Lower Back Pain Stretches from Align Wellness Center in Northbrook, Illinois

Lower Back Pain Stretches from Align Wellness Center in Northbrook, Illinois

– Hi, I’m Dr. Gregg
Gerstin, a chiropractor in Northbrook, Illinois,
with Align Wellness Center. And today I’m going to answer
another commonly asked question of many of our patients. What kind of stretches should
I do for my lower back? Well, today we’re going to go over three main stretches that I really like. However, I need to go
over some precautions before we get started. If any of these cause
pain, you need to stop. If you currently have
pain in your lower back, you need to be looked at to determine if these are correct for you. You’ll want to see your local
chiropractor for that. If you need help in finding one, please call or email our office and we’ll help you to
find one in your area. Now the three stretches
that we’re going to go through should be done twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. And all that they require
is a firm surface. So you could do this on your bed. You could do this on the floor. Now I do warn you about
doing this in your bed. It may disrupt someone
else who’s in your bed, so be careful with that. Now let’s get into the stretches. For the first one, you’re
going to lay down on your back and you’re going to pull your leg up with your knee bent as far as you can. You’re going to hold this for ten seconds. Then you’re going to straighten
your leg as much as you can, holding your lower leg to
your body as close as you can. Our goal here is not to
straighten our knee out. However, it’s to keep the knee bent and to straighten our lower
leg as much as we can. For an added bonus stretch,
you can pull your toe down and that’ll give you a
stretch in your calf. So the stretch winds
up being here primarily and then here second and
for the advanced folks. After that stretch, you’re
going to bend your knee in and hold on top. You’re going to pull it up to your chest and then across your body. You’ll hold this for ten
seconds and you should feel this stretch right here. If you wind up feeling
pain or a stretch in here we need to change the positioning and you want to straighten your leg and pull your leg across your body till you feel the stretch here. You’ll once again, hold
this for ten seconds. The third and the final stretch is to bend your knee and
put it flat on the table. You’ll then cross your legs over and if you feel a stretch
here the stretch here will be in the bent knee across your leg. You’ll just push your leg down. If you don’t quite feel the stretch, we’ll start by grabbing
underneath your knee and hold it and if you still
don’t feel the stretch, you grab on top of your
knee and pull it up as far as you can. Once again, the stretch
is going to be over here on the knee that’s crossed over. You’ll hold that for ten seconds. Once you’ve done that you’ll go through and do your stretches on the other leg. These three stretches
should be done twice a day. Once in the morning and once at night. That’ll help to lubricate your muscles, get them ready to go for the day and get you ready to go for the day. Now if you wind up having any tenderness or pain with this, you do need to see your
local chiropractor. If you have one, great, get into them if you don’t give us a call or an email and we’ll help you to find one. Once again, I’m Dr. Gregg Gerstin with Align Wellness Center
in Northbrook Illinois. Looking forward to helping you
live a life of optimal health and well being.

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  1. Chris O'Brien Post author

    Thanks for sharing Dr. Gregg! That’s an awesome stretching routine and has helped me a lot!


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