Jocko Podcast 161 w/ Echo Charles: Machiavellian Leadership: Myth VS Reality, with “The Prince”

Jocko Podcast 161 w/ Echo Charles: Machiavellian Leadership: Myth VS Reality, with “The Prince”

this is Jocko podcast number 161 with
echo Charles and me Jocko Willick good evening echo good evening I do the wrong
and first begin to brawl the secret mischiefs that I set a brooch
I lay unto the grievous charge of others Clarence
whom I indeed have cast in darkness I do believe to many simple goals namely
to Derby castings Buckingham and tell them tis the Queen and her allies that
stir the King against the Duke my brother now they believe it and with all
wet me to be revenged on rivers Dorset gray but then as I and with a piece of
Scripture tell them that God bids us do good for evil and thus I clothe my naked
villainy with odd old and stolen out of Holy Writ and seem a saint when most I
play the devil and that right there is a few lines from the play Richard the
third written by good old William Shakespeare
the bard and clearly Richard the third is made out in this play to be an evil
like a hundred percent evil political maneuver er that’s what he’s made out to
be sort of the ultimate archetype of the Mack of alien Machiavellian
leader mm-hmm and there’s people that say and it’s actually it certainly seems
that Shakespeare intentionally wrote him that way and there’s a bunch of things I
guess at some point we’ll go over the whole play of Richard the third but
let’s take a look at the lines that that you know because because Machiavellian
what we what we think of it when we hear it now is we think that it means someone
that is just completely devious and completely dishonest and completely
deceitful in their quest for power yeah right that’s what people think of when
they think of Machiavellian and that definitely I think Richard the third is
made to be and was written to be sort of the the quintessential
Machiavellian character let’s look at these lines a little bit because as I
said when we did Henry the fifth on podcast number 15 you’re not gonna know
exactly what Shakespeare is talking about because he’s writing in an almost
in another language though not quite you can still understand it it doesn’t take
much but there’s some things going on in there so it starts off I do the wrong
and first begin to brawl so was he saying there I am the one that is doing
something that is wrong I’m the one that’s starting the fights yeah that’s
what’s going on here I’m starting the fights and then he says the secret
mischiefs that I said abroach I lay unto the grievous charge of others so these
bad behaviors that he’s undertaking that he’s secretly undertaking he is blaming
them on other people he then goes on to say Clarence whom I indeed have cast in
darkness and you wouldn’t quite understand this but unless you read it
but his brother clearance he put his brother Clarence into prison and then he
says I do believe too many simple goals so he in front of other people he cries
and boom owns that oh poor Clarence but he thinks those people are fools namely
Derby things and Buckingham which is what he
says the next line and then he says that he tells those same people he tells
those people that it’s the Queen and her allies and tell them tis the Queen and
her allies he’s he’s saying like look this isn’t about me yeah it’s about the
Queen she’s the one that’s doing all this she’s the one that stir the King
against the Duke my brother so it’s not it’s not my fault it’s the Queen and
then he says now they believe it and with all wet me meaning they believe it
and then they’re egging him on like you need you can’t let that stay imagine
that class and rise they’re like you’re setting this up but then you’ve got
these people actually egging you to take vengeance on the situation which is what
they’re egging him on to do back to the book to be revenged on rivers Dorset and
gray but then but then here’s where it here’s where it takes a little a little
switch but then I sigh and with a piece of Scripture so he’s gonna say oh and
he’s gonna quote the Bible he says he tells them that God bids us do good for
evil you know hey the Bible says we should do good instead of evil that’s
what’s going on here and then he says and thus I clothe my naked villainy
that’s a good line he kind of be Shakespeare to write that one right
clothe my naked villainy this is how I dress up my evil plans with odd old ends
stolen out of Holy Writ so he dresses up his naked villainy he covers his evil
plans with little parts of scripture from the Bible then he closes it and
seemed a saint when most I play the devil so like I said that’s that’s Richard the
third and things don’t really work out that well in the play for Richard the
third and they don’t well they didn’t work out for him in real life either he
was actually hacked to death yeah which we generally considered be a bad ending
he was hacked to death at the end of the Battle of Bosworth after he fell off of
this horse legit and there’s a famous line which I’m sure everyone’s heard a
horse a horse my kingdom for a horse which is he he was losing everything
because if he fell off his horse mm-hmm eated won and like I said perhaps you
know at some point we’ll cover the whole play but today what I wanted to dig into
a little bit is this term of Machiavellian and we covered his art of
war book which I had an interesting I think it was a youtube comment because I
said you know part of War Mackay felt Nicolo Machiavelli and someone like that
was written by sunsoo idiot and then some trooper came on was like actually
he’s not talking about that argh afore he covered that one here and covered
this oness by the way there’s a bunch of different art of wars and here’s one of
them that was indeed written by Machiavelli
so we covered that but that’s not really Machiavelli’s most famous work his most
famous work is this book which we mentioned there the prince and the
prince was thought to have been written around 1513 not really widely published
until 1530 – which was five years after Machiavelli’s death and it’s it’s
basically the forerunner of kind of leadership bunks right is the forerunner
of self-improvement books just and it’s telling leaders how to lead their
principalities and again one thing and I don’t dive to I don’t dive too many of
these we’re not gonna cover too many days but it gives real-world
instructions so it’s kind of like extreme ownership of the dichotomy or
leadership it gives real situations that happen it gives the principle and then
it’s like here’s a situation where this actually unfolded this way so it’s it’s
very thorough in that respect then it’s considered to
be one of the first works of modern of political philosophy and it this is the
thing it has the reputation of advising people to do whatever it takes to gain
and hold power that’s sort of the that’s when you hear and in fact the word like
I said the word has really negative connotations when someone says all that
guys are Makaveli and leader you don’t think oh that’s that’s cool
no you think oh he’s underhanded and he’s gonna stab people in the back to
get get where he wants and there’s definitely some parts and we’ll get to
it but the it’s not that and the approach
is much more balanced than people then people then he has then then people
generally consider it’s just a much more balanced perspective and like anything
that talks about leadership and human nature we can learn from it so let’s go
to the book The Prince by Machiavelli starts off here those who strive to this
is this is an interesting he’s doing a little he does some salesy stuff in here
too yeah and you know there’s a couple times where I have to add to call it I’m
