Katie Gets Off Methotrexate After 11 Years Of Inflammatory Arthritis / Ankylosing Spondylitis

Katie Gets Off Methotrexate After 11 Years Of Inflammatory Arthritis / Ankylosing Spondylitis

Days after this interview, Katie’s Rheumatologist approved the removal of her last MTX tablet

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  1. Iamin1975 Post author

    Thank you Clint! so grateful to you… I have been diagnosed with RA for 2 years now. changed my diet right away for plant base and it seems every 6months I am reducing my food group to more basic and I feel better when I do. I drink a 1L of cucumber/celery juice everyday and although I am experiencing stiffness in all of my joints like tin women in the morning, I am not on any meds. I did try Celebrex and after the second day I didn't feel right in my stomach. Hot magnesium salts baths and icing or hot/cold showers have been my pain meds. I wanted to know if any ladies with RA experience (flare up) pain, swelling, stiffness prior to menstruation and if anyone has used hormone therapy for joint pain?

  2. truvelocity Post author

    I loved the topic of the isolation and then people becoming supportive. That is so true. Then, you begin to meet like minded people and socially you will attract people that make it great because you've changed.

  3. clean diet Post author

    Hi Clint. I have Psoriasis which is started by constipation from my sinus infection antibiotics. I do some works to reduce constipation which may be useful for your patients:1- 3 glasses of warm water in the morning.2- soaked figs. More than 10 figs.3- Lentile and Cheakpea soups if you are not allergic.4- Yellow watermelon.5- Wheatgerm not for someone who is sensitive. i grow it my own. Soak wheat 24 hours and change its water each 8 hours and ….6- Eating big salads. But high carb diet needs high water intake. I drink more than 8 glasses.7- Probiotics.8- Small seed grapes

  4. Margaret Major Post author

    So exciting Katie. I have come to down to just 2.5 mg Methotrexate for the last six weeks too and next Sunday I am going to go off them altogether. All the best to you and me.

  5. cherry miner Post author

    Re coffee enemas pre prep. Look at the Gerson cancer site and they show how to make the solution ahead for a few days. Helps a lot.

  6. Christina Hees Post author

    Very common mistake people make, when they start eating more fibre is, that they don`t increase their water intake! That`s why they get constipated! I always made that experience as well. But including more fat is devestating! If I would increase my fat intake, my joints would swell up in a matter of hours. More liquids is the answer! Those fibre particals have to have fluids to bulk up and get moving. 🙂

  7. Pozy Bahamas Post author

    Am glad your having success.
    What is a social life if you don't have HEALTH
    Am glad you kept going instead of giving In to fit in with a crowd who is seemingly in good health now but who's going to fail real soon. Be thankful its you now vs In older age. You at an at vantage point your ahead so you can be the leader in the pack to assist them.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Keep moving forward.

  8. PINK CHAMPAGNE Post author

    I was on methotrexate for 15 yrs, it's so debilitating , I felt so I'll all.the time. I googled diet, tried two diets one high carb one low carb and high protein. I'm still on Prednisone and brufin. Still swell up in all the joints. Ive had one hip replacement,. Methotrexate did not stop the disease progressing. Rashes itching,. If I knew then what I know now I would never take methotrexate, it's so toxic. I have tried the pills and injection. Both made me vomit, diarrhea, by the time I was feeling better it was time to have another dose

  9. Lee Bartlett LIFE Post author

    What I read about diets that take away arthritis symptoms do work but only for a time. Maybe 3 to 5 years before the disease returns. Is this true?

  10. renukha pannala Post author

    Love your courage and inspiring videos Clint!! It is so weired and confusing to see lab numbers. I would appreciate it you can elaborate on each of those lab tests. Other than RA factor and antibodies rest of the tests(sed rate, CRP(0.6) uric acid levels) are normal. I see some very light swelling in three of my finger joints(size of a dime). I am living in fear that anyday i could have a flare up. So far i have no pain unless I disturn those three joints. Is there any time span where the flare up starts, like for eg: after three months of swelling flare ups can occur. I have trip coming up and i am so scared. Hope you can give me some pointers.

  11. Rajendra Pathak Post author

    Hello Mr paddison I hv diagnose rumetitis before 2 months..at dat tym my crp is 1.26 n r.a factor is 26.8 ..I hv swelling in my knees n ankles …m indian …n after 2 months using herbs I hv reduced my inflamition n right now my r.a factor is 15…but I want to completely reverse my rumetitis ..n outside of u.s …there is a big language barrier …hope u understand…my English is not …so can u Plzz help me on rumetitis condition in my language..I want ur assistance in my language…hindi..
    Is dat possible thru paddison programme ?


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