Lumbar Movement Control Exercises | Motor Control Impairment

Lumbar Movement Control Exercises | Motor Control Impairment

in this video we are going to demonstrate some example interventions for patients with a movement control dysfunction according to Lou oh my okey [Music] times welcome back to physio tutors in our previous video we talked about the six item movement screening tool by luma yogi to identify movement control dysfunction in patients with nonspecific leg pain if you are not familiar with the test battery click the little info icon in the top right corner and watch that video first so some patients will have more difficulties controlling movement into either flexion extension or in a lateral shift or rotation as identified during the testing procedure at the back problems are linked to a specific movement direction the treatment is often identical to the test from the battery now here are some examples to improve movement control during flexion activities the goal is that the patient disassociates lumbar spine flexion from activities involving hip flexion or knee extension for example therefore the sitting the extension or latest bull regular squats and backward rocking are some simple interventions optionally a tape can be applied over the lumbar spine to provide feedback to the patient once they start flexing the lumbar spine pretty much the same principles apply to retraining extension control the goal is to extend the hip joint whilst keeping the lumber spine neutral or flex it in the opposite direction the posterior pelvic tilt can be trained in different positions such as supine hook lying or standing furthermore the pro knee bend or forward rocking in four-point kneeling position ideal interventions it would also progress to something like bridging for rotational control the patient tries to maintain a neutral pelvis in side bending or single leg stance for example clamshells and sideline position or hip rotation and prone line can further challenge the patient’s rotational control over the lumbar spine okay this was our shortest side into possible interventions for movement control dysfunction if you liked this video you may want to check out our video on the higgs CPR for lumber stabilization by a click on the video right next to me as always please like and subscribe follow us on various social media pages and if you can support our channel on patreon links are in the description down below this was ondrea’s 450 o 2dos I’ll see you in the next video bye

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  1. Matt Shutt Post author

    Hi guys I'm reviewing MC in regards to LBP. Are you taking these exercise prescriptions for a specific paper or are they your own suggestions based on the Luomajoki paper? If there is a reference for these exercises are you able to provide it please?


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