gonna calling out all of him but he does some say Lease Sale Z type stuff in here
so here’s how he starts it off those who strive to obtain the good graces of a
prince are accustomed to come before him with such things as they hold most
precious or in which they see him to take most delight whence one often sees
horses arms cloth of gold precious stones and similar ornaments presented
to Prince’s worthy of their greatness so he said hey if you want to get good you
know good graces with the prince you bring him stuff horses and gold and
whatever then he says desiring therefore to present myself to your magnificent
with some testimony of my devotion towards you I have not found among my
possessions anything which I hold more dear then or value so much as the
knowledge of the actions of great men acquired by long experience in
contemporary affairs and a continual study of antiquity which having
reflected upon and which having a reflected upon it with
rate and prolong diligence I now send digested into a little volume to your
magnificence that’s pretty that’s pretty cool he says look I I could give you
gold but that’s not really what’s valuable to me
what’s value will do the most valuable thing I can give you is the knowledge
that I have mm-hmm the knowledge that I’ve had from studying and living
through these things and he continues and although I may consider this work
unworthy of your countenance nevertheless I trust much to your banana
tea that it may be acceptable seeing that it is not possible for me to make a
better gift than to offer you the opportunity under understanding in the
shortest time all that I have learnt in so many years and with so many troubles
and dangers which work I have not embellished with swelling or magnificent
words nor stuffed with rounded periods so he comes out of the gate right he’s a
pretty arrogant dude he’s saying listen you are so lucky that I went through all
this stuff and I’m just gonna give it to you I’m gonna give you this little nice
little volume very plainly written which is almost like an excuse right like
there’s no no there’s no fancy words here I’m just giving it to you straight
you know I I’m no Shakespeare well Shakespeare wasn’t even round yet but
he’s saying let’s very plainly written and then he goes into it so I think
that’s a pretty salesy opening but hey good good on him he’s trying to make it
happen starts off talking about the
difficulties that occur in a new principality and principalities use that
word that’s the what the what the book is about it’s when you take over land
from people here we go although one may be very strong in armed forces yet in
entering a province one has always need of the good will of the natives that’s a
great statement think about that statement think about it from a military
perspective think about it from a business perspective and this is
something that the US military should always pay attention to hey you can be
strong and your own forces can be strong but you need the goodwill of the natives
boom there you go let’s think about let’s remember that one mmm in the world
you you and we we know we do our best to do that America does its best to do that
but we don’t always do a good job mm-hmm and then the other thing is when you
think about it from a business perspective when you get an acquisition
taking place like it’s cool you go in there and you got all the money to buy
some little company but if they all hate you hey if you don’t have the goodwill
of the people that you just bought you’re gonna have some issues I promise
you you’re gonna have some issues next up those dominions which when acquired
are added to an ancient state by him who acquires them are either of the same
country and language or they are not so he’s saying look when you take someone
over there either the same language or they don’t have the same language when
they are it is easier to hold them especially when they have not been
accustomed to self-government so if you take someone over and they speak your
language and they’ve you know you took them over from someone else that was
controlling them mm-hmm they’ll be okay with that because they’re not used to
controlling themselves anyways then he goes on but when States acquired in a
country differing language customs or laws there are difficulties and good
fortune and great energy are needed to hold them and one of the greatest and
most real helps would be that he who has acquired them should go reside there so
if they don’t speak your language if it’s the different culture guess what
you’ve got to go there and you got to stay there otherwise it’s gonna be a
problem so they’re gonna move there too so they can gain more understanding game
or never standing and learn the language and stuff like that and also be there
because you gotta you got to be able to pay attention to when rebellion is gonna
form against you if you’re not there and they speak a different language yeah you
can have it to our culture and you’re not in the game
flying’s gonna have some issues yeah they’re gonna get blindsided so you got
to go in there you’ve got to get deep you got to occupy
that territory continuing on men ought either to be well treated or crushed let
me read that one again men ought either be to be
well-treated or crushed because they can avenge themselves of lighter injuries of
more serious ones they cannot therefore the injury that is to be done to a man
ought to be of such kind that one does not stand in fear of revenge so there’s
kind of classic Machiavellian thought yeah if you’re gonna hurt someone just
completely annihilate them to the best of your ability you don’t give them the
ability to come back at you again yeah and then on the other hand treat them
super good right so it’s your treat yeah there’s no read them good or you crush
them yeah it’s it’s it’s it’s a good statement right yeah and it takes this
is something that it takes a you know the will to completely destroy someone
it takes a lot of gall right you have to have the stomach to be able to do that
yeah and a lot of people don’t have the stomach to do that so that’s why I would
say in most cases it’s better to treat people well and have them come on board
and he and actually he says that too but we’ll get there back to the book in
maintaining armed men there in place of colonies one spends much more having to
consume on the garrison all of the income from the states that the whole
acquisition turns into a loss and many more are exasperated because the whole
state is injured that’s what he’s saying so when you do have to go in and you
have to smash then you have to keep people there to keep smashing guess what
you’re spending all this money you’re investing all these people and it’s so
hard to keep it under control that it’s not even worth it the acquisition turns
into a loss so from a from a business perspective you go into a company you
buy them but then they’re rebellious so you got to fire everyone they got to
bring people in and retrain them and you got to retake territory you lost
customers because you because you didn’t support during that time and so you
invest all this money and guess what your acquisition ends up becoming a loss
yes whereas if you had a good relationship
with these people and you went in there and you they were able to kind of come
on bored with your culture and the way you
were doing thing all sudden you move into a good scenario yeah keeping it
keep keep it friendly if you can back to the book what all prudent Prince’s ought
to do who have to regard not only present troubles but also future ones
for which they must prepare with every energy because when foreseen it is easy
to remedy them but if you wait until they approach the medicine is no longer
