Lesson #7:बाँसुरी बजाने से कंधों में दर्द। shoulder and neck pain faced while playing flute.

Hello friends! Today’s video is… on a very important topic… which is shoulder pain. People who play with their left experience it experience it in the left shoulder and people who play with their right have pain in the right shoulder. Other areas are… the neck and back portions… I have seen that every flutist experiences the same problem of pain in these areas may he be a beginner, advanced or a pro. This happens to a beginner because when… he practices of a lot of pain and stays in the same position throughout then he starts experiencing the pain. When we play the flute, each one of us has our own posture and way of holding the flute… We all have to stay in the same position for practising… we can’t change our position or we start feeling uncomfortable… When he reaches the advanced level he has to practice for a long hours… and this also causes pain to be experienced by him. I had also experienced the same problem Due to the problem I also had to visit a therapist and take treatment After seeing and experiencing these problems, I have made a set of exercises and from the time I have started doing these… I have stopped experiencing these problems… even if I have to practise for a very long time now… Today, I will share these set of exercises with you… I have made a set of exercises IMPORTANT NOTE FOR THESE EXERCISES– 1. At all times your breathing should be normal 2. Your back and neck portions need to be straight 3. You can do these exercises while standing, sitting on the floor or sitting on a chair etc… 4. If you currently have pain, don’t do it… Never do these exercises if you have pain First, go to the therapist, get rid of pain and then do these… Then start doing it regularly to finally cancel any pain after that… Any exercises where you have to hold… has to be done for 8 seconds Or if it based on number of times then also it is 8 times… So while doing exercises keep counting within… While doing the exercises you will experience some stretch That stretch is very important… Like if I do this, I can feel the stretch in the back portion of my neck… So concentrate on the stretch… Do exactly as I do… Exercise 1 Both hand are down in a relaxed position… Lift left hand up- slowly keep it above your right side ear Then put pressure on your head in the right side then count 8 bring the hand down (REPEAT SAME FROM THE OTHER SIDE) ALL EXERCISES ARE TO BE DONE IN SETS OF 3 i.e. repeat it 3 times (total is 3X8=24) exercise 2 Neck straight Slowly take it to the extreme left… then count 8 seconds… DO AS I DO… hold for 8 seconds now in extreme left you should be able to feel the stretch… Bring it back to front… DO IT ON THE OTHER SIDE NOW… TRY TO SEE THE BACK… FEEL THE STRETCH count till 8 now… Back to front… EXERCISE 3 touch your shoulder with your ears… do half rotations… 1 half round is counted as one… SEE VIDEO AND FOLLOW try to touch to and from movement 1 2 3 and so on back to normal NOW the other side… hands straight… EXERCISE 4 tilt your head forward… and hold for eight seconds… now do the same tilting your head backward… back to front ALL EXERCISES ARE TO BE DONE IN SETS OF 3 i.e. repeat it 3 times (total is 3X8=24) do these after getting fresh in the morning… EXERCISE 5 anti- pressure place your hand above your ear on head… second hand stays down… push your head against your hand… 8 seconds… Same from other side… Put pressure against your hand… you must feel the pressure on your neck… Interlock your hands and take them back put them on the back side of your head… Do the same… 8 seconds… keep the interlocked hand on your forehead and do the same 8 seconds… ALL EXERCISES ARE TO BE DONE IN SETS OF 3 i.e. repeat it 3 times (total is 3X8=24) EXERCISE 6 keep your hand on your shoulders Do clockwise rotation like this… 8 times when they come in front, the elbows touch together but do not bump when they go to the back the wrists touch.. See Video… Do 8 times… see from front now the anti-clockwise direction… next exercise interlock your hands again Keep them straight back and neck straight Try bringing the shoulders together towards each other and count 8 ALL EXERCISES ARE TO BE DONE IN SETS OF 3 i.e. repeat it 3 times (total is 3X8=24) You will now give 8 seconds to yourself for relaxation.. REPEAT! You must feel the stretch near your shoulders.. Your muscles lose their tightness due to these exercises… if they become flexible… you wont experience pain main purpose is this itself… then even if we sit in one position for hours we don’t experience pain Next… Keep your hand straight use your other hand to push the fingers of that hand backwards… count 8… downward now… count 8 The wrist becomes more flexible… second hand now… Downwards now… 8… Now the last exercise hand rotations both hands straight… neck straight… rotate your hands fully like a wheel 8 times in clockwise motion… Now anti-clockwise… 8 times… Now the other hand… Full rotations must be done… anti-clockwise now… I hope that you understand how to do it now… Hand, shoulder, neck experience pain during playing flute generally… These exercises are a worked out set to solve all of these problems… Do them everyday for better results… Play flute nicely… Enjoy the time when you play it… And most importantly… play it without pain… Thank you for watching! 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