Lower Back Pain Relief: Yoga Mat & Stretches For Back Pain Therapy

Lower Back Pain Relief: Yoga Mat & Stretches For Back Pain Therapy

– Today. – Bargains to end your back pain. – And international
yoga sensation, Dashama, coming right up. (dramatic music) Hi, I’m the YouTube
Deal Guy, Matt Granite. – And I’m Savannah. – She is not only an amazing job shadow but you have serious back issues. I don’t know why I just said
that with a smile on my face, but I’m happy to have you here, and you’re gonna be very helpful. Whether you know me from
your local TV station or USA Today, I find huge deals. And we are gonna hear
from Dashama in a moment, who is one of the most incredible people, not only when it comes to yoga, but when it comes to eradicating
all sorts of back issues. Before we get to that, we also have a special
announcement about today’s deal. – We’re giving away two
huge back stretch bundles to our subscribers. – [Matt] But first, if you
are not yet subscribed, click the Subscribe button
you see on your screen. You’ll be signed up for
all of my huge daily deals and ready to go. For the first time at under 30 bucks, the best made stretch
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warranty and free shipping, will improve your flexibility,
aid with muscle recovery, and is the top rated system
you will find anywhere. It is located right
under this video screen. It is not a paid product, and we asked international yoga sensation, Dashama, to put this to the test. – As you know, I’m an
international yoga teacher. I teach all over the world. Yoga straps are amazing for
people who are inflexible starting out on their yoga journey. It helps you to be able to reach your foot to your hand when you
otherwise wouldn’t be able to, making your practice
safer and more enjoyable. It’s even wonderful for people
with an advanced practice so you can take your
yoga to the next level. – Two years ago, I broke
my back in a car accident and Dashama yoga has helped me immensely. It has really alleviated my back pain and made me feel so much better. – Now, usually at the end of the videos, when we tell you who
won from the last video, this, today, I wanna do
something a little bit different. If you are a subscriber
and you have back pain, we wanna send at least three
or four of you these for free. – Feel free to comment, let us
know, and we’ll hook you up. – And Savannah, is it
okay if we hook you up? Can we give you this for free too ’cause you’re working for free? You actually have back issues. – Yeah.
– Okay. And for the rest of you watching, we already told you Dashama is amazing. She’s on YouTube. She’s so helpful, it is incredible. Click the Subscribe button right up here. Subscribe to her channel, check her out. Look at what she does,
and I guarantee you, for someone like me that didn’t even know what yoga was a year ago, it
can make a world of difference in your poise, your back, your pain, and hopefully, if you have
something to recover from, help you in a huge way. – Thank you for watching. We really appreciate you being here. – [Matt] For free stuff, click the Subscribe button you
see on your screen right now. You’ll be signed up for that and all of my biggest daily deals. To turn on your alerts, you’re gonna see a wheel
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and every link I have for every deal is right there. There you go, you are awesome. Thank you so much for watching.

100 comments on “Lower Back Pain Relief: Yoga Mat & Stretches For Back Pain Therapy

  1. Pugsley Lopez Post author

    My domestic partner & I would love try these out. We are always looking to get "stretched out" after a long hard day at the ol' Lion's Den. He gets so motivated when we get "interactive" in our workouts

  2. steve vihtelic Post author

    i'm thinking this may be what i need to start taking care of my lower back issues…

  3. Kostas Pappas Post author

    Matt and Savannah for the video. It is very kind of you to send these to subscribers who have serious back pain! I am still using my form roller for my back.

  4. Steven Neaves Post author

    So I am really excited about this deal Matt. When I was younger and more foolish, I did somethings I shouldn't have and ended up falling out of the back of a pickup truck when climbing out and caught my foot in the process, twisting my body to an angle and caused me to damage my back after falling straight onto sandstone. Not my most glorious moment but it has left me with recurring back issues for the past 7 years and I've gone with just baring with it to taking different medications but I think yoga may just be the thing I need. I've heard lots of testimonies about how it works, and my back can't get much worse, so with this deal, I may just take that step to try and better my back health. Thank you Matt for the great deals and loyalty you provide to your subscribers!

  5. Rachelle Purosky Post author

    I just came in from mowing and had to take a break due to my back. After 5 back surgeries I still struggle with so much back pain. Thank you Matt! Excited to try to see if it can help me because I know my back muscles are not happy with me

  6. LUCKY_LUCIANO Post author


  7. Lisa B Post author

    I've been dealing with back pain for 35 years. I've fractured vertebrae three times (compression and hairline) and hurt daily.