in time because the maladies become incurable there’s some good stuff in
this book and this is one of them this is kind of obvious mm-hmm but hey you
need to look to the future and when there’s a problem coming cut it off
early the earlier you solve the problem the easier it’s gonna be he continues
for it happens in this as the physicians say it happens in hectic fever than in
the beginning of the malady it is easy to cure but difficult to detect but in
the course of time not having been either detected or treating and in the
beginning it becomes easy to detect but difficult to cure it’s like getting
caught in our walk right if you see it coming it’s easy yeah you just move your
shoulder you move your hips a little bit whatever you’re out yeah
the further it goes down that path yeah the worse this situation gets yes and
it’s the same thing also you know what I’ve talked about having hard
conversations with people the earlier you have that hard conversation the
easier the hard conversation is to have the longer you let it go not only is it
a harder conversation but it’s a conversation that’s gonna disrupt and
cause more problems it’s gonna interfere with our relationship if I’m if I have
to have a hard conversation you are really our relationship isn’t getting
better right it’s getting worse mm-hmm so the ease the earlier you solve these
problems the better off you’re gonna be it continues this it happens in affairs
of state for when the evils that arise have been foreseen which it is only
given to a wise man to see they can be quickly redressed
but when through not having been foreseen they have been permitted to
grow in a way that everyone can see them there is no longer a remedy keep your
ears to the ground so you got to hear what’s coming there for the Romans for
seeing troubles dealt with them at once and even to avoid a war would not let
them come to a head for they knew that war is not to be avoided but is only to
be put off to the advantage of others so every time you delay in getting that
problem solved you’re not helping yourself mmm that’s a
good way to think about that I haven’t really thought about that way before you
know I talk about the hard conversations have them earlier they’re gonna be
easier the only if you’re putting those those wars off you’re only helping the
other person yeah they’re really putting yourself in a worse situation
okay so the other person meaning the enemy yeah yeah you’re only helping the
enemy hmm so attack those problems look well I think the first thing is pay
attention right you got to pay attention there’s problems that could be arising
hard to detect hard to do terrorism and yeah and then I like he says it when
everyone can see him it’s too late yeah so you gotta be gathering
intelligence gotta be paying attention back to the book because one can easily
enter there by gaining over some baron of the kingdom for one always finds
malcontent and such as desire a change so he’s talking about when you’re taking
someone when you’re taking over like a kingdom you you can always find some
people in the kingdom that are not happy with the situation like you can go into
a company and you can say it seems like you’re the way your process is work it’s
real hard on you guys seems like they’re not really invested you can always find
some people that are mad inside of a kingdom yeah that’s what he’s saying
he’s saying to find him yeah he’d well he said here’s he goes on
he says such men for the reasons given can open the way into a state and render
victory easy but if you wish to hold it afterwards you meet with infinite
difficulties both from those you have assisted and those you have crushed nor
is it enough for you to have exterminated the family of the Prince
because the Lord’s that remain make themselves
of fresh movements against you and as you are unable to either satisfy or
exterminate them the state is lost whenever the time brings the opportunity
what you’re dealing with there if you’re entering if you find some people that
are disloyal inside of a company and then you go and become friends with them
and then you go in and take the company over there’s a chance and what he’s
saying is like that disloyalty is is a trait yeah they’re gonna be disloyal to
you to you so you need to and you can’t you can’t crush them you can’t
exterminate them because you’ve developed a relationship with them and
at the same time you can’t trust them yeah so be careful with that
back to the book whenever those states which have been octa have been acquired
as stated above have been accustomed to live under their own laws and in freedom
there are three courses for those who wish to hold them so obviously I’m
skipping big chunks of the book but what he’s talking about is when you’ve taken
over somewhere that is used to having their own laws and used to living in
freedom there’s three different three different methods or approaches you can
take if you want to hang on to them here we go the first is to ruin them the next
is to reside there in person the third is to permit them to live under their
own laws drawing a tribute and establishing within it an Oleg our key
which will keep it friendly to you very clever very clever very smart to and I
see again I keep going back to business a lot because when you when you’re
dealing with a company that acquires other companies like this is very real
if you’ve got a company let’s say you acquire if you acquire part of let’s say
you acquire part of a company that’s been run by some senior company like a
parent company they’re not used to making their own decision so when you
come in and say hey now where can I help you out where you know you’re gonna be
kind of going along with us now you’re our command if they’re used to being
commanded they’re like okay new boss but we’ll deal with it yeah but if they’re
if they’ve been if they they were their own company they were they were on their
own and they were doing whatever they wanted they were living in total freedom
yeah and now you come in and now you’re gonna start listening to my rules yeah
gonna be a problem yeah yes now I don’t agree with the fact that you have to
crush them I would prefer that you go in and form a relationship with him but
what he’s saying is look if you go in there so let’s say I took over
Echo’s company and you were used to freedom and I was just like hey echo
here’s what’s going on here’s some broad guidance but I really like what you’re
doing keep doing it man keep doing it and then you know here’s
what you’re gonna pay me because I’m giving you some support and you’d be
like yeah okay now what I will say which he doesn’t go
into is over time I can start to get first of all build a relationship with
you once I build a relationship with you then I can start saying hey echo have
you thought about doing this a little bit different over here and hey echo
what do you about this and hey echo this other company that we own does it this
way and it’s really efficient would you consider maybe seeing how that would
work inside your with your team yeah and so I would slowly move but for me to
come in and say okay echo we just closed the deal here’s the new yeah that’s when
you go hey you go to your troops and say I don’t know if this is a good call and
now these guys think they know everything and now sudden we got a
rebellion on our hands yep so now I might have to crush it my
cred the whole idea of crushing seems pretty old-school yeah yeah well and and
as he said when once you crush something well then you got to invest all kinds of
things in it too like hey so let’s say let’s say I bought your company and then
you you know you rebelled against me so I fired you mm-hm well now I got to
