KT Tape: Low Back

KT Tape: Low Back

Hi, I’m Chris Harper and with me is Melissa and we are demonstrating an application
for a low back pain. Low back pain can be located across the low back or just above the
pelvis and today we’ve placed or red dot just to demonstrate where that pain may be. Ok, and low back pain can be caused by hip misalignment
sitting or standing for excessive periods of time uh… inflammation from overuse or
activity uh… or blunt-force trauma to the lower
part of the back. How KT Tape helps treat this
condition is it relieves pressure, provides some
support and may increase circulation to the area. For this application we need to have the
skin on stretch, so the position for this is the flex forward as much as is comfortable before we apply the tape. So for our first piece we’re going to
take a full strip. We’re going to twist and tear the paper backing and peeling that back being very careful
not to touch the adhesive. We’re also going to stretch the tape by placing our thumbs across the tape and
applying even pressure verses pressure like this which may cause some
uneven pressure through the tape. So thumbs flat on the tape and we’re going to apply this with eighty
percent stretch. So what that is, if this is a hundred
percent stretch we’re just going to back that off a little bit and apply that right over the area of
pain. We’re going to pinch that off and as we
remove the last bit of paper we’re going to leave the ends of the tape with
absolutely zero stretch on that as we lay those down. We’re doing the same thing on this opposite
side, just laying that piece down. And you give a little bit of a rub. For our second piece we’re going to tear second
full strip and just like the first one we’re going to
twist and tear that paper backing again being very careful not to touch
the adhesive. Apply even pressure on that stretch with
our thumbs going just below that first piece were going to apply eighty percent. So
full stretch backing that off just a little bit and laying that down. Again it’s important just to lay the end
of the tape with absolutely zero stretch. Again, same thing on the opposite side, opposite end of the tape is laying that down And give that a good friction rub. That’s just
to activate the adhesive, heating it up just a little bit. Make sure that’s well adhered. Go ahead and stand back up. You may see some wrinkling the tape that’s
what we do want to see across there. Ok, some tips for this application is
making sure that you clean the skin very well take some care with
removing clothing as this may roll the tape just be careful with that area. Some complementary treatments for this
May be ice, rest, use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, physical therapy
or chiropractic care, strength training, some focusing on posture while sitting
for prolonged periods of time such as at work or with driving and possibly using a new mattress if you’re having
pain at night. Please seek care if you have
extreme pain or swelling, discoloration over the area or difficulty standing or
marked loss of movement. For more information please see our website
at kttape.com.

62 comments on “KT Tape: Low Back

  1. davevedder Post author

    what do the different colors mean?? does this have to be applied by a therepist or professional??

  2. KT Tape Post author

    The different colors are simply different colors. No difference in the tape, just the color. It can be applied at home by yourself. This particular application may be easier to have someone help you with, but they need not be a professional. Just have them watch the video and they'll be just fine.

  3. KT Tape Post author

    Both methods are great. The star pattern application might be more effective for you if your pain is in a focused point location. If it is general low back pain across the entire lower back try this one.

  4. nholcomb73 Post author

    My husband suffers from degenerative disc disease in his back. After seeing the positive results of KT tape for my daughter's knee pain, is this something I can use on my husband's back to provide a bit of relief to him for the disc disease when he has flare ups?

  5. KT Tape Post author

    Yes. You can also go to the "ask an expert" forum on our website to get a more customized application for your husbands specific needs.

  6. Diana Thakur Post author

    I am a figure skater and just recovered from a back injury and a friend of mine recommended the KT Tape thank you so much

  7. KT Tape Post author

    You're welcome! If you want we always love to hear people's stories about how they used the tape and how it helped them. Just post in on our Facebook page if you want to. And thanks for letting us know!

  8. Eye On The Sky Post author

    I have been suffering from lbp and hip pain after 2 car accidents(rear ended..within 6 months after the first) had chiro care, Accupuncture but now I have constant spasms…does this work for spasms?? Where can I buy one??

  9. KT Tape Post author

    You can go to our website and check out our store locator to find a dealer near you. I would start with this application and if you don't get the relief you need then check out the "ask an expert" forum on our website to get some expert advice.

  10. TheCodejuice Post author

    I am 17 years old and I have developed severe back pain due to the fact that I have trouble keeping my posture during impact in my golf swing. I am wondering if this would relieve the pressure and help support my back enough so I can start working to fixing my swing. This pain developed last year during a round of golf at the very end and greatly hindered my ability to rotate much at all. I am currently a D1 prospect for college and I cannot afford this back problem. Please reply with advice!

  11. KT Tape Post author

    It should provide good support, stabilization and pain relief. If it doesn't visit our website and click on the "ask an expert" forum to get some advice from our professionals.

  12. Meltoko1 Post author

    anyway I could apply this myself correctly or do I need somebody to help me to get the full benifits? I live alone and am extremly shy.

  13. KT Tape Post author

    I've done this one myself several times. It's not as hard as you might think. Just bend at the waist like it shows and reach back with the tape and apply it.

