Lower Back Pain – Crawley Chiropractic Centre – 01293 511265

Lower Back Pain – Crawley Chiropractic Centre – 01293 511265

Hi, Doctor Danny Scahill here from
Crawley Chiropractic Centre and I want to talk to you today about lower back pain. Now, maybe you’ve got a lower back pain right now – maybe that’s why you’re
watching this video. So how can chiropractic help you? Well, essentially a
chiropractor is a doctor of the nervous system. What we do is we primarily check
your spine. What we’re looking for is misalignment in the spine. We call those
subluxations, so essentially the messages start off in your brain. They
run all the way down the spinal cord to every organ and every tissue in the body.
So what we look for is misaligned vertebrae. That puts pressure on the
nerves. That often causes pain, but not always. It’s going to affect your movement. More importantly though, it can affect your organs as well. Now, if we talk
specifically about lower back pain: if you’ve got some pressure on the nerves
in the lower back, that can cause low back ache; it can cause pain into the buttock;
pain down the legs – you may have heard people talk about sciatica. Now this
video isn’t specifically about sciatica. So, when there’s pressure on the nerves
in the lower back it can cause low back pain. It can cause pain in the muscles
that are parallel to the spine, and it can generally just cause aches and pains.
Whether that be sharp pain or a dull ache or a throbbing pain it can all
relate to nerve pressure in the lower back. So, if you’ve got a low back pain
and you’re looking for some help what the best thing to do is contact us on 01293 511265 and we’d be happy to help you get
well again. That’s Doctor Danny Scahill of Crawley
Chiropractic Centre. Straightening your spine so you feel fine!

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