bring someone on I gotta find someone that understands your business and the
intricacies your business and guess what that’s not easy and guess what now I got
to invest all this time in myself and I got to bring some some contractors in
there to help out next thing you know I’m upside down whereas if I have just
done a good deal with you and you know kind of let you run things for a while
and let build a relationship so that you actually would want to listen to me
that’s different that’s better yeah so yes the idea of crushing people
generally it’s you’re it’s it’s not the preferred method it’s not ideal
generally sometimes this is required yes sometimes
people need to get destroyed that’s that’s the way it is yeah and when
that’s the way cool that’s a lock and load destroy did you used to watch
football or do you watch football I don’t watch much if a brawny lot is
sold school yes I do think is worthy Niners back in this yeah I don’t know if
this is true but it’s a rumor I don’t know this is what I heard when I was
young where he was like he broke his finger mm-hmm pinky I don’t know one of
his fingers you broke it and you know he’s trying to you know play you got a
play he’s a professional football player so you can’t just be out because your
fingers so he play you tape it up in it kept just getting jammed up mm-hmm
so he just cut it off yeah so it’s kind of one of those deals you know where you
know yeah yeah get rid of the finger but you don’t have a finger but if the thing
is like you know jamming you up too much by being there then you gotta crash it I
heard a story a similar story about volley G volley G is male
you know the jiu-jitsu player yeah crazy jiu-jitsu player great jiu-jitsu player
yeah but he had crazy cauliflower ears like they just look like two two half
tennis a half baseballs on either side of his head yeah and I heard a story
about him that he was just asking the doctor just caught him off cut off my
mouth just get rid of him no use all they do has caused me problems just get
rid of them yeah doc is that considered hardcore kind of yeah cuz I’m sure that
well then again I guess it depends on the problems right because that’s what
well think about what you’re using what do your ears do for you I guess I guess
they catch some sound and bring it into your ears yes but if you’re not hunting
right and you don’t necessarily need to hear super well and by the way once you
have cauliflower ears and it starts going into your ear a little bit yeah
that’s that’s not good either for your for your hearing so his hearing might
improve just get rid of those things yeah I guess depends how bad is come you
know what I’m sayin yeah I dunno what you’re saying yeah you know cutting off
your ears is a lot more that goes into that then a finger I think because you
know I don’t know I mean on a social level you know you get a guy whose ears
cut off on purpose by the way it’s kind of like okay yeah I don’t know
like a little bit next level let’s say you’re a girl and you’re like hey mom
dad my life I have you never thought about like when if you’re in California
no no okay sometimes when you get cauliflower ear
and it’s preventing you from training there’s there’s no doubt that the
thought goes through your mind like you don’t want hey I’m in the game you know
these things aren’t doing me much good let me just get rid of these yes I could
see how that could be I guess but sorry man I can’t get there not with the ears
maybe the fingers I dig the fingers I’m sharing it to me so you can’t there’s
certain things you can’t do if you lose your fingers ie play guitar yeah you
might be a problem Jim yes I keep I keep the fingers more than the ears all right
fingers I don’t want you know what you you’re more sensitive to your appearance
I think than I am aesthetically conscious yeah yeah yeah yeah I would
agree with that yes I think so so you get your ears I’m keeping my fingers yes
like a hammer on that gift box that deal check well that went off the rails a
little bit all right going back to the book a wise man ought always to follow
the paths beaten by great men and to imitate those who have been supreme so
that if his ability is not equal there’s at least it will save her of it let him
act like the clever archers who this is a good little statement let him act like
the clever archers who designed to hit the mark which yet appears too far
distant and knowing the limits to which the strength of their bow attains tank
take aim much higher than the mark not to reach them by their strength or arrow
to so great a height but to be able to with the aid of so high and aim hit the
mark they which they wish to reach no that’s a very clever way of putting it
yeah hey look if I don’t think I can hit this mark I’m just gonna aim a little
bit higher and then even though I might not reach the highest mark I’ll at least
hit the mark I was get where I want to be and did yeah yeah
fully that’s a good way to go through life yeah there’s a lot of that I mean
that’s you know that’s the tactic technique whatever in like a lot of
things like negotiation I say that do the same thing right okay I’m gonna get
you know I don’t know you go job interview whatever I want to make
hundred thousand so I’m gonna ask for like 120 he’s gonna negotiate down and I
get my hundred no that’s that’s true where this thing I think sometimes
people get this out of hand is it’ll be like a sales organization and they’ll
say you know they want to bring in they want to do five million dollars worth of
sales in the next month and so they say okay nice is what way to do ten million
then they set an unrealistic goal hmm you said an unrealistic goal that’s not
achievable it’s basically a meaningless cool so you have to you have to aim a
little bit high but it’s got to be realistic yeah yeah and I would think
you know I’m just going off how I felt right there when you said that if you
know someone sets this unrealistic goal especially for you that includes you you
know we’re like the failure of reaching that goal is kind of you’re partly or a
failure I think he’d kind of decrease my like
enthusiasm I’m so sad yeah you need it that’s why people need to be very
careful in how they set their goals that they set them high enough that it it you
try and get to it and maybe you don’t quite get there because let’s face it if
you said it going you just easily make it you should have said you’d go a
little bit higher you know if you set a goal and it’s not even close no one even
tries yeah so you gotta set a realistic goal yeah yeah I was not gonna work well
yeah and like people will be like saw you at work when people start setting
goals all crazy hmm like that’s what I was talking but well
I was just watching the movie major-league remember that one oh the
first one I try to remember what it was about and they were like baseball is
this thing where they dude the owner was trying to like sell the
team or something but for her to do that they had to like lose all the games or
something like that and if they didn’t lose and she would just replace the
players with other players who would lose you know kind of thing so it was a
so everyone was all down about it in the car so well there’s only one thing to do
when the whole thing you know like that right which is I dig it but at like a
regular job boy it was for the movie too obviously so you got to have an
inspirational story line but anyway at your job you know let’s say there’s
numbers we got a shirt and then it’s like okay dang you’re making me meet
these crazy numbers and they’re unrealistic they’re above their normal
good goal they’re way above so it’s like okay what does this mean now not like