  14. Anthony Fernandez Post author

    My L4 /L5 disk tends to slip out on me. I have stretches that I do every am and pm. Would this application provide my back with enough support so that I don't have to perform these stretches throughout my day. (it is important for me to be able to move freely throughout my day as I am a veterinary student and frequently have to be bent over to examine patients)

  15. KT Tape Post author

    You may want to visit our "ask an expert" forum on our website. We have several clinicians to help you get the right application.

  16. ABASIN KHAN Post author

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  17. Darkmon Smith Post author

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  18. li lutrinae Post author

    Has anyone used this? How much is it? I threw out my back in June and couldn't walk for a week, I wonder if it would help with throwing out your back, not just pain but serious pain. I'm interested but I'm sure it's alot of money

  19. Elle Smith Fagan Post author

    Once I got the knack, I loved KT Taping – IT WORKS. Follow the instructions: center/max stretch AT the spot of most discomfort and then no stretch at the ends of the strips. The tapes DO stay on for a week, right thru your showers, but scrubbing , and dragging your clothes over them risk loosening the ends. If the ends DO curl a bit, just clip the dangling part and leave the rest it's fine. Taping Relieves the tension and pressure on the spot, and so the pain is relieved as well.

  20. Chuck Costello Post author

    I noticed when you mentioned complementary treatements/therapies, you didn't mention massage. Massage is very important! Depending on the severity of the pain, chiropractic adjustments may not even help you in this regard because the muscles could be too tight to even adjust properly. I understand a lot of chiros use massage before their adjustments, but it's generally minimal and only affects the area of pain, not possible surrounding areas that could affect the injury being treated.

  21. Chuck Costello Post author

    That being said (re: massage), having a KNOWLEDGEABLE therapist who can not only do what it takes to help you but also help you develop an action plan to stay out of pain is of great importance. I've assisted many clients in REVERSING sciatic pain, bulging discs, chronic headaches (neck/shoulder pain), and chronic joint pain (shoulders, hips, knees) as a massage/sport therapist. I don't discount other treatments but I feel massage should not be discounted either in the same regard.

  22. Casanova Post author

    this will not work on a mans lower back, any other areas its great for, but it just does not stick to the center of the back due to the indent where your spine is located.

  23. Jason scott Post author

    I am a football player and lately i've had trouble with my lower back. Can i play football with the tape and will it actully help?

  24. Icatro Post author

    Can you buy this tape in the UK? I injure my muscles alot at gymnastics and I feel that this would be great for them.

  25. Ray H Post author

    I have pain in my hamstrings, I think it's from my lower back. Should I tape both? Also, can I shower with the tape?

  26. katievhoek Post author

    I have a question! Last year I was diagnosed with Spondylolisthesis to the L5 S1 vertebrae. I play volleyball and have made a recovery but I want to know the BEST way to tape my back for my specific injury or injuries like mine. I also have SI joint pain so I usually just put a strip across that area on my lower back. Thanks!

  27. Mortskcab Post author

    Does the tape lose its stretch and effectivness over time? I've had it stay on for several weeks but not sure its still working after that time.

  28. Heidi Kleinsasser Post author

    Chris how much would one Role of KT Tape cost… the one ur using in this demonstration??

  29. Hermes Medina Post author

    Hello! If I have this pain but not in the middle of my lower back but in the left side, should I place the tape in the middle anways or in the left side? thank you

  30. M.Ameer Post author

    If you have back pain and it seems like it's not going away you need an X-Ray and possibly and MRI as soon as possible. There could be a number of reasons as to why you have chronic (on-going) back pain which could be caused by hernia, slipped disc, degenerative arthritus and/or spina bifida occulta. I'm speaking from experience.

  31. Jin Jin Post author

    Is it possible that after appilication of Ktape to the lower back, the Pain gets worse ? has this happened to you ? I felt like the pain in my Lower back got Worse after application of Ktape. i have mostly muscle tightness and spasmic type of pain in my lower back. Thanks

  32. Stephanie Mead Post author

    This. Stuff works!!!!! I fractured my hip several years ago while jumping my horse and I am a runner. My hamstring muscles on that leg are painfully tight and cause me great discomfort. I started using ktape after a friend recommended it and I feel an amazing difference!!!!

  33. R3D_L3TT3RS Post author

    @marcia_lawson @heather_woods you arent fooling anyone, I know that you are twins who are dating different, male twins having different origins. No one is fooled by your different angled photographic trickery!

  34. Kathelleen Parsons Post author

    I go bike riding on paved to gravel trails. I have found that my lower back/ tailbone get sore from riding a long distance like 15miles. I went out on a limb and used the KT tape, before seeing this video, and I think it had helped me with my riding endurance that I was able to ride longer/more miles and did not have my tailbone feeling sore. I have also purchased a special size specific- so many words w/ 's's, as bending forward is not good for my back situation. And I have suspension in my seat and handle bars and a cushion seat, but these things did not eliminate that tailbone soreness I was having. So, I am hoping the KT will be an answer. It is difficult to put on myself, but w/ no one around, I do not have a choice. Thanks.


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