KT Tape: Rib

Hi, I’m Chris Harper and with me is John, and
we’re here to demonstrate an application for rib pain, this is for when you have pain at
or around the ribs some causes for this may be excessive
strain in twisting motions blunt-force and abrupt changes in direction KT tape helps treat this condition by
relieving pressure to reduce pain, and may increase circulation for this application we need to position the area on stretch, so we’re going to bring the arm
up overhead, you’re going to do this within comfort though don’t force yourself into a painful range and in this case I’m going to place a
red dot to indicate where the pain may be your pain may be in a slightly different
location so the first part of this application is
to take one full strip I’m going to twist and tear the backing
paper right in the middle I’m going to peel that back, and I’m being very
careful not to touch the adhesive of the tape I’m going to handle the tape with the
paper and what I’m going to do is just go in line with the
ribs, right above that painful spot I’m going to place the tape on
fifty percent stretch so I’m going to stretch this nice and even with my
thumbs not gripping it like that but nice flat pressure with the thumbs I’m going to stretch out a hundred percent, and
back that half way off and place that strip right down the very ends of the strip are going to be laid down with
absolutely zero stretch so same thing on this side, just
absolutely zero stretch on this end for my next part is another full strip just like the first, I’m going to twist
and tear the backing paper right in the middle of the piece, being careful not to
touch the adhesive I’m going to place this again on fifty percent
stretch nice even pressure, so if I stretch all
the way and then back that half way off I’m going to go just below that area of pain and lay that strip down laying the ends down with absolutely zero
stretch, being careful not to touch the adhesive on the tape just give that a little bit of a rub to create
friction and some heat so it adheres well and for my third piece twisting and tearing just like the other
two, right in the middle being careful not to touch the adhesive applying a nice even stretch, fifty percent
once again, now going vertically and I’m surrounding that spot of pain so a hundred-percent stretch, backing that off
halfway, so I get fifty percent stretch I’m going to lay that down with the tail ends with absolutely zero
stretch put a little friction on there just to create
some heat get that adhesive to activate and stick
well my last piece, twisting and tearing the
paper as I did with the first three I’m going to apply fifty percent stretch
once again right there, so I’m basically forming almost like a box around that area of
pain I’m going to lay this tape down with absolutely
zero stretch on the tails just as I did with the others pieces those tails go down with zero stretch, so before
we move out of position give the whole thing a good friction rub to create heat to activate that adhesive so it sticks well. From here we can bring that arm back down you may have a little wrinkling in the tape that’s normal, that looks good. Some helpful tips before applying, make
sure you clean the skin very well to remove any lotions or oils you may have on. Be careful with clothing, taking
shirts on and off may roll the tape also clip excessive hair this allows the tape to adhere much
better to the skin. Some complementary treatments include
rest, ice, avoidance of contact sports or
activity, and light progressive stretching please seek care if you have difficulty
breathing extreme swelling or discoloration or
very sharp pains for more information see our website at www.KTTape.com

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