probably gonna can’t spend time with my family okay now you’re gonna freaking
drive us into the ground working and do all this stuff or whatever going against
my interests you know as a human being so I’m gonna feel junk about that I’m
not gonna like that no no one does that’s my point does even no one likes
in the business world and no one liked it a major leagues either well that’s
alright moving on now as the fact of becoming a prince from private station
presupposes either ability or fortune and use the word fortune a lot to mean
like pretty much luck it is clear that one or the other of these things will
mitigate in some degree many difficulties nevertheless Hugh is relied
least on fortune is established the strongest makes sense so when you when
you’re in a leadership position if you got there cuz you’re lucky it’s gonna be
harder for you to maintain good position as a leader you got there because of
your skill and wouldn’t see what’s the other thing he says because your ability
if you get there cuz your ability people didn’t respect you more they just you
just got there by luck mmm-hmm those who by valorous ways become Prince’s acquire
a principality with difficulty but they keep it with ease the difficulties they
have in acquiring it rise in part from the new rules and method methods which
they are forced to introduce to establish their government and its
security so when you have a hard time getting into power and you do it by
boldness once you’re there it’s gonna be easier for you to do it because you had
to make all these maneuvers there to figure things out in order to get there
continuing and it ought to be remembered that there is nothing more difficult
this is a good one there’s nothing more difficult to take in hand more perilous
to conduct or more uncertain in its success than to take the lead in the
introduction of a new order of things so there’s nothing harder than trying to
come in and introduce a new order of things nothing harder than that and
here’s the reasons because the innovator has four enemies all those who have done
well under the old conditions and lukewarm defenders in those who may do
well under the new so you get people that are entrenched that like hey man
we’ve been doing this for twenty years I’m not changing it and you got someone
else saying well it could work better that’s like it’s not a good comparison
it’s not if it’s not a fair fight yeah because those people that are already
know it works they know it works yeah you got someone that I think the new
thing will work yeah it’s a mismatch continuing on this coolness arises
partly from fear of the opponents who have the laws on their side and partly
from the incredulity of men who do not readily believe in new things until they
have had long experience of them so yeah people that have been doing this forever
like I just said you got someone that’s hasn’t really figured out if this new
thing is gonna work and it’s just a mismatch mmm so they’re skeptical continuing those who solely by good
fortune become princes from being private citizens have little trouble in
rising but much trouble in keeping a top they have not had into any difficulties
on the way up because they fly but they have many when they reach the summit
this is a good one the people that kind of get lucky and end up in a in a senior
position in a leadership position they got lucky and so there’s no trouble
getting there they got lucky they flew there yeah but then he says they have
trouble when they reach the summit continue on such are those to whom some
state is given either for money or by favour of him who bestows it so
that you know you see this going through buds actually there’s some people that
were like incredible athletes and they never failed anything before in their
life and all this and they show up but they start failing things and it breaks
them yeah or they’re great athletes going through buds and it’s because if
you’re a great athlete little buds is kind of easy and then you show up but a
SEAL team things aren’t easy because it’s not just athletics and the SEAL
Teams and it’s not an athletic game in this field as a matter of fact I was
just talking about this the other day the athletic capability of of a seal or
of a Special Operations it’s like sure you get some great athletes in there but
you put on a rock sack and hump you know ten kilometers that’s not an
athletically gifted you as an athletic it’s not an athletic skill test yeah you
know it’s it’s not like yeah you got to be in good shape for sure but whether
this guy played college football and this guy didn’t you put on that rucksack
and sort of start humping yeah you can’t tell who’s who
yeah you know occasionally you might be able to you got you you can make some
assumptions that the F that the football player you know he’s an athletic person
but it’s not an athletic game yeah the same with like shooting like okay you
get someone that’s got great hand-eye coordination they’re probably gonna be a
pretty good shot not necessarily though I knew some guys that were great
athletes weren’t good shots and vice versa
you some guys that were great athletes and they were great shots at great
hand-eye coordination so it’s not really there’s not really this athletic
challenge so my point is you get someone that sails through buds because they’re
a great athlete because because buds is more of an athletic pursuit I mean it’s
like okay you got to run you got to do pull-ups you got to do the ops core so
there’s more athleticism involved in getting through buds once you get
through buds then it’s like oh you have to think you have to gut through hard
things or while you’re thinking so there’s some guys that I went through if
they got a little tripped up when they got to the team’s even though they did
not have a hard time at all wind buds they got to the teams they got tripped
up on things because they just they just kind of got in their own way you know
unfortunately good good guys hard guys but you just think man just you need to
think a little bit more yeah dealing with certain mental anguish while you do
other things yeah dealing with it yeah you got to
make decisions when you’re tired yeah you got to stay awake when you’re tired
you got a yeah like all those things oh there’s stress going on and you’re
freaking out well guess what you’re still gonna decide that you got to make
something happen and you got to go do it yeah it’s easy to just go curl up in a
ball take a nap yeah yeah continuing such and he’s talking about
these people that were kind of given luck or bought their way into their
position such stands simply elevated upon the goodwill and the fortune of him
who has elevated them to most inconsistent and unstable things neither
have they the knowledge requisite for the position because unless they are men
of great Worth and ability does not reasonable to expect that they should
know how to command having always lived in private condition so you get somebody
that gets thrown into a leadership position and they haven’t done anything
to earn their position here they’re gonna be any experience is gonna be hard
for him yeah same thing with I mean you maybe see it
now maybe don’t but I enjoyed you to where you know the you know a young guy
or whatever he’ll he’ll deep that or he’ll have a certain body type or I
don’t know whatever he’ll develop like this certain move that’ll be kind of new
to everyone like no one’s ever seen these this system where this snare move
or whatever and they’ll get guys you know get guys in wind tournaments and
start winning tournament something and let instructs like dang this guy’s
killing these tournaments here let’s give him his blue belt brown belt you
