Lower Back Pain Exercises: Video 7 of 8

Lower Back Pain Exercises: Video 7 of 8

Ok. We are demonstrating the clam shell exercise.
Pretty simple but really important. This exercise is designed to strengthen the glute medius,
which is right in here. It’s a muscle on the outside of the hip. It’s really common with
runners to have weakness on the glute medius. So when your heel and foot strike the ground,
you don’t have the support as your hip goes out to the side. This can create chronic low
back pain, hip pain, knee pain, things like that. The secret to this exercise is, you
are going to notice that her feet don’t move. By doing that, this becomes what we call a
closed chained exercise. Closed chain exercise is more functional, right. An open chain exercise,
would be something like bringing your leg out to the side, where the foot actually goes
to the range of motion. That will get the glute medius, but it’s not truly stabilizing
the hip. That’s not a stability exercise. So we like closed chain exercises. This clam
shell is a form of that. So what she’s going to do, is she’s simply going to side lye,
get nice and comfortable, keep her shoulders and hips in line and square to the ceiling,
her feet remain together, as she just lifts the top leg toward the ceiling. And she’s
going to feel the squeeze on the outside. And down. And we have her repeat just like
that, 2-3 sets of 10, lifting up to the ceiling as far as she can go. If this gets easy, we
can add a theraband or some type of strap wrapped around the thighs, giving a light
amount of resistance as she comes up. But I promise you, this muscle is going to respond
even with this very simple exercise. Remember, it’s not about strength training, it’s about
brain training. We are re-learning a normal movement pattern. This pattern gets lost through
over training and the glute medius turns off. So all we are really trying to do is turn
it back on. We don’t need a lot of resistance to do this. Now a couple of things. We want
to make sure that when she does this exercise that she maintains a square, and doesn’t round
her hips as she comes up and down. We want to keep the hips and shoulders in a nice straight
line, knee up to the ceiling, we’re going to feel the contraction right here in the
side. This is called the clam shell or glute medius exercise.

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    Thanks Dr Booker I was just going to look for this exact exercise today and you posted it before my search began.Thanks for making my life easier 🙂


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