Learn How Class IV K-Laser Can Help Back Pain, Meet Dr. Ron Nusbaum from Back Clinics of Canada

Learn How Class IV K-Laser Can Help Back Pain, Meet Dr. Ron Nusbaum  from Back Clinics of Canada

Welcome back to Daytime. If you’re suffering
from neck and back pain this is the segment for you to watch.
We have Dr. Ron Nusbaum in Nusbaum, sorry. Perfect. from the Back Clinics of Canada and his
patient, Abdi Ahmed from England. So tell us, what is this new system you have to help with
neck and back pain? Well, the new system was developed out of a
failure actually I’ve been in practice for
about twenty three years and the first 10 years, a good
ten percent of our patients never got better. So you might actually say that is pretty good ninety percent of your patients got well but when i examined what this ten
percent have in common they suffered from either bulging or
herniated discs or degenerative discs and nothing
worked for them. Not in what I would be able to do for
them. Not in what physiotherapists, acupuncturists. There’s
no drugs that would actually help so I decided I
had to look at the problem differently find a way to actually come up with a
system that helps to heal damaged desks. And it
led me to the development and the discovery of the system
which is called the High Performance Healing System and it features the Class IV K-Laser
which is a break through laser and it just got released
from Health Canada in June and we got it. I joked earlier What does he have, a laser gun that he shoots? How does this actually work, what does the process do and how does that help the herniated disc? Well, the the philosophy behind the High Performance Healing System was what we have to do to revitalize a
damaged disc and suck the bulge back so I’m going to
show you a model that will help you understand where the problem is. Here is our trusty spine, a plastic spine These are the bones, vertebrae. These are
the disks. So a nasty one is where the disk. I don’t know if you can
catch this. You hold it right there. We got it. You see this? Yeah. This little
red sucker pressing against this yellow nerve. That’s what has created so much
disability. To the point that 4 out of 5 Canadians will
suffer severe back pain. It’s the third most common cause of
surgery in hospital in Canada so I had to find out what could exist to suck the bulge back?
And to heal the discs from the inside out. And
the laser is a a brand new breakthrough in laser
therapy/ It’s completely painless and in eight minutes it penetrates through
your skin into the deep tissue right to the disk and
actually stimulates healing of the disk and starts to heal the whole
problem. Okay, so I want you to just tell me a
little bit about the glasses that you have here because obviously when you are working with laser we have to make sure that you’re protecting your entire body,
right? Right, the most important part of using lasers is protection of your eyes
More than anything else so this is just to demonstrate you have to
have safety goggles on your eyes both the patient – you know these would look lovely on you –
you know what maybe we’ll let you. I’d love to wear your
glasses here These are safety glasses that
then afford you 100 percent safety so that
the laser doesn’t harm you. Plus they look good I think the pretty snappy. Now
tell me what’s the common reason why people suffer from neck and back pain? Well ultimately the the back and the neck
pain that I treat comes due to trauma to the disk and that
could be usually due to bending yeah. twisting and lifting at the same
time or secondarily it could just be sitting for a long time so
it’s very interesting I have the whole spectrum I have world-class athletes that come to me from getting checked from behind and so on but then
I have the regular persons who are just working at their
desk. Which is what you have here. You have Abde who’s come all the way from London,
England. Tell us about your process in
finding the good doctor and where you are today. I have been suffering from this for
quite some time and I got to the point that where I cannot
work and I ended up in bed and I said to myself I can’t take this no further and surgery wasn’t the option and plus
that there is also a risk and going through
surgery there is a 50-50 chance. So I Googled on the Internet and been awake all night till 4 o’clock
the morning and then a there I am in Canada. I am across the
Atlantic and Dr. Ron and found the laser plus the decompression machine which also helps. I was barely walking and also unable to lift my children and
where previously I used to. A very active person I was This is a life-changing and also this is very high performance
technology which I couldn’t find from UK as well as
in Europe. I had come all the way to get this treatment and I’m very much
better I wanna run . Actually I want to go run a marathon to see if can do
that. What type a treatment did you
start Abde on? So in order to qualify for this
treatment The protocol is that we have to run a very thorough
assessment and examination and he qualified and the
high-performance healing system which you can only get at Back Clinics of Canada has
three components to it. It starts off with the laser and the cool
thing about it is it is eight minutes long. It’s not like some lengthy process. We
follow that with a world-class technology called
non-surgical spinal decompression and that is a 28-minute session that allows
us to zero in on the damaged disk, stretch only it, like stretching a
balloon. It creates a vacuum and sucks the bulge of of the the nerve. It’s
remarkable. How many sessions do need to get to to get relief. How many
sessions did it take before you started feeling relief? The first 5 sessions and after that then I began to feel
comfort as well as no pain and no medications as well as I kinda felt like if I’m back on
my feet again so it really helped me so now so far I’m completed the
treatment and I actually feel much better. So, we gotta go but for people at home who need more information, who are struggling with back pain. Where do they go for more information? They should got to Backclinicsofcanada.ca We’re gonna offer two free visits for
qualified patient. You don’t have to pay for it and if they qualify, they will judge for
themselves if this works and they should get in touch with us as soon as possible. Beautiful. Go to the
website for more information and we’ll be right back.

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  1. healthforwealth Post author

    whats the difference between these so called medical grade lasers and ones you can buy in the consumes market?
    like this one
    its got 800nm wavelength, https://www.laserglow.com/GSD#   anything between 750nm-905nm will penetrate deep tissue like muscle and bone.
    and anything over .5 watts or 500mW is considered a class iv laser.
    I think the exception to k-laser is that they have models that use 15 watts, whereas most cold lasers have 1 watt or 1000mW at most.
    The greater the power, the greater the dosage.


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