know all the way up he gets his like brown belt black belt because he wins
tournament dang more so then because of like his well-rounded yes skill set and
knowledge so which kind of makes sense right I mean shoot it man if he’s
winning if he’s tapping everyone out in the tournament in you know all the lower
belts of course you need this bill makes sense but
later on you know as time goes on and one of the things it’s like okay they’ll
just figure out the move yeah figure out the answer to that move what else is
left nothing isn’t it crazy that if you know the move like isn’t it crazy and
you see first of all that if you know how to defend something you can stop so
if you don’t know it you get tapped if you know it you can get out yes that’s
so crazy yeah and what’s really crazy is that’s
the way life is that’s the way leadership is yeah like when I talk to
companies and I’ll be talking to some leader and I’m like hey here’s what you
need to say in a situation like this and it’s it’s like they can now escape this
position that they’re in yes because they can oh oh yeah here’s what you
should say yeah and they say you can see look in their eyes and then they’ll call
me and say dude I did that yeah the whole team turned around oh yeah big
shocker man there’s moves that you can make
there’s tactical maneuvers that you can make and if you know them you’ll you’ll
escape the position yeah you don’t know them you’ll get destroyed yeah and so no
to where you’re going this is sometimes somebody develops something or they get
really good at something and as soon as soon as some people know it’s coming you
know they can just stop it and then almost and they start losing tournaments
they get to purple belt they started losing journeys yes because I was gonna
say she’s unrealistic in my opinion that someone would be really good at a move
and go all the way to black belt based on that move that’s not realistic yeah
they’ll get somebody will people will figure it out and they’ll have to round
out their game before they get brown belt black belt Yeah right
I was getting a little crazy there yeah for the example but there is this one
and I don’t know the girl’s name but it was is I don’t know that girl’s name but
she was a brown belt but she had been a brown belt like she took her like two
years or so it’s something super fast to get to Brown don’t get to brown Belton
because of if I’m not mistaken she would do like a reverse triangle all the time
mm maybe a regular triangle i’m not sure and then i don’t know then i thinking i
could be getting the names wrong but i think it was penny thomas mm-hmm and she
ended up fighting for penny Thompson penny times beer mmm and you know you
know the new it’s the new girl coming up or whatever
and I think it was Joel who mentioned like this exact yeah that he’s talking
about where it’s like yeah like to be a real brown belt and compete at the top
level you gotta have a well-rounded game essentially you know because you can’t
just you can’t and just like what you said like you you make it up to brown
and black for a reason Brown a black belt you can’t just do it with one move
yeah cuz that’s not what a brown belt is when you get someone that’s really good
they know about all the different moves yeah it always surprised me Dean will be
able to answer a question about moves that he doesn’t actually do in a normal
basis yeah there he knows exactly how to do it he knows how to defend it he knows
how to set it up but he doesn’t actually do that move and and that’s that’s how
good you gotta be yeah the other weird thing is you get you catch someone like
Dean in a position that’s totally new you know just some random and he
actually knows like a thing to do to get out of it right you know yeah and you
think how do you like how do you know that yeah some weird like leg ride
position he’s like oh if you turn your knee outward and then you pinch your
ankles you’ll you’ll they’ll make them adjust and then you can come up on the
arm and you can get out and you’re like wait yeah how do you know that I’ve
never been in this position of a new teacher for 25 years I never and now
you’re telling me that this is just you you know this that’s yeah and he
probably some of these physicians he’s probably never been in it’s like coats
like writing code where if you kind of know the certain like general rules do
things you can start figuring it figuring it out
you know like in someone like Dean who’s like I mean these exceptional yeah you
know but that’s the thing there’s a difference between what I’m talking
about because what I’m talking about is he actually knows specifically he’s not
like hey here’s what would work based on the general rules of grappling he’s like
no here’s what you do in this specific situation that is weird
yeah but that’s just completely well-rounded yeah that’s just completely
well so you’re saying at some point he has had that experience with that move
yes he’s one way or another yeah done it some way or another and he said oh or
he’s done a much narrower approach of what you’re talking about like he is not
maybe not that exactly but it’s so close to these I here’s what
happens you know what’s going on yeah it’s so like yeah similar but not the
same like he goes beyond just having the principles it’s like principles coupled
with experience yes yeah yeah coupled with knowledge yeah indeed yeah Dean’s
mind for that is yes really it’s crazy uncanny you know with that as far as I
kids knowledge and what he can sort of figure out it’s almost like while you’re
doing what you do during the day he’s like in a room just thinking about it
you would think what if you think that you would think that he is sitting
around with like four screens like a YouTube screens and he’s watching
different things at once and then he has some sort of like weird control where he
can dip view different angles and you don’t pretend them but no he has a weird
because I know he doesn’t do that yeah he used to do it though but he has a
weird he’s got his mind it’s just made to do that his mind is just has a
greater understanding of it then a normal person yeah and even an abnormal
person yeah but yeah that makes sense like we you know if you’re if you’re
thorough or thoroughly trained or have a lot of
experience and you’ve been through the pitfalls ups downs you know you kind of
that that light is kind of on for you but if you just sort of lock out well
yeah you know we work with companies we work with like startup companies where
it’s not that the people haven’t scrapped to get where they are but you
know you get funded and you got 12 people on your team and then all of a
sudden you get a massive funding and you’re expecting to get roll into
production or something and and you look up and you’ve got 180 people you don’t
have any experience as a leader yeah and you’re expected to lead and that’s
you know a situation that a chillon front gets involved in because the
investors will come and say hey look we got these guys over here they’re awesome
guys they’re working hard guess what they got propelled in this position
they’re awesome at their job they don’t know how to lead yet can you help them
yes that’s what we do roll in and make it happen
make sense you can’t expect someone to know how to lead if they’ve never been
in a leadership position before yeah can some people pull it off yes it’s not
a big number though it’s not a big number
continuing this is a good one he who has not first laid his foundations may be
able with great ability to lay them afterwards but they will be laid with
trouble to the architect and danger to the building so lay a good foundation
this is another another thing that’s important when it comes to jiu-jitsu
