Lower Back Stretches to Relieve Back Pain [Ep41]

Lower Back Stretches to Relieve Back Pain [Ep41]

If you feel like your lower back needs a good
stretch after a run, a workout, or even a long day in the office, let me show you five
of my favourite lower back stretches. Before I get into demonstrating the different
exercises, it’s important for me to mention that there are of course different potential
causes for the tightness in your back. Sometimes the muscles of the lower back get
tight and feel like they need stretching as a result of weakness, or to protect a more
significant injury. It’s important that if you’re regularly
experiencing lower back pain and stiffness, that you get a physical therapist to assess
your back and determine the root cause. That said, let’s take a look at these exercises
so you can get started right now… The cobra stretch from the elbows is a gently
way of working your lower back into extension from top-down, you can then progress to supporting
yourself on your hands as your extension improves. Begin by lying face-down on the floor. Bring
your hands palms down in front of your face and press your forearms into the ground to
lever your chest off the floor. Be sure to breathe out as you push yourself
off the ground. When this is easy, you can progress onto working
with straight arms, pushing only through your hands. This will increase the amount of extension
required from your lower back. Aim for 10 x 10 second holds in the extended
position. This exercise is particularly good for those
who suffer from lumbar disc problems. Those who have irritable lumbar facet joints, however
should avoid it. Child’s pose is a fantastic stretch into
lumbar flexion, as well as thoracic extension. Begin by kneeling upright. From there sit
back onto your heels, and band forward to bring your torso down to the ground. Reach your arms forwards and feel your chest
sink downwards to the ground as you breathe out and relax. Once you’re in this position. Maintain the
pose for 20-40 seconds 3-5 times This stretch is fantastic to reach muscular
tightness in the lower back, but should be approached with caution if you know you suffer
from a lumber disc bulge or prolapse. Knee hugs are a super-simple way of achieving
a stretch through the muscles of the lower back, while also working on hip flexion. Lying on your back on the ground, bring both
knees up towards your chest and wrap your arms around them, hugging them tightly. You can do this either with both legs, or
one at a time. Maintain the stretch for 20-40 seconds 3-5
times. One of my favourite exercises to work on lumbar
stiffness is the simple knee drops exercise. Lying on your back, you can either do this
with your feet flat on the ground, or with them elevated, making the exercise more difficult. Place your arms directly out to your sides,
which will help to keep your shoulders down as you drop your knees from side to side. You should aim to keep your knees and ankles
together as you allow your knees to drop together slowly, with control from the left to the
right, and back again. Aim to do 3 sets of 20 of these knee drops. The Iron cross exercise is a somewhat more
advanced option, which will not only give you a good lower back stretch, but also in
many cases a lateral hamstring stretch too – depending where you’re tight. As per the knee drop exercise, spread your
arms out to your sides and aim to keep your shoulders on the ground as you perform the
drill. From there keep one leg relatively straight
and kick the other leg across towards the opposite hand. Work alternate sides through 3 sets of 10. As with any exercise, if this causes you any
discomfort, make sure you stop and seek professional advice. Good luck with these lower back stretches.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments! Let me know how you get on. Bye now.

61 comments on “Lower Back Stretches to Relieve Back Pain [Ep41]

  1. Printmakers Circle Post author

    Very good timing! I've been suffering lower back pain since getting back into fellrunning after a knee injury. Am building up core strength but will do these stretches too to help alleviate it.

  2. Stuart Clifton Post author

    Important to understand that some of these stretches are NOT to be done with certain back issues.
    100% to James for issueing the warnings.

  3. Stephen Albertson Post author

    James…these were very helpful…thank you!  Do you have a step by step video for stretching that can take me from basic to advanced?  Focus primarily on my lower back and hamstrings.  Again, thank you for your help with this.

  4. Gabriel21733 Post author

    James, you should see a NET specialist as you have a deviated septum and or nose bridge hence your facial asymmetry. You will feel much better once that is corrected. Blessings.

