Lemon Walker | Strain Review

Lemon Walker | Strain Review

Hey everyone its Christie, and today we’re
gonna review Lemon Walker. The pungent buds of Lemon Walker are the result
of crossing Lemon Skunk with Skywalker, although some believe its parent strains are Lemon
Pie crossed with Skywalker. In any case, Lemon Walker is a hybrid that
has been reputed to provide mostly sativa effects and fans of this strain enjoy it for
its sweet taste and aromatic scents. Lemon Walker took 1st place for best concentrate
in the 2014 Cannabis cup, and its fans rave about its quick cerebral uplift that leaves
them happy and in a giggly state of relaxation. Most consumers have liked Lemon Walker because,they
share it has offered energetic and creative state of mind that allowed them to stay focused
and left their body pain-free. Medical patients have suggested to use Lemon
Walker to help ease symptoms of ADD, ADHD, PTSD, depression, stress, chronic fatigue,
chronic pain and migraines. When you open a package of Lemon Walker, you’ll
be greeted with a deliciously citric scent that’s sweet and earthen. Its taste doesn’t stray far from its scent,
and its appearance tends to have hues of golds and greens, with burnt orange pistils laced
throughout its trichome-covered buds. THC levels usually stay in the high teens
and low 20’s, with CBD levels ranging at 1% and below. Thanks for watching our take on Lemon Walker
and be sure to check out other strain reviews with me on Hytiva.com. If you’d like to discover more about cannabis,
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  1. piercedxangel Post author

    Just had Skywalker OG last night for the first time & this sounds amazing too! With my PTSD, anxiety, depression & chronic pain, this will be another good one to try🌱🔥💚


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