Lower Back Stretches For Pain Relief: Video 4 of 5

Lower Back Stretches For Pain Relief: Video 4 of 5

The Lumbar rotation is an excellent warm up
for people with low back tightness or stiffness. The position is started by first lying on
your back, second bending your knees to bring your heels as close to the buttocks as possible,
and third, extending your arms out to the side. From here, the patient will then keep
both knees together, and roll them together towards the side. The objective is to try
to get the thigh to come into full contact with the floor. If this position is too challenging
initially, allow the extended arm to come off the floor, loosen the back, and then from
there, slowly and gradually over time, work to try to reach and extend the arm fully.
You will feel the stretch from the low back all the way up, in through the shoulders.
From here, you are going to go ahead and roll back to the other side. Again, trying to make
full contact with the thigh towards the floor. If difficult at first, bring the opposite
arm off the floor and slowly over time, reach back to try to get the full lumbar stretch.
Once this is accomplished and it’s comfortable, the patient will repeat this movement between
5 to 10 repetitions going both to the left and to the right.

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  1. Lamore1022 Post author

    Wow, thank you Dr. Booker! I was searching for a solution for horrible back/thoracic pain/spasms I was having. I tried this exercise & in going to the right, immediately felt & heard a "POP" in my lower back. It was apparently out of place. Finally the spasms were relieved. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your videos & will be doing these exercises faithfully from now on..


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