KT Tape: Calf Strain I

KT Tape: Calf Strain I

This application is for calf pain which can be pain in the muscle belly of the calf itself and have many causes now this could be from muscle fatigue a strain to the muscle, though if your calf is red, hot, or swollen- you should see your physician. Otherwise here is a technique you can try. Positioning for this application is to place the leg to be stretched back letting that heel come down- all the way to the floor and the knee in full extension okay, now step forward with your other leg just slightly and getting into a lunge position placing that calf on full stretch The first step in this application is to is to tear off the first strip of tape What I am going to do is tear the tape down the perforated middle -it will actually stop on the anchor end of the tape- down by the logo from here I am going to tear off the paper, off that anchor end And I’m placing that anchor with no stretch. And from here I can just deal with one strip at a time and I am going to go around the point of pain and in this case I am just going
to use a red dot to indicate where that is- and your pain may vary I am going around that point of pain- and
no stretch on this first piece of tape. This next arm or leg of tape again- no stretch on that as I lay that down around that point of pain and no stretch on the anchors on either end For the next piece- again I am going to form a Y-strip. Again tearing off the anchor and from here I am going to place that around the inside- or the medial side of the calf from here- just dealing with one strip at a time I am going to leave a little paper on the
end so I can handle the tape without touching it. I am going to put middle tension, or moderate tension on that strip as I lay that down across and above that point of pain- going around it- basically framing it. Then this long piece I
am just going to lay that down with it- basically framing it. Then this long piece I
am just going to lay that down with no tension. Same thing with this piece. Leaving myself a little piece of paper to handle as I put that on middle or moderate stretch laying that down. Once I am past the point of pain I am easing off that tension and then laying the end of tape down. From here I’m just going to rub that on with the paper backing- creating some friction and some heat to make sure that tape is adhering well to the skin And that is an application for calf pain.

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  1. Jon Eberle Post author

    @skankicolombo – From my experience, recovery time correlates to how much rest you can give the injured anatomy. My estimate would be a week to two weeks in grade 1 if you can manage to truly rest the calf.

    Using KT Tape will help to promote that healing process and relax the muscles so that they can heal faster. As great as the tape is, it is still just one of your tools. Rest, ice, and light massage are critical to getting the healing process to move quickly.

  2. dan sprouse Post author

    crap for suckers. should have billy mays selling this. jocks think it looks pro like! thats all its good for

  3. KT Tape Post author

    @vanda219 haha- next time you're injured let us know and we'll send you a sample. You'll be amazed after you try it. thx.

  4. KT Tape Post author

    @jumothabeast You could post the question on our facebook fanpage or twitter. We have over 7000 followers/fans that could respond to your question and give you honest feedback.

  5. theblueteam10 Post author

    theres no way that was enough friction to cause heat for good adherance, i bet the body heat was warmer than that

  6. Riaz Uddin Post author

    Oh hello! Have you thought about – fast abs magic (do a search on google)? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my father got amazing 6 pack abs and lost a ton of belly fat with it.

  7. the_retro_vixen Post author

    Tape works. Me and my husband use it all the time. Wrist, shoulder and calf. I use it even when I am at work to help support my bad shoulder.

  8. KT Tape Post author

    The most basic idea behind the tape is cover the pain. You can run two strips up your outer calf to cover the area that hurts or you can search our "ask an expert" forum on our website and even post your question and one of our pros will respond with a customized application for you.

  9. Tommy Daniel Post author

    I know this stuff works… I've had trainers apply it for a few years now and I love it. That being said, can I get a sample? Or do I have to bash it in the comments to get a free sample? Haha.

  10. terry m. Post author

    How do you do this when you have to tape by yourself….no one else around to tape up your calf muscles? Prop your foot up on a wall???

  11. Miah Bentley Post author

    so im very injured prone. im in track and cross country for my high school. i havent tried KT tape but most of everyone on my team uses it. i keep wondering how it works so i looked it up and found you guys. my hip is always getting injured, but it's not my groin or front hip, its the side, maybe you could do a video on the outside hip? ps, these calves videos help very much.

  12. Murielle Le Blanc Post author

    Good product bought it yesterday and it really eased the pain in my right calf, took a shower but perhaps I had not applied it 100% so I took it off the next day, applied another one again it became a bit loose, then applied another strip for the 3rd time and this time it stuck – they are expensive $1.00 per strip is a lot I find.

  13. mariealvira Post author

    This video talks specifically about a target area that's painful, while the more recent video seems to be about general support for the entire calf muscle. But, it does seem like this method might be more useful for acute pain in one area.

  14. canopener505ify Post author

    Question for anyone: for maintenance/preventative is one strip on the middle of the calf vertically sufficient?


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