Luke Kuechly placed into concussion protocol

Luke Kuechly placed into concussion protocol

what why so hard to stop it looked like they had him a yard short but just powers his way closer oh no look at this oh I think right there Brooks on a pole just a power play Rex ki Qin comes out for this third down snap oh you know he’s got a history of concussion yes he does and cost him a good part of last season you know hope you never want to guess on what’s going on with someone this was the Kuechly injury here he comes on the left side I’m sure I hear the guard Brooks is a big boy and kikis trying to get on Drummond oh I mean that said that’s a truck meeting uh I don’t know

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  1. Curt Williams Post author

    what is this his 4th ? concussion, stop while you still can, he is killing his neurons in his brain. Your brain is telling you I can't take no more.


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