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  1. Paul Markham Post author

    Thanks Sarah for another uplifting video. You are indeed a great example of not giving up and believing in yourself and in your goals. BTW – that animation was so good – I couldn't help but imagine you watching the kitten videos.

  2. Wholesale Ted Post author

    “Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchill
    “I’ve failed over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed.” – Michael Jordan
    "Failure isn't fatal, but failure to change might be" – John Wooden

  3. BEST COOL Post author

    Allways relaxed to hear you talking with great information. Wakeup with a Positive mindset. Keep on going , yess i can 😁🙏

  4. Carlos Baldizon Post author

    you speak the things deep to the soul things that not all mortals can understand, for this i am grateful.

  5. luiz guilherme Post author

    Just one corrrection: I truly think that no one borns with any skill. You may have more connections or ability with some, but we all have to devolop it. Generally these so called "gifted" people had deep meaningful experiences with the skill they developed in a brilliant point when they were kids, in their childhood. So their feelings were too strong about it and the strength that comes from these thoughts (combined with their first memories) are just too strong. This gives them the so called grit for "free". But it's more than that, for these people the skill has far more meaning and emotions related to.
    Even with this being said, studies show that you would need 10,000 hours to be great at any skill. Wich means you would need to dedicate 4 hours every single day in an almost 7 years period.

    So we get to conclusion that it's mostly about how much time you're willing to spend in order to develop the skill you want to, once the condition I started talking about is not a usual one. If you also enjoy doing it and spend a great portion of your day doing it, you most likely will be great at it. But if you do not really like all the process and only or mostly love the results, you'll have to make a bigger effort and spend more time, wich is why you need to develop grit.
    I think most people confuse loving what they do with loving the results generated by what they do. To enjoy most of the process is a rare thing.

    Thanks for the video Sarah!

  6. Scott Tovey Post author

    Sunny Lenarduzzi did a great tutorial on faith.
    Now here is Sarah Chrisp with another great tutorial on faith.
    What I don't understand is: rather than the assumption that people know what faith is: why don't preachers teach faith in the same, simple, practical way?

    Thanks for the vid Sarah!

  7. TatTvamAsi Post author

    So I started working out more this year and I thought it would be great to post an Instagram pic of me at the gym and my result on the treadmill every day. Well, I seem to be losing followers by the day so it's really taking a toll. Today I didn't post but I'm thinking maybe I'll just do weekly posts instead. Still tho, it's hard when people you thought were your friends just cut you out like you were garbage. At least this video cheered me up 🙂 … luv this channel.

  8. Chip Cook Post author

    You are probably the only one that can make such a click-baity title work in 2020. Probably because the content is good.

  9. Sean Petterson Post author

    https://www.gofundme.com/f/1vqjfl43qo?utm_medium=copy_link&utm_source=customer&utm_campaign=p_na+share-sheet&rcid=1ad52479c2bd44d198654461305f919a#beautful new zelander

  10. Jeffrey Colwell Post author

    Your positive attitude and encouragement radiate hope for all of us aspiring side-hustlers! Thanks, Sarah!

  11. EpiHope Post author

    I'm an epileptic, lost my job because of it. I've spent about 5 years now trying to find a way to be successful while being trapped at home. Been fighting in court for my freedom because the system has wanted to put me in jail because I haven't been able to pay for child support, even though I was even thrown out of the state's vocational rehabilitation, also for having seizures. I have lost hope over and over and over. This year is the first year I've ever made a New Year's resolution. It was simple. "Focus". I found and became inspired by this channel and started with 25 usd. All I can say is wish me luck. I promise to give an update next year. If I become crazy rich before next year, I'll update you early :0)

  12. 640 Post author

    It's true, it's also much easier said than done but once you start seeing results it becomes a part of your routine a part of you!

  13. Roberto Diaz del Pinal Post author

    I was literally working on my affiliate site and took a break to watch youtube and stumbled on this video. Now its time to stop watching youtube and keep working… Thanks Sarah!

  14. Jim Somchai Post author

    Great content on the Grit. This is a new vocabulary for me although the meaning is not new. I have bookmarked the video for coming back to watch it again and again!

  15. Emma May Post author

    Love this motivating video Sarah! Never really understood the waking up early aspect.. some entrepreneurs are highly successful not waking up early, I know of one in particular, I won't name him but he party's all night and goes to bed around 5am and up at noon, works during the day while traveling. I'm not a morning person myself but I could make some adjustments.. lol.

  16. Skyler Wood Post author

    A powerful video. It is always good to have a reminder that when you're in the mud it is time to pick yourself up and have another go. Keep fighting the good fight Sarah.

  17. alzathoth Post author

    I AMUSED. amused at all these videos talk about success and how many million you made, and flying around on jets, etc, but say nothing on how to do it. how do I get started?

