Lower Back & Core Exercises with the Miracle Back Pillow – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody it’s Doctor Jo, and I’m going to show you some stretches and exercises with the Miracle Back Pillow. Let’s get started. So if you’re not familiar with the Miracle Back Pillow, I did an in-depth review of it, and you can check it out here or in the description below. But basically this is a pretty unique back pillow because you lie on your stomach on the pillow. And what it does is it helps put your spine in neutral position, and if you have maybe a little bit bigger belly, due to maybe a pregnancy or just a little overweight, it’s got this nice opening to help kind of support and protect that area. So when you’re lying on your stomach, you don’t have all that pressure there. So it’s really really cool, and I found that you can do some really neat exercises with it as well because it helps keep you in that neutral position, so you do the strengthening and stretches in this neutral position. So very very cool, so let me show you some stuff. I’m going to put it down the V goes down in this area and then the top part kinda goes up right below your chest area. So it that your chest goes above and this goes below. So you would lie on it like this, have it down, and just get nice and comfortable. And as you can see, I’m in a very comfortable position, my back’s in a neutral position, so a lot of the prone exercises would be great to do with this pillow because if you’re trying to strengthen your trunk in your core, you want to be in that neutral position and sometimes when you’re lying down you you won’t be able to get into that neutral position. So just starting off, you’re going to do some leg extension exercises to strengthen the glutes and the hamstrings. So just get into that comfortable position, if you want to have a pillow up here you can, or if you just want to prop up on here, you can as well. And then keep your leg nice and straight, try and lock it out if you can, it might bend your knee might been just a little bit, but try to keep that leg straight as you can, and you’re just going to lift your leg. You don’t have to go super high because you if you go really how you’re going to kind of change the position of your body, but just bring it up and nice and slow coming back down, and make sure you do both sides so do about ten on one side, and then about ten on the other side. Then you can add in your arms, and put them up here and then do an alternating motion or sometimes we call it the swimmer move where you lift one leg and then the opposite arm. And try to keep your head in a neutral position for this I’m just turned showing you, but kind of like in this position, and you can roll up a little towel and put it on your forehead if you want. And then just do an alternating kind of swimmer move back and forth. And then you go same side. Again doing about 10 on each side. If that feels pretty good, not having any problems, then you can go into a little more difficult one called the Superman where you lift both legs and both arms at the same time. So then you’re just coming up. And again kind of lift your head up, but try and keep that neck in a neutral position, sometimes people come up this way, but then you’re going to strain those neck muscles, and you really want to keep that spine in neutral position. So just coming up, hold it for about three to five seconds, and then come back down. You can also get a little bit more of your glute muscles by bending your knee and lifting straight up and coming back down. You can do that one, 10 on each side. And then I’ve also found, this is really nice is pretty comfortable, to stretch out your hip flexors and your abdominal muscles, and this is this is a pretty big stretch you might not quite be at this level yet, but when you come back, grab one leg. Come back grab the other, and then kind of lift your chest in your legs up. And again what’s great about the pillow is not only does it kind of protect your stomach area and keep that spine in that neutral position, but then it also kind of keep you stable so you’re not rolling all around because this one is usually pretty difficult, but it’s it’s really easy with the pillow because it helps keep you in one spot. So it’s a great starting point, especially if you have a lot of pain in your back as well. I’ve also found that it’s mainly for lying on your stomach, but if you want to try core exercises, you can do some stuff sitting on it. So is the same thing where this is kind of a modified version of what we’re doing because it helps keep you in one spot. So it’s working your core muscles, but you’re not rolling all over the place. So something like they call it a v-up or the boat, where you lift up your legs and lift up your arms and you’re holding it here for about 5 to 10 seconds. If that’s hard, you can bend your knees and come up and do it this way as well. But i’m working my core muscles doing this, but at the same time it’s just a little bit easier because this is kind of keeping you in one spot. Whereas if i didn’t have it here, I’d also have to control myself going side to side. So again it’s a nice kind of starting point to get you there, and then you have to stress out those muscles quite as much, but you’re still strengthening them as well. So I really like this position as well that is just kind of a stabilizer where you can sit on it and you can also do like a a bike move this way as well help strengthen those core muscles. So really nice you can bring up your knees, and then just alternating taps back and forth to get those oblique muscles as well. So as you can see the Miracle Back Pillow, you can use it for a lot of different things. Not only to help get your spine back in alignment and help open up those spaces when you’re lying on it for a while, but you can do exercises while keeping your spine in neutral position, when you’re lying on your stomach, or to keep yourself kind of stable while you’re doing core exercises another position. So i think it’s super great product, really really cool, you can use it for a lot of different things besides just the pillow. So there you have it, if you have any questions leave in the comments section. If you’re interested in purchasing the pillow, you can go to our product store at askdoctorjo.com/miraclebackpillow. And the folks at miracle back were nice enough to give us a discount, so make sure you put JOTAK10 to get a 10% discount, and that’s JO JOTAKE10 Remember be safe, have fun, and I hope you feel better soon.

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