don’t be learning the gogo Prada day for but they’re just so fun people want to
learn that gogo Prada yeah and they don’t know how to do a
straight arm lock yeah that’s a problem and that’s why though right I mean even
like this that’s why I like people won’t focus on the foundation cuz like that
part’s not as like fun short-term payoff type super scenario
more fun it’s gonna go go Prada is more fun well look at that it looks fancy it
looks cool yeah it’s like I think he was Dean’s he was teaching a class and he
was teaching though I got a fall or something like that not for a long time
just a little bit and then uh he was teaching like a position or whatever
this is actually a while ago and then towards the end music
alright alright the kind of like no one said anything like whoo what are we
gonna learn buddy no one said anything but Dean said it as if people were
saying whoa when are we gonna learn something fun kind of thing so Dean was
like alright alright I’ll teach you submission kind of like yeah you know
because he knew he knows like the submission hold is the fun part to learn
in jujitsu I mean it’s far as the spectrum I mean
you start yes when you start yeah yeah yeah because you just you know you think
oh I don’t understand why it’s good for me to lay it this way on some other yeah
or shrimp across the room like what the heck is that’s boring that’s laying a
good foundation that’s what that is yes sir otherwise you’ve got to do it
and it’s gonna be hard to do the same thing with businesses when you start a
business start it with a good foundation so you don’t have to go back in there
afterwards and perform surgery on something that’s already been
constructed alright now this is Machiavellian in a pretty serious way
the name of this one is called or this is I would say this is kind of what
stems some either reputation concerning those who have obtained
a principality by wickedness and I said this establishes but this actually goes
against sort of that standard Machiavellian attitude so here we go
this is one of the historical examples that he gives that I’m actually gonna
read because it’s pretty pretty cool Agatha Cleese the Sicilian became king
of Syracuse not only from a private but from a low an abject position this man
the son of a Potter through all the changes in his fortunes always led an
infamous life nevertheless he accompanied his infamies with so much
ability of mind and body having devoted himself to the military
profession he rose through the its ranks to be praetor of Syracuse being
established in that position and having deliberately resolved to make himself
Prince and to cease by violence without obligation to others that which had been
conceded to him by assent he came to an understanding for this purpose with the
with a Makar the carcinogen who with his army was fighting in Sicily one morning
he assembled the people and the Senate of Syracuse as if he had to discuss with
them things relating to the Republic and at a given signal the soldiers killed
all the Senators and the richest of the people these dead he seized and held the
princedom of that city without any civil commotion and although he was twice
routed by the Carthaginians he ultimately and ultimately besieged yet
not only was he able to defend his city but leaving part of his men for its
defence with others he attacked Africa and in a short time raised the siege of
Syracuse the Carthaginians reduced to extreme
necessity were compelled to come to terms with a gothic lease and leaving
Sicily to him had to be content with the possession of Africa so this guy is is
just gets after it and destroys people and
kills people in order to get into a good position now you might think that
Machiavelli would say hey that’s great here’s what it actually says back to the
book yet it cannot be called talent to slay fellow citizens to deceive friends
to be without faith without mercy without religion such methods may gain
Empire but not glory still if the courage of a gothic lees in entering
into the end and extricate himself from the dangers be considered together with
his greatness of mind in enduring and overcoming hardships it cannot be seen
why he should be less esteemed than the most notable captain oh that he is given
a little credit but then he goes back again nevertheless his barbarous cruelty
and inhumanity with infinite wickedness do not permit him to be celebrated among
the most excellent men what he achieved can what he achieved cannot be
attributed to either fortune or genius so and I’ll go one step further because
this is what I think I think that when you behave in that manner it’ll come
back to you yeah it’ll come back to you now I’m not saying it’s gonna come back
to you the karmic way dude that’s not what I’m saying I’m saying when you when
you inflict damage on people they remember it yeah and there will be a
time it’s in some point when they will have the opportunity to rain down
vengeance upon you yeah so if you act that way you’re gonna
you’re gonna get yours and so if you treat people with respect and you treat
people as you would like to be treated then it’s fine
and when the opportunity arises for them to cross you they’ll remember how you
treated them and you treat them well and they say okay you know what we’re gonna
give this guy a pass but when you screw people over they’re gonna screw you back
at some point yeah continuing on it has to be remarked that
in seizing a state the usurper ought to examine closely all those injuries which
it is necessary for him to inflict and do them all at one stroke so as to not
have to repeat them daily and thus by not unsettling men he will be able to
reassure them and win them to himself by benefits this is a good one if you gonna
do gonna cause damage rip the band-aid off that’s what he said and it all at
once so if you’re going into a business and you’re like okay we’re gonna have to
eliminate some people don’t eliminate two guys today and then two guys in a
week and then three days three guys in a month and three people in two weeks and
you just everyone now everyone’s walking around they’re scared of getting
destroyed they’re scared of getting fired they don’t trust you you go in you
go okay hey you’re sorry hey there’s some changes there’s some reductions we
got to make here it is there’s 28 people they’re going away what’s left we’re
gonna go forward and when you conquer yeah he who does otherwise either from
timidity or evil advice is always compelled to keep the knife in his hand
neither can he rely on his subjects nor can they attach themselves to him owing
to their continued and repeated wrongs so you keep stabbing people every once
in a while every two three days I cut someone’s head off these guys are just
you know first of all I gotta walk around with a knife all the time and
they’re thinking oh I see what he’s all about
yeah continuing for injuries ought to be done all at one time so that being
tasted less they offend less benefits ought to be given little by little so
that the flavors of them may last longer oh so you don’t go and give everyone a
yearly bonus at the beginning of the year mmm hey here’s all this money no
you go hey look who’s goodies good quarter or a good month last month I
think I lost something for you yeah that tastes like but I recommend that with children by
the way okay you know what I’m saying yes don’t give them the big reward you
make them you gotta earn it yeah you gotta earn it yeah keep it going keep it
going continuing and above all things a prince
ought to live amongst his people in such a way that no unexpected circumstances
whether of good or evil shall make him change because if the necessity for this