  8. Rosemarie Dressler Post author

    My back has been so screwed up for years. taking yoga classes and Tai Chi classes are the best! I always feel great after them and they prevent flair ups

  9. David Cruse Post author

    Hello ! Matt – Excellent video! – VERY informative and such a great find ! Nice to see Savannah ! And to see her back in action, from her injury from the auto wreck ! Such a blessing ! to be productive, and have recovered from such a tragic accident.
    Love Ya Matt ! – And TEAM Matt® –

  10. Kimberly Jones Post author

    I could definitely use this, I've had low back issues for several years and I think this would be worth a try! By the way, say hello to your Mom for me, and Happy Mother's Day as well!

  11. David Cruse Post author

    Congratulations MATT ! on the 140,000 ++++ Subscribers ! On your way towards the next highlight & mark of your popularity,
    AND Success ! So Happy to see the continued growth ! You're the GREATEST ! love ya David

  12. Sudi Dut Post author

    I am a hiker so face back pain after all major hikes. Hope these help few people to get rid of the their pain.

  13. Katie Johnson Post author

    Awesome! It is like you guys knew (are u psychic)? that I was in pain this a.m. Lol. I have never owned a foam roller before. But I have done yoga for 20 yrs. (Just dated myself lol). And I do it because I have disc degeneration that causes pain from riding horses my whole life (and falling as one learns) :-). This freebie would amazin. Heart you guys and your kind comments.! So sweet. Have a great week.

  14. Ken D Post author

    Many will gladly roll out a welcome mat for back pain relief, my wife being one such person. Like the young lady in the video, her back has been a chronic problem since a car wreck from years ago.

  15. Vincent Chimato Post author

    My dad could really use this actually. I'm going to check it out, thanks!

  16. susan markwrd Post author

    i would love to get this!! I have tried all kinds of things from pain mangment…pills…rubs…gels. u name it nothing helps me so would love to try this!! ty Matt!! yr awesome as always

  17. Joe Scot Schroeder Post author

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH for introducing this product and giving it away to those who are suffering from back pain! I think it will help a lot of people who have just learned to live with the pain and discomfort. I'm not into yoga but I believe in stretching my back (as well as other areas of my body) and strengthening my core during my workouts. I think it's paying off.
    DASHAMA is a very cool, yoga sounding, name! I think that if I was into Yoga I would have a similar single name. How about, "Joema" or "Shimmoo" (No, that wouldn't work…too close to "Shamu", the killer whale.) Anyway, thank you Dashama for a great demo and my back felt better just watching you! 🙂
    Stay healthy, my friend and have a wonderful rest of the week!

  18. Vincent Chacko Post author

    I would love this… looks so awesome! Really interesting! Love this review and love the folks you find who do the reviews… glad they are experts

  19. Randy Jasinski Post author

    It's not a stretch for me to say I have back issues. I could really use something like this. not to mention some yoga knowledge. I hope I get the chance to try this soon!

  20. Randy Jasinski Post author

    It's not a stretch for me to say I have back issues. I could really use something like this. not to mention some yoga knowledge. I hope I get the chance to try this soon!

  21. Cee W Post author

    Mat, chose me, my back is garbage. It's been out of whack since 2008 and it may encourage me to get back to trying to improve it after plenty of earlier failed gadgets.

  22. Karen Klavoon Post author

    I have had lower back issues and stand for hours at a time in one spot at work. These sure would help, thanks for the deals and keep them coming !!!!

  23. alicia brown Post author

    I would love to receive this as I just finished physical therapy for sciatica that I got from a car accident a few years ago. I am continuing my exercise at home to maintain my back health.

  24. Nik Schuster Post author

    Hey Matt! My family and I have been fans of yours for years as we have been watching "ways to save" on WKYC religiously for the great things you do. Coming from a tall family with a history of back surgeries, we could really benefit from this. Thanks

  25. Eric Jolly Post author

    Most of your deals are things that I look forward to using, but this one's a bit of a stretch! hahaha.

  26. Celena Treviño Robinson Post author

    Me me me pick me!! I have damage from 2 car accidents 6 weeks apart!!

  27. Jerry Diehl Post author

    Just who today doesn't have back issues? Once again, addressing the masses – Thanks Matt

  28. John Barlow Post author

    i have major lower pain I would like to try anything other than going under the knife, which is what some Dr.s recommend I am currently trying excercise with not much pain relief.