  18. YoungBizWhiz Post author

    U R a Queen! very inspirational… very true – it's much easier to change your diet and exercise habits a little each week instead of trying to do a complete, immediate overhaul.

  19. Christian Beausoleil Post author

    Somebody once told me “Invest in failure.” And your message in this video, in my opinion, is very parallel to that message. Thanks for sharing!

  20. Ben Adams Post author

    By the way there is a yet another commercial on this video that tells you how you gonna make the quick buck in a matter of hours.
    That doesn’t happen, even for a basic click bank hustle you need to know what you are doing and you need tools and you need to know how to set then up and how not to gets banned from everywhere including your own home…
    Nothing makes quick bucked and if does it’s a loop and it will close, so it’s not business.
    Hard work and trying as many times as it’s necessary until it works, this is the only answer.

  21. restitudedgains Post author

    You know, sometimes I feel like I hate every one and everything. Somehow I don't hate you. That says a lot.

  22. Brendan Gilmore Post author

    I really appreciate your no-frills approach, Sarah – it may be because us Kiwis tend to have a wry disregard for the misleading froth & bubble that accompanies many of these online business tutorials, but I think you stand out as someone who just makes basic practical sense. Thank you!

  23. iEla Post author

    I let my month turn into 2 years 🙁 drifted & keept myself busy with other things! I decided to revisit the vision i once had when i came across your videos again a few nights ago!! Thank you for this video😄😁 Hope hit me like a brick alright lol!

  24. Lucero Sanchez Post author

    You are truly a role model to follow. I needed to hear those words of encouragement. Thank you so much. 😇

  25. Rajan Gurung Post author

    I needed that after suffering years of anxiety, I always feel like I dream big, not execute and also get hooked on failure. Now I know it takes discipline and GRIT!! 💪

    Thanks Sarah for changing my perspective on life.

  26. Eddzsii Post author

    I took a year on online college and payed for it and did absolutely nothing and dropped out with a loan of $200
    I want to take a year break and work and maybe next year ill begin college and go on campus or maybe u guys can give me ideas of what i can do i just want to be successful and do the thinhs i love like gaming and soccer or i just need help im not depressed or anything i been thru that already im just a little worried for my future and cud use suggestions

  27. Dustin Love Post author

    I'm not sure where to reach you at for your "store critiques" but I would live your feedback on my site. I built my site and went live about 24 hours ago and I've ran a few facebook ads. My store is a print on demand store. I'm using printful as a third party printing service. PLEASE REVIEW THIS AND HELP ME


    Thank you in advanece!
    Ps. I absolutely love your videos!

  28. MyYou Tube Post author

    Those people are better than me at least they write down their goals and failed I never wrote it down it’s all in my head
    What software you used to create the animations?

  29. AMAN SINGH Post author

    very nice , plz tell me how you made this animated video…good word…how i can make animated poster for pinterest…

  30. superfluityme Post author

    I have grit in my toothpaste. I have grit twice a day 🙂 I joke. Persistence gets us to where we want to be. Great vid Sarah, as always.

  31. yqyq 93 Post author

    Thanks ted .. im planning to sign up for ur course after end of this feb. When i have the $$ and start dropshipping 🙂

  32. Gergő Nagy Post author

    Hey Sarah! I wanna thank you for this video. I've been in an accident recently and I found that I started not giving a * about a lot of things, instead giving in to the pain, and just being miserable. Today after watching your video, I kinda found inspiration again to get on my feet. You're awesome. Thanks again!

  33. jedgreen Post author

    "I realized early on that success was tied to not giving up. If you simply didn’t give up, you would outlast the people who came in on the bus with you." Harrison Ford.

  34. Hasta La Vista Boss Post author

    AMAZING VIDEO Sarah. I've made a video about this topic as well, last week 😀

    I'm in the affiliate marketing space and I'M NOT A MILLIONAIRE after doing it for 2 years! Which most people think that's a looot of time.

    I should be swimming in "dinero" by now 😂

    It's not like that and thank you for reminding everybody what it really takes. Some people think (and others will make you think) that it's SOOOO easy to create a side hustle and get rid of the boss.

    It really takes a lot more than just strong will, like:
    -Set up realistic goals and expectations
    -Make like-minded friends
    -Organize yourself
    -Create habits
    -Take action daily

    But … G-R-I-T … is my new fav word. Thanks😊

    That's one of the things that helps me keep pushing forward I guess!

    Btw, my choice is to watch blind auditions on "The Voice" instead of funny cats compliation hahahha

    Adrian with Hasta La Vista Boss😎

  35. GarryOzols Post author

    Very Timely, Thanks
    Last two months has been a rollercoaster shopify wise for me, and it is getting to me a bit. This was the kick in the pants I think I need.
    Roll on the Year of the Rat.


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