Lower Back Pain Exercises (FIX YOUR LOWER BACK PAIN FAST!) – Melbourne Myotherapist

Lower Back Pain Exercises (FIX YOUR LOWER BACK PAIN FAST!) – Melbourne Myotherapist

Dom McKay musculoskeletal therapist here
to show you exercises to relieve your lower back pain first of all it’ll help
to have a basic understanding of what causes lower back pain is it’ll give
context to the exercises I’m about to show you in simple terms because of the
sedentary lifestyle that we lead we develop certain masculine balances
around the lower back and the hips that affect biomechanics and posture perhaps
the most significant factor in developing these muscular imbalances is
the adoption of the seated position in early childhood as you can see in this
position my hips are in flexion over time the body adapts by shortening the
hip flexors and then when you stand up the pelvis compensates by tilting
forward here’s an exaggerated example generally it’s not as obvious as this
further to tightness in the hip flexors the body also compensates via a
mechanism called reciprocal inhibition which is that it weakens the opposing
muscle group in this case the glutes now the glutes being the natural power
center of the lower back in this weakened and under active state the
lumber erectors begin to take over causing tightness and tension throughout
the lower back and eventually pain and discomfort for more in-depth explanation
of contributing factors to lower back pain have a look through some of my
other videos but for now let’s get into the rehabilitation exercises word of
caution before doing these exercises if you’re suffering from an acute lower
back injury with referrals into the legs particularly if it’s just on one side
then my recommendation is to seek professional help before embarking on
any rehabilitation program but if you’re just suffering from a stiff lower back
then let’s move on to the exercises so to begin with as a warm up for further
exercises we’re going to begin with a breathing exercise this is going to
teach you how to use your transverse abdominis and pelvic floor properly and
it’s also going to help you to integrate the breath into your actual movements
so begin by lying on the floor with the knees bent
the feet placed flat on the floor and we’re going to take one palm and place
it on our chest and the other palm and place it on the belly now take a deep
breath in and try and expand the abdomen and then as you breathe out just relax
now on the second breath we’re going to expand in all directions so we’re
opening up to the front the sides in the back and then as we exhale we’re going
to contract all of that in we’re going to try and draw the navel to the spine
so again inhale and exhale now it’s good if you can get a cycle going in through
the nose and out through the mouth and that’s it so this can be used as a
warm-up for the next exercises that I’m going to show you this exercise is
designed to safely mobilize the spine I’d advise against forward bends if
you’re suffering from lower back pain because it’s likely to make it worse so
begin on all fours you place the knees directly under the hips and the hands
directly under the shoulders and begin by breathing in and looking up and
really arching extending through the back so you’re trying to get an even
extension throughout the entire spine here and then as you breathe out begin
to flex the spine and stretch up like a cat and then breathe in look up arch the
back breathe out reverse the movement once
more so I’d advise about 10 to 15 of these
two times a day glute bridges will activate and strengthen your gluteus
maximus muscle which is another key muscle to relieve lower back pain so
lying on the floor feet planted on the floor knees bent and palms down begin by
lifting the pelvis off the floor and then relax
so while you’re doing this you’re really trying not to create a backward arch
you’re not doing like a bridge that you would do in yoga you’re actually trying
to use your gluts and your abdomen to keep your spine in a neutral position so
a neutral position is basically where your spine has a natural curve in it so
as I engage here I’m going to feel my glutes fire and then as I get to
the top I’m going to have to engage everything I’ve got in my abdomen in
order to stop this from happening so if I let go of the abdomen I go into an
arch if i strengthen through the abdomen my back comes into a more neutral
position again so this really works the abs as well as the glutes and the
hamstrings so deep breath in breathe out fire up abdomen on slowly back down
again and everything decontracts so there’s a lot of people teaching
glute bridges on YouTube but I think one of the key things that’s missing in a
lot of the ways that it’s taught is just this contraction of the abdomen clams
are a great way to start activating and strengthening your gluteus medius muscle
which sits on the side of the hip and is an important stabilizer for lower back
pain so we’ll begin by lying on our side and just get the head comfortable laying
it on the hand and bend the knees to about 45 degrees and the hips to about
45 degrees as well and now begin by just lifting this leg now it’s only a subtle
movement we’re not trying to go up all the way because then we start to engage
other muscles of the back but we’re just lifting the knee and then relaxing so
really the focus should be pretty much on this point here of the hip and as you
do this you can suck the navel to the spine and really try and keep the this
spine kind of straight and braced you can breathe out as you go up breathe in
as you bring the knee down now to begin with this should be enough to get a
little bit of a burning the side of the hip but once you start getting stronger
you can use a thera-band and wrap it around your knees and I’ll demonstrate
how that’s done so you just create a loop with the thera-band
place it around the knees and again exactly the same position but now we’ve
just got a bit of resistance so breathing in suck the navel to the spine
brace the abdomen and then lift the knee and relax down breathe out lift the knee
and relax down and I’m already starting to get a little bit of a burn in that
hip so the last exercise I’m going to teach
you is a rectus femoris stretch which is one of your quad muscles now this is
really aimed at posture and realigning the pelvis so we begin by lying on the
floor lie on your side and take the top leg
and pull it back so you should feel a good strong stretch down the front of
your leg there in the quad now with this bottom leg instead of having it straight
which allows a lot of extension through the back and really starts to create
compression there rather than stretch in the front of the hip and the quads we’re
going to bring this up to pretty much like a 90 degree angle here so that’s
going to take all of that hinging out of the lower back and it’s going to throw
the stretch into the quad itself just holding this you can reposition yourself
in order to really create a stronger stretch there obviously doing this on
both sides and it can be held for two to three minutes really the longer the
better with these sorts of stretches the exercises we’ve just done are a really
good start to relieving your lower back pain I’d suggest doing them on a daily
basis for a week and if this gives you the relief you need then using it as a
maintenance tool a few times a week if your pain doesn’t subside then my advice
would be to seek professional help because you’re going to need more
specific treatment and specific exercises for your particular issues
there’s a link to my website in the description below I’m happy to answer
questions in the comments subscribe for more great videos and tips thanks for