comes in troubled times you are too late for harsh measures and mild ones will
not help you for they will be considered as forced from you and no one will be
under any obligation to you for them so what are you saying there’s stay
balanced so if you’re if things are going well in your company mm and you’re
like a bonuses all around yeah and then all of a sudden things get lean and do
it no more bonuses or the other hand is like all things are going rough and
we’re not giving anyone anything mm what you need to do is stay balanced
hey here’s the budget here’s our projected budget here’s what we’re gonna
give out here’s what we’re planning to give out it may vary a little bit you
know up or down from there depending on the market and depending on how we’re
doing and depending on what the future look like you want to be balanced
don’t go hardcore and one extreme or the other next we’re a leading citizen becomes the
Prince of his country not by wickedness or any intolerable violence but by the
favor of his fellow citizens this may be called a civil
principality nor is genius or fortune altogether necessary to attain it but
rather a happy shrewdness and this seems to be the most positive thing that he
this happy shrewdness like oh you’re making good this should decisions and
that’s how you come into power and people are happy with it
like that seems like the best possible way to take over
according to this continuing one cannot buy fair dealing and without injury to
others satisfy the nobles but if you can satisfy the people for their object is
more righteous than that of the nobles the latter wishing to oppress and the
former only desire not to be oppressed so who’s more important the nobles or
the people the people that’s not very Machiavellian or it’s not the
traditionally anything consideration it is to be added also that a prince can
never secure himself against a hostile people because of there being too many
whilst from Nobles he can secure himself as they are for you in number hmm make a
connection with your people continuing the worst that a prince may expect from
a hostile people is to be abandoned by them but from hostile Nobles he has not
only to fear abandonment but also that they will rise against him for they
being in these affairs more far-seeing an astute will always come forward in a
time to save themselves and to obtain favors from him whom they expect to
prevail and he goes on about these Nobles a little bit more Nobles ought to
be looked at mainly in two ways they either shape their course in such a
way as binds them entirely to your fortune or they don’t so the two
different kind of people you’ll have with you people that just get on board
or don’t they you know they get on board or they don’t and then he says when for
their own ambitious ends they shun binding themselves it is a token that
they are giving more thought to themselves than to you and a prince
ought to guard against such and to fear them as if they were open enemies
because in adversity they will always help to ruin you someone that’s not on
board someone that’s looking out for themselves someone that’s looking out
for themselves and not looking out for you it’s a problem real problem and so
you treat them like an open enemy or view them fear them as if they’re an
open enemy hmm and then he continues but one who in opposition to the people
becomes a prince by the favor of Nobles aught above everything seek to win the
people over to himself and this he may easily do if he takes them under his
protection because men when they receive good from him of whom they were
expecting evil are more bound are bound more closely than to their benefactor
thus people quickly become more devoted to him so again he’s all about
connecting with the troops connecting with the troops and if they
think you’re gonna treat them like crap and then you treat them well they’re
like doubly devoted to you yeah feels better that’s the expectation thing see
and I’m gonna explain that to you too with the with comfort you know like you
know you can if you’re in bed and then you know you here I don’t know chicken
outside or something or like a chainsaw like a block away or something like oh I
can’t relax with that noise or whatever mhm because you expect to be real
comfortable in your bed kind of thing but you go lay on some chair or sit on a
chair and it’s surprisingly comfortable right you’ll fall asleep real quick with
the people that you billion naps you know yeah like though this guy’s
gonna be a dick you know and then even that you can like just on a normal
social level you know you know we need all he’s gonna be then you meet them up
like a like you know movie stars right let’s say they always play a bad guy or
something like that and this goes both ways too and you know you meet the movie
star in person and they’re all nice you know but you’re used to them playing the
bad guy so you have this weird subconscious expectation then you just
love that guy whatever you know whoever they play that that’s how they are yeah
it’s like subconscious well and but do you think that those people that play a
bad guy all the time when in real life they feel like everyone views me like
I’m a jerk so I’m gonna be super nice maybe maybe but actually you know what I
actually hear more about the opposite where it’s like it’s
good guy you know he’s all he’s playing the good guy or maybe on some show or
something like that guy’s a jerk yeah you know you meet him
in real life means not like that anyway same deal yeah expectations mean a lot
is what you’re getting at you know including leadership perspective and
knapping perspective yes and meeting movie stars or whatever yes there we go
a prince who can command and is a man of courage undismayed an advert in in
adversity who does not fail in other qualifications and who by his resolution
and energy keeps the whole people encouraged such a one will never find
him self deceived in them and it will be shown that he has laid his foundations
well again this is not what people think Mackie Machiavelli was talking about hmm
not what they think he’s saying build a relationship be strong give to your
people continuing a wise Prince ought to adopt such a course that his citizens
will always in every sort and kind of circumstance have need of the state and
of him and then he will always find them faithful well that one’s a little bit
that one’s a little bit halo you know you need you need me here yeah that
one’s a little bit Machiavelli tradish continuing whoever shall fortify his
town and shall have managed the other concerns of his subjects well and to be
often repeated will never be attacked without great caution for men are always
adverse to enterprises where difficulties can be seen and it will be
seen not to be an easy thing to attack one who has his town well fortified and
is not hated by his people again try and build relationships with your people
that’s what he’s saying a prince who has a strong City and has
not made himself odious will not be attacked or if anyone should attack he
will only be driven off with disgrace so thing like if you got a good if your
people support you you can get attacked and you’re gonna drive that person off
that attacks you drive them off in disgrace quick one here that the arms
with which a prince defends his state are either his own or they are
mercenaries are auxiliary x’ or mixed and we says our tillery’s he’s talking
about how if you have an ally you can use their troops right so if you and I
are allies and I’m like a icon being attacked over here you can send me some
troops those are my auxiliary troops mercenaries and an auxilary czar useless
dangerous and if one holds a state based on these arms he