and delicate. One more time. You want to place the fingers
right in the indention at the top of the nose, under the brow bone, go up over the bone,
and across to the temples. Then what I’m going to do is, I’m going to take my thumbs and
work on the forehead. Gonna take them at the middle of the forehead, press down very gently
to the sides of the head. I’m going to work up from the eyebrows to the hairline. You
can do this three or four times, up the length of the forehead. One more pass. Then what
you can do is go in the opposite direction with your thumbs on the forehead. From the
brows to the hairline. All the way up, there we go. And I really like to end doing a nice
head massage, ’cause this is a great way to release the tension that’s built up in the
head, shoulders, and the neck. So you’re just going to massage the head and the scalp. And
then end with the ears, just like I started. This has been a very basic way to relieve
a headache using massage, I’m Sundae with natural Sundae. Thanks for watching.

100 comments on “Massage Techniques : How to Massage Away a Headache

  1. lucasuk82 Post author

    @best496 Do you have allergies? You may be getting sinus headaches (which would explain the headache). I'm not expert or anything, just sounds similar to what I have this time of year. I do a Neti pot once a week and it really helps.

  2. emirates247 Post author

    1. What is that noise she makes at 1:30
    2. Her hand is very skinny. You can see all her veins.
    3. Still a good video

  3. SeventyKGaming Post author

    @emirates247 from all the work she does with her hands, you don't think doing this for years would have no effect on yourself?

  4. tsalas41 Post author

    I can't wait to do this to my husband. he is such a hard worker and he deserves it
    🙂 he is such a good husband and i can't wait to try this. 🙂

  5. sxekjb Post author

    And for an extra 15 dollars we can relieve his headache in a more non-conventional way, which you'll see in our next video segment – the happy ending.

  6. Nurture Massage Therapeutic Spa -Valentine's Specials Couples Massage - Massage in Charleston SC Post author

    @mehdiashayeri It doesn't really help if you do it yourself. You can't relax while giving yourself a massage, reaching your hands up to your own head raises your shoulders, which activates the very muscles causing the headache.

  7. Nurture Massage Therapeutic Spa -Valentine's Specials Couples Massage - Massage in Charleston SC Post author

    @villainfan95 Tylenol only offers temporary relief and masks the pain. Massage treats the problems that cause the headaches.

  8. doriananna Post author

    She didn't come up with the sinus massage technique for headache relief. She may have found it all on her own but that's been a know and used technique for thousands of years-literally.

  9. Bil Bo Post author

    sounds like a SCM triggor point. Do you work at a computer a lot? .. not sure about the red face… are you female?

  10. Bil Bo Post author

    alright, sorry, just a stab in the dark, I'm just a beginner student just trying to put the pieces together

  11. Adrian Spencer Post author

    She didn't create that technique btw… I've seen this done many times before this video was posted

  12. PyroNinja713 Post author

    This actually kinda helped, although I'm sure it would have been more effective had I not done it to myself.

  13. Jenna Tait Post author

    This video taught me how to give my friends and boyfriend great massages after being on the computer from work all day 😀

  14. tsalas41 Post author

    no im not the best wife i just try my best to make my husband smile.. My husband would do anything for me, literally anything. (well, not the bad) haha 😉 And the least i can do is this massage.

  15. M'Kenzie Loulias Post author

    Very true about the shoulders and neck, that's where I store all my stress. Thanks for uploading this. A great massage video for anyone looking to get rid of a headache the natural way!

  16. Simon M Post author

    I tried this on myself, and it really does work. My sickly tension headache has all but gone. Thanks. 🙂

  17. Edric Jun Post author

    her place has been closed for long time. Shame that she discontinued her passion for massage.


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