KT Tape: Gluteus Pain

KT Tape: Gluteus Pain

For this application- gluteus pain, the pain often presents mid-buttock region or just behind the hip. This may be caused by peraformis syndrome or a muscle strain and this is how we tape for it. Positioning for this technique is rather important. I’ll have you lie down, and actually lie on your right
side if we are taping your left hip. What we would like to do is get is some bend
out of the hip or flexion, also aduction -which is bringing your knee toward your mid-line. I am going to rest your foot on the opposite knee so we also get a little bit of hip internal rotation. For this application, a very common spot for the
pain is if we find the greater trochanter or the hip bone, also the si joint which is close to the dimple in the small of your back and
draw an imaginary line between the two, usually right in-between is a very common site for gluteal pain and often peraformis syndrome as well. So the first part of this application I will tear a Y-strip, I will tear that paper down the middle, and also tear the anchor down at the logo end of the tape. And in this position we have the muscle on stretch, so we are going to place the tape just
to the medial (or towards the mid line) side of that site of pain that I referenced with that dot. What we will do here is take the paper off the tape- I am leaving myself a little bit of a handle so that I’m not touching the adhesive on the tape. No stretch on that tape as I lay it down. For this demonstration of course we are taping over shorts, but in real life you are going to
be taping directly to the skin. So what we are going to do here, again- just
like that first leg of the tape, I am laying this down with no tension on that tape. I am just guiding it with my hand, so I
am going around- framing that site of pain. For the second strip we will stay in that stretch position. I am going to fold/tear down the perforated middle of the tape, it automatically stops at the logo end so you can form an anchor. This time we are going to go just above that site of pain, I’m going to lay that anchor down and make sure
it is adhering well to the skin. What I will do from here is I will take one leg, again-leaving myself a little handle to hang onto so
I am not touching the adhesive on the tape just so it adheres to the
skin on the application site little better. I am going to go around that site of
pain with full tension on that tape, and once I get below that site of pain, I will ease
that tension off and just lay that tail down. So there is no tension on either side of
the tape (anchor side, or tails). With this piece the same thing- full tension, lay that down, no tension, and then just lay the tail down. It is very important to avoid any skin irritation or blistering because that hip joint is going to move quite a bit. Now use that paper backing -the waxy side of it- to make sure the tape is adhering very well. Again this would be on skin, not over shorts. And that is how we tape for gluteal pain.

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