10 comments on “Love, Suffering, and Theology with Stanley Hauerwas

  1. Nate Nobile Post author

    Stanley Hauerwas has all the qualities I like in an intellectual. ill always admire him for that.

  2. R. W. Post author

    While always insightful (primarily because of his humility and sense of humor)… Hauerwas, consistently fails by reducing the gospel into some pseudo emancipatory project.(which of course always aligns perfectly with contemporary progressive politics, what a coincidence)

  3. Daniel Gibson Post author

    i think a great deal of hubris goes into the idea that we, or at least a decent amount of us, are good. i don't see it. When i watch a movie like Funny Games, i see the characters Paul and Anna more or less as two sides of one coin. When i watch a movie like The Dark Knight, i see the Joker and Batman as two sides of one coin. Also, God allows evil to take place in the same way the gatherer-hunters allow children to decide for themselves. It is OUR job to master sin, not God's.

  4. Daniel Gibson Post author

    This is my second comment: my semantic field is quite different from Hauerwas' in the sense that christianity ≠ following Jesus to me. Because of this, i see the united states a dominant christian nation.

  5. anselman Post author

    "we know God primarily by what God is not"? Rather, we know God primarily by what He has revealed Himself to be in the Holy Scriptures and in Jesus Christ.


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