Lower back pain relieved through spinal decompression of the lumbar spine

(gentle music) – Hey guys, Dr. Eric Smith
from downtown Chicago and our practice at Optimal
Health Chiropractic. Today, I want to talk a little bit about a very common and
effective therapy we have called spinal decompression. So spinal decompression’s
a little bit different than what we call spinal traction because spinal traction is just kinda pulling the whole spine, typically. And this is actually angled at the joints that
we’re trying to work on. So a lot of times people will have a lot of low low back pain so I can angle this
machine directly at that. So we have somebody set up on this and just wanted to show
you and demonstrate how easy and comfortable it is. Basically what we do is we set this up so you’re stationary here and then this machine is
set up on a certain angle with her it’s set up for
her very very low back so it’s very comfortable and you can see this is actually working right now. So it’s a slow pull and then
it retracts a little bit again, a slow pull and retracts. So it’s oscillating back and forth to get the discs to be more flexible as well as the joints and
ligaments right around it. So what that does is free
up some of those joints that have been restricted in you. A lot of times patients
will say things like, “Oh I wish somebody could
stretch out my low back.” Or just like, “This area
just doesn’t ever seem “to want to relax or move.” So, this is set up specifically
for that treatment. I have this used in a lot of people that have compression injuries or people that play
sports, contact sports, and even a lot of people
that just sit all day. Downtown Chicago, we have
a lot of people that sit at a desk and then they
have long commutes. So a little bit of the set up on this, it’s pretty much about 15 to 20 minutes that you’re going to be laying here just nice and comfortable. The machine if you can kinda see here is just a rope that goes into this. And then this is the actual
screen that you’d be seeing. So if could watch and see, it goes up to a certain amount of weight and then it goes over and holds for awhile then drops a little bit. And then it repeats this cycle. So after it’s done, it’ll go over here and then just slowly go back to the amount that we started with and then zero. So the nice thing, again, about this is it provides a lot of
relief and comfort in the back and over time this is
gonna actually be something that would help people
that would coin in and say they have pinched nerves or other things goin’ on with their back. So if you have any questions
about this type of service or anything if you click
on one of the links below or give our office a call and we’ll help you from there. (gentle music)

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