Lower Back Exercises : Lower Back Exercises: Land Swimming

Swimming, or extension for the spine, is a
full spinal exercise. You have to maintain the integrity of low back and core strength
by holding in your abs, but don’t hold your breath. Now if you want to start with a slight
bend in the elbows so you don’t have as much leverage and momentum to control, that’s cool
too. As soon as you bring those arms by the ears you’re going to feel your legs start
to levitate. Think of strong glutes, hamstrings attaching into the low back, energy shooting
out through the top of the head because you’re strengthening in an elongated state, hence
one of the reasons why you’re going to able to prevent injury effectively. Head in line
with the spine, come up, and then you’re just going to simultaneously move. Now if you’ve
practiced your quadruped extension where you extended the opposite arm and opposite leg,
then you can add in both at the same time, and it’s just like you’re swimming out of
the water but you have to control all of the momentum. Nothing else moves, it all moves
as a result of extension and contraction. Everything stays nice and still. Inhale, exhale,
you’ve got to breathe, you’ve got to give the muscles the fuel they need to swim out
of the water. Inhale, exhale, lifting in the heart. Inhale, exhale, and you want to do
that to fatigue or where you’ve got good, quality control over the movement.

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