KT Tape: Quad Strain

this next technique is for a quadricep
strain, which can be a small tear in the muscle or tightness in the quadricep
causing some pain and so what I’m going to have you do is tear
one strip of tape off you’re going to create an anchor point on that side of the tape okay very good and I’m going to have you place that anchor point just below
the site of pain here on your quadricep so you’re going to place that anchor point right about here rub that on Okay, so now we’re going to place the muscle
on stretch, so I’m going to have you put your foot up here and drop that knee back and from here, lets go ahead and peel the
paper off the back of the tape Just let that tape lay down and now you can split the tape
into a Y-strip and if this is your site of pain, lets
just lay that strip down on either side of that spot and from here lets just give that tape a
little bit of a rub so it adheres to you now bring your foot back down and that’s one technique for a quadricep strain. For additional pain relief for quadricep
strain, you could try this second technique I’m going to have you tear a piece off and let’s go ahead and create an anchor point
by tearing the paper off that end and with the leg on stretch go ahead
and place your foot up here if this is your site of pain lets go ahead and
place the anchor point right here and we’ll just take the paper backing
off and then lets pick one of the strips up to
form a Y-strip and what I want you to do is to gather your skin this way so you can use your fore finger and your thumb as you put medium tension of stretch on
that tape, and go ahead and lay that down same thing on the other side and your going to go around that site of pain now bring your leg out of stretch and it’s as simple as that

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