Mango Tree with Three Strains (Multi Grafted)

Mango Tree with Three Strains (Multi Grafted)

Hi everyone! It’s now the month of August and I’d like to share with you one of my favorite mango trees that belongs to
some friends of mine. What makes this tree special is that it has three
different kinds of mangos. It has the Hawaiian Rapoza with its red blush and
red panicles, it has a Thai strain called the Kook Lom Krong with its elongated
shapes, and it has the White Pirie with its bluish hue at this stage. My friends
accomplished this feat over the last three years by top working it, which is to say, they grafted on multiple varieties. This tree was originally purchased as a grafted
Kook Lom Krong. Next, they grafted on the White Pirie strain. So all branches that grew
from this bud union result in the White Pirie mangos. Then they added on the Rapoza strain. So all branches leading from this bud union result in Rapoza mangos. It’s interesting to note that even the leaves between these three
strains are different. For instance the Kook Lom Krong’s tips are very pointed, and its edges are wavy. The White Pirie has smaller leaves than the other two strains. And the Rapoza has a larger leaves with most being not as pointed as the other two.
Although this is the first crop of Kook Lom Krong for the year, this is the third crop of Rapoza, and the second crop of White Pirie making for extended mango
season this year. So that’s my friends’ top worked mango tree. It’s also
inspired me to put multiple grafts on my tree as well. I hope you found this
interesting. Thank you for watching!

100 comments on “Mango Tree with Three Strains (Multi Grafted)

  1. TSIRHC SEVAS Post author

    great vid man, I have a young 80 cm mango tree but am not
    sure what vase size to use. any recommendations?

  2. TSIRHC SEVAS Post author

    ok, what about the soil mix? i am using hills sandy soil mixed with peat moss. is that ok?

  3. Rahul Pandey Post author

    i need ur advice, i've grafted my 20 year old mango tree in the mid of February 2016 though it is a 20 year old tree but it didn't produce the fruit at all, 20 days have past and the scion has started getting dry like a dead wood, it seems scion's moisture is drying day by day… So is it clearly the indication that the scion didn't join with toot stock or should i wait more to open up the plastic tape?? In grafting root stock should be more greener, soft and juicy?? Actually the root stock in which i fixed the scion was a woody bark from outside, and i had to applied a lot of pressure in making a deep cut into it…plz help

    Waiting for your favorable reply dear… ☺️😊

  4. Deon Braun Post author

    Really useful and interesting! Will definitely do this to my trees. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Jacquelynn Stroup Post author

    In Vietnam there are at least 10 different type of mango vs. in the U.S not many different type of mango. It would be awesome to have all different mango from Vietnam grated into 1 mango tree.

  6. Epetra Post author

    I thought about grafting roses, blackberries, and raspberries together since they are in the same family, it think it's called rosacea.

  7. geekischic2009 Post author

    What state is this tree located? I'm in California and am struggling to grow my first grafted mango tree

  8. Avner A Post author

    thinking about it, if you prolong the mango season on one tree, it takes way too much energy from it, a tree has a fruiting time in the year, it give away all of its energy in one or two months, then it returns into nourishing its roots and branches.

    prolonging seems very energy consuming, i think those trees wont last for a very long time, as nice as it seems, i wonder if this practice is sustainable.

  9. Meenu Rajput Post author

    But eating mix foood may be not good beacause you dont know the deep effects.If u do this with flawers is unique creativity.

  10. roy Post author

    love your grafting videos, live in kailua and just getting started grafting. successfully grated lime to meyers lemon. Have relatively young graham n rapoza mango and plan to graft other varieties. thinking about white pirie and hayden. Any recommendations? thanks

  11. mcanisthal Post author

    It is very interesting. It is always my dream to have a backyard full of fruit bearing trees. This tree is wonderful. I love the explanation too.

  12. Kids learning fun by Tanisha Post author

    Liked videos:

  13. Roop sing Thakur Post author

    The name of this mango is Noorjahan , it is 5 kg weight and 1 feet long .
    sweet to eat delicious . It is also grow in India. If you want more
    informaiton call me 09595511836. thank you.

  14. Nero Magic Baobab-sanctuary Post author

    I've been thinking about grafting multiple varieties on a tree. Nice to see one done:) thanks for the vid

  15. trafferazabu Post author

    So cool. I love to see different colored flowers coming out of the same tree which has been grafted. But different fruits are even more amazing to see. Thumbs up and added to favorites.

  16. AshiSH GupTA Post author

    very nice tree i want to like that tree can you tell him where i purchase this tree

  17. kulbhushan saini Post author

    very nice… i wanna graft a mango tree, so plzz tell me how to select a good scion and in which month

  18. GCC TV Post author

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  19. star one Post author

    Just see this graft miracle . Four citrus types pn one tree. This guy is genius. I think we shud give it a view. Rose graft, avocado graft, citrus, mango graft…he is great. M pasting link

  20. Floren M Post author

    Is this in China? I want to know because I am looking for an optimal environment for growing tropical fruit.

  21. বনোলতা নার্সারি বনোলতা নার্সারি Post author

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  22. Ms. 008 Post author

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