KT Tape: Groin Strain

KT Tape: Groin Strain

This next technique is for groin strain
or an adductor strain which is actually a muscle pull of the muscles on the inside of the thigh and for this technique, we’re going to place
that muscle group on a bit of a
stretch, so we’re going to let the leg fall out to the side to the point where it’s at least stretching but not too uncomfortable. I’m giong to have you tear off one piece of tape and we’re going to create an anchor point
on this end and we’re going to place that anchor point as high up on that inside tendon as you
can very good and so with the leg still on a stretch
we’ll just peel that paper off. and from here we can actually split the tape if you would like and we can go around the point of pain with no tension on the tape just
laying that tape down. okay, same with the other piece. that piece alone may suffice, if not we can try a second piece and same thing, we’re goin to create an anchor
point and this time we’re going to place the anchor point on skin just on the back of your thigh, again as
close to that tendon or point of pain as you can and peeling the paper off in this direction going over the point of pain now we can split one piece at a time, so well
go ahead and split this piece we’re going to pull the skin towards the anchor as you
put medium tension on that piece and go ahead and lay that piece down same thing on the other piece and leaving no tension on the tails, the last one to two inches of
the tape and you can use this technique in
conjunction with continued icing as well as slow progressive stretching for groin strain.

6 comments on “KT Tape: Groin Strain

  1. Rock 'N' Roll duluth Post author

    i get really bad groin pain ever couple week or whenever no noticable changes though its terrible pain it it a strain

  2. Marko Stojic Post author

    I just now a couple of minutes ago got a small strain really high up my inner thigh. I have minimal pain and only feel it by very few movements. Is it worth taping or should i just warm up really good before playing football?

  3. Jordan Gold Post author

    Wow just taped my mild groin pull and it feels so much better and supported. Thank You!

  4. the book worm Post author

    Lol, she taped over her pants then in the next shot they obviously corrected it. Thanks for the vid though!


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