Laser Wellness: Eliminating Back Pain

Laser Wellness: Eliminating Back Pain

– Today we’re gonna be
talking about laser hips. What exactly that is,
we’re out sailing all day we use a lot of our quads,
a lot of our hip flexors and they get tired. When they get tired, they tighten up and that pulls us forward. Where they symptoms manifest
is in the lower back. So a lot of laser sailors will complain about lower back pain. When in fact, it’s not from the back, it’s from the hip flexors. Today we’re gonna discuss a
myofascial release technique in order to negate some of
the pain, aid in recovery and get you standing straight
and hiking straight as well. To do this, we’ll need two tools. A big ball, this can be
thought of as a softball. And a small lacrosse ball. Why do I recommend these over
conventional foam rollers? More acute and when you’re
traveling, it takes up significantly less space. That being said, if you
prefer your foam roller, feel free to use that. When we’re rolling, the
idea is, we find a knot, and we stay on it. You need to always think about that. We’re not just kind of
going over the surface and the rolling is making it better. We’re finding the acute area
of pain, sitting on it, and depressing the tension. Position number one for laser hips. We’re gonna get on the
mat, flat on our stomach. We’re gonna find our hip
flexor and just outside of it. We’re gonna find the area
where the pain is most, and we’re just gonna sit there. Probably 30 seconds and above, the more the better. You’re not gonna do damage
myofascial releasing. Search for a new area, new knot. And stay there. So after only a few
seconds of foam rolling, we can compare the two. My right leg has not been done. My left leg has. There’s an increased range of
motion and flexibility there. Second, we’re gonna take the larger ball, or softball, and we’re gonna go on our glutes. Now the glute is a big
muscle that’s largely unused in laser sailing, which is
not a good thing by any means. But it also controls a lot of what goes on in our lower back. So here, we’re just gonna
search for the knots. Find it. Stay on it. And this will actually
start to provide relief in your lower back almost immediately. Don’t forget to roll out the
high glute since it’s closer to the lower back and pulls
tension in there as well. Thirdly, and this one’s gonna
probably alleviate the most lower back pain. We’re gonna need a chair or a sofa. Laying down flat on our back,
put our feet on the chair, make sure our back is
flush with the ground, take our lacrosse ball, and
just feel out the lumbar. Again, same principle applies, you’re looking for the knot and sitting on it. The final thing we’re gonna do to restore our neutral posture and
not be pulled forward, are glute hip bridges. Again, laying flat on our back. Feet about shoulder
width apart, a bit out. We’re gonna contract our
glutes to raise our hips. It’s easy to just use your
hamstrings and come up, but that’s not the point of the exercise. The point is to contract our
glutes and raise our legs. With all this, it promotes
consciousness in our glutes and pulls us from being forward and lower back pain to a neutral position and in good health and good feeling to go hiking again tomorrow. (soft pop music)

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  1. James Foster Post author

    Cheers! This has greatly relieved a major problem i have been having since starting sailing the 4.7.


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