Knee Replacement vs. Prolozone Therapy – Natural Arthritis Treatment

Have you ever wondered about what to do
with arthritis, without having to do narcotics, or over-the-counter, or
surgery? Have you ever heard of Prolozone Therapy? Because that’s what we’re going to
talk about. Hello everyone Dr. Jason West, with some ideas about arthritis, about
bone-on-bone arthritis, chronic knee injuries, chronic hip problems, back
problems. It’s this wonderful therapy called Prolozone therapy. And here’s how
I was introduced to it. I had a patient that was coming in the office, that was
getting adjusted consistently but the adjustments just really didn’t hold. He
went and saw a doctor in Nevada that did a Prolozone treatment on him. It
helped to stabilize the ligaments so that the adjustment hold, and he told me
about it. I went and learned from this doctor about how to do this amazing
therapy that helps with arthritis. Now most of the time when people have
arthritis, it’s really like they have a rusty hinge. The joints don’t move very
well. You get chronic inflammation into the joint. It hurts to do activities of
normal daily living. It can be inflamed, it can be hot, it can fill up with fluid.
I mean all of these things are associated when there’s not enough space
in between the joint surfaces. Now typically the medical treatment for that
is they do a series of cortisone therapy, or eventually you may end up with some
type of surgery. A hip or a knee replacement. And this isn’t an anti
medicine video. But there are so many things that you can do before you have
to get surgery. Now one of the most common things medically they do is some
type of cortisone injection, or maybe a synvisc type injection. And I like to
tell people, I’m kind of joking kind of serious when I say this, if you’re
driving down the road and you look down in your car dashboard, and you see the
oil light come on. You know something that is going wrong with the car. And the
medical community gives you a piece of black electricians tape you put it over
the oil light, and voila you have no more oil light problems. Common sense tells
us that we’re going to end up with a major overhaul if we don’t fix the
problem. And this Prolozone Therapy is a fantastic way to fix it before you
need a great big overhaul. Now what is Prolozone therapy?
It’s a proliferative therapy using vitamins and minerals and some oxidative
medicine that actually make the tissues heal. So it’s actually a semi porent
restorative type therapy. So here’s how you do the therapy. You take a little
syringe with a little tiny needle on it, and you can actually take a vitamin
solution and inject the joint surfaces, inject the ligaments, and inject the
muscles around the area. Put in the building blocks and you tap into the
body’s restorative medicine abilities. Now when they talk about restorative
medicine, if you bump up against something and you get a bruise, or you
cut yourself, the body sends the immune system and the healing cells to that
area to heal up the… problem. Now the same thing happens when you get a
new stomach every ten days, you get a new liver about every three months, you get a
new bone system about every six months. And proliferative therapy using
oxidative medicine the Prolozone therapy just taps into your body’s ability to
heal itself. It’s a little bit different than taking an oral supplement like
glucosamine or chondroitin or papaya or bromaline, or any of these natural
over-the-counter medicines or therapies for joint pain, because this actually
puts more of the building blocks directly in the area. I think it works a
lot better. Now I haven’t had any problems with contraindications. I love
using this natural approach because the worst thing that usually happens with
people is that they stay the same. You can’t make people worse. There’s no side
effects. It’s not like putting cortisone therapy, where you can’t do it as many
treatments as as it possibly needs, because it knocks down the inflammatory
systems and actually can damage the bones and the ligaments. I’ve had people
where we’ve been able to do this repeated times over the last 10-12 years
and we don’t have any problems because we’re just putting natural things into
the area. Some really, really neat outcomes of people that can’t walk upstairs, they
can’t throw a baseball, they can’t golf, they can’t fish, they can’t garden. And
we do this restorative therapy and they get their life back. Now what’s really
neat about this is it’s really cost-effective. Usually the treatments
are anywhere from 150 to 300 dollars. And so if you’re looking for a health care
provider that’s doing this, that’s usually the price structure they’re
looking at. You’re looking at about three to five
different treatments. And then usually you have to do a follow-up treatment
about every 12 to 24 months. So it’s a really neat, long-term solution where you
don’t have to use drugs, or you don’t have to use surgery for your
arthritis conditions. I hope you found the video information cutting edge and
breakthrough because it is. There’s more information in the description. There’s a
free report, and if you like it, go and click the little bell. It’ll give you an
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