21 comments on “Lower Back Pain Exercises (FIX YOUR LOWER BACK PAIN FAST!) – Melbourne Myotherapist

  1. savad pp Post author

    Hi… I’m suffering from back pain I have the issue on l4 and l5 s disc bulging.. so that I can’t stand or walk properly due to heavy pain on my back as well as on my left leg.. after MRI scan doctor said for injection or surgery.. I don’t want go for that in this early age.. can u suggest me a proper exercise for my pain relief.

  2. Sharbali Chakravarty Post author

    Hello sir, I am 30 (unmarried) now, and got a disc bulge in l3,l4 and l4 and l5. I am experiencing a severe back and hip joint pain. Today, i was too much motivated through your video to see " DISC BULGE IS NOT PERMANENT". Is there anyway to send you ,my MRI report to seek a clearer suggestion. (if any) In anticipation of hearing from you soon….
    Thank you

  3. Salmina Salim Post author

    Much thanks Dr. I was experiencing lower back pain for 3 years following accident. after MRI exam. And revealed protrusion L4 – L5 and 5s( stenosis) being on ant pain then i forwarded my MRI result among of one Hosp in India they responded that I have to under go operation but I'm afraid of my spine to under go operation .so Dr will you help me. Thank you Dr. May God bless you.

  4. IsLawan Post author

    Doc, i heard something popped in my lower back while exercising reaching my toes. Is this a case of herniated disc? So painful now. Will these exercises help?thanks

  5. Maria Del Carmen Chavez Post author

    Can Í do exercices with Ferinominal Stenosis, I have a enormous pain in my left leg, I have 6 months with tremendous pain, I can't walk, or sitting . The neurocirujano says That I need a surgery, do you believe that?

  6. John Kostohryz Post author

    Great video. However my pain in calf muscles is severe; I can barely walk and I had epidural injections two days ago. Specific exercises to reduce calf muscle pain and start walking again? Help please!!

  7. venkateswara Rao Kanagala Post author

    Hi Dr.
    I have disc bulge at L5-L5.
    I am using painkillers even though I am getting heavy pain at my bottom foot and top of foot. Would you please give remedy Dr.

  8. DEEPJYOTI BAISHYA Post author

    I have a disc extrusion in l5 s1 and loss of lumber lordisos it can possible to cure permanently

  9. Karlo Magno Guadalupe Post author

    I find my right leg is slightly rotated to the right when I'm standing on neutral position and when I turn that leg inward, I feel that leg starts to feel longer than the left. Pretty much had to stop going to the gym because of this and my sedentary type of work doesn't help either :'(

  10. Nicole Lonnie Post author

    Love this back ache guide, "Kenzαnο αyb" (Google it)! I was a little uncertain however tried it yesterday and woke up with a more calm back. I even recommended this informative guide to my mom and dad due to the great results I came across. I was informed that they cannot imagine how good maybe it was. It may solve your back discomfort very effectively. .

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