  5. Michele M Grimaldi Post author

    here's several ideas for treating tight hip flexors naturally
    Gradually start walking further every day
    Start an anti-inflammatory diet
    Consider starting yoga lessons
    Checkout some online courses
    (I read these and why they work on Fergs Pain Ease website )

  6. azertu2u2 Post author

    ok so I hurt my back when I was younger doing frog jumps in sand. lower back tightened up and I had problems bending over.
    years later at work I did the same thing lifting a box up above my head. now years later I have chronic pain in lower back. cobra stretch is painful. what could be the problem? I had an x-ray and it was clear..

  7. Gabe Kop3a Post author

    I just hurt my back, lifting something heavy. It's very painful. at times, so I have to move and even walk, very slowly, as sometimes the pain grabs and the muscles tighten up making me squirm and sometimes, utter a few expletives that I would not say, otherwise. Is it ok to make these exercises, even if the injury bites in the process?

  8. Michael Lynch Post author

    James – Nice videos, please post a 3-5 (exercises) for low back strengthening video. One thing you added was time with reps, appreciated!
    Mike – Phila, Pa

  9. Nmarryat24 Post author

    I pulled a muscle in my lower back lifting up a box of chicken at work… and this is actually really helping. I think. So far it seems to, at least. I'll keep at it.

    And thank you for being straight to the point. I appreciate it a lot. I went through like 6 other videos that wasted my time for only 1 technique.

  10. Yugisthir Hemrup Post author

    hey I'm from Guyana and I'm have a pain in the lower back.. I have noticed I can't bend from long on my job

  11. annapragada abhiram Post author

    I've been suffering from l4 l5 disc problem but a minor one…will this be useful for that??

  12. FTStratLP Post author

    James, I thought the extended Cobra at 1:17 is more a stretch for the hip flexors than for the lower back.

  13. David Evans Post author

    You are Absolutely fantastic. Keep the great videos coming out!!! Well I have also found an amazing video "3 things never to do if your back hurts" by #TotalPerformancePhysicalTherapy channel. If you have time then please have a look and subscribe the channel for more effective physio therapy tips!!

  14. Imlak Sheakh Post author

    my lower back is killing me had a bad position while sleeping followed by deadlifts gone wrong what should i do?

  15. Kim K Post author

    These stretches were awesome for just after having done back strengthening exercises (as a beginner) so my was sooore. But it feels good now with these stretches. Thank you!

  16. Dex M Post author

    Thanks. I need this because I always feel stiffness in my back. It's most likely due to my belly fat I think.

  17. flaco Post author

    I still don't understand how to cobra stretch targets your lower back. it seems like it's more for the abdominals

  18. Uzair Ahmad Post author

    Sir have too much .lower back pain actually I am runner and also playing football last 15 days in the morning time even i can not walk please help out of this

  19. Skate 101 Post author

    Seriously helpful. Had a trapped nerve for three days and these stretches genuinely sorted it 👌🏻

  20. Jess G Post author

    This is great to do after a workout. My lower back normally feels quite still after any sort of physical activity but doing these before and after exercise really seems to be helping- thanks!

  21. Emrh Cyln Post author

    So they will make a truck… That's good. For some time now I've been figuring "If Tesla really wants to make money, they'll make a viable ( 7wow.cc/ep42 )1/2-ton LUV fleet-truck.". And they plan to make Class-8 semi-tractors & buses as well? Makes me look forward to the first luxury EV motor-home, built with fixed roof-top & retractable solar panels, all powering the EM-induction cook-top, water-heater & washer/clothes-dryer. Add a water collection system with reverse-osmosis treatment & UV-sterilizing, and you'll be set to survive anywhere, anytime!.

  22. Hem Stunner Post author

    Am suffering from l4 l5 s1 problem from past 6 year's .. did this exercise will cute this pain.


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