  29. Jason Seitz Post author

    Matt, love your website! I have had zero luck with relieving my back pain. it's been 5 months now and tried everything, chiropractor, massage, physical therapy and recommendations from my spine dr with zero relief. I would love to try this product and rate it down the road. keep up the great deals! Jason

  30. Ellen Baker Post author

    I'd love to try this! I've been dealing with a herniated disc in my lower back that causes numbness and muscle cramping in my leg for over two years. I'm finally getting to where I can be more active again. I know that working on my flexibility is key to reducing the chance of further injury. Fingers crossed! 🙂

  31. Karen Pratt Post author

    This looks pretty neat! My daughter has back pain. I wonder if it would work for her?

  32. Roger Hart Post author

    Honestly, I have back pain and my family has been telling me to start yoga. It would be great for me to lose weight and stretch myself out. I am as flexible as a rock, honestly, ask my family and friends!!! Great product demo and review!!!!!

  33. LISA BEISHLINE Post author

    I have never tried Yoga buy I think I will give it a try. I have so much back pain—from my neck to my tailbone that I get pain injections for it. The next best thing is getting into a pool of 98 degree water up to my shoulders & exercise. The heat is the trick to alleviating pain. Thanks for a great video!!!

  34. Kemped Kemp Post author

    And how many times do you find a product that is named after you? Way to go Matt!

  35. Sudarshan Neupane Post author

    Thankyou for a great deal. I am working more than 10 hr a day in a computer thats why I have a backpain. It will be really helpful for me If i will have it.

  36. Cynthia Dickman Post author

    I have low back pain among other back and neck pain. I've been contemplating trying yoga. This would be great to get started with. thanks Matt.

  37. MISSY gold Post author


  38. S LEE Post author

    I've had back pain for years. I've tried a bunch of things, so I'd like to give this a try and hope that it works!

  39. donspew Post author

    This would be good for my gf. she always complaining about her back and headaches.

  40. Lady Bay Post author

    Wow, I would love one of these packages. Not only do I have back pain, serious pain, I struggle with flexibility issues, so this would be a great help. Come on Matt, pick me this time!

  41. Inside2216 Post author

    Thanks for caring so much about giving us GREAT DEALS! Your family is Blessed ♡

  42. Inside2216 Post author

    Thanks for caring so much about giving us GREAT DEALS! Your family is Blessed ♡

  43. Inside2216 Post author

    Thanks for caring so much about giving us GREAT DEALS! Your family is Blessed ♡

  44. Shannon Ferraro Post author

    OMG! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this deal! My husband and myself both have back issues. He hurt his in the Marines and I hurt mine when I was working. AWESOME find Matt! Thank you!

  45. Cheryl Hailey Post author

    I am definitely getting one of these! I have had lower back pain for quite a while. I hope this helps. Thanks for finding this deal!

  46. Linda Sternin Post author

    I just finished 4 months of PT for my back pain and injury,  now its up to me to continue to work at home to heal…… this is just the thing!

  47. Franchise 491 Post author

    I had spinal neck fusion 4 years ago and have never fully recovered, something like this might help.

  48. Tammi T Post author

    I have spinal stenosis and am always looking for ways to help with pain. I will have to give Dashema a try!

  49. rob grissom Post author

    I was in bad car accident too, and suffer low back pain, could definitely use something like this

  50. Darcy Reinert Post author

    I have struggled with back pain for years and have tried different rubs, injections etc with no long term success 🙁 I just signed up for a 6 week yoga class and hopefully it will help !

  51. rjmlakota Post author

    Shoot! Did I come to late?? I have very bad back pain especially in my lower back!

    I'll have to check out Dashama's page to get some tips/tricks

  52. S. Lloyd Post author

    Wow! Looks fantastic. Wonder how well it works for someone with rheumatoid arthritis? As a young single mom, I know how important it is to keep my body and joints moving and flexible, but the pain gets in the way a lot.

  53. Justin Taro Post author

    I deal with lower back pain and my wife has degenerative disk disease. This could help!

  54. Teresa Rodriguez-Wargo Post author

    My daughter, a dancer started having back pains….hope this will help her!!

  55. Jesstheman434 gaming Post author

    I would love to have this and I have back pain and sometimes it hurts alot and great job on your videos also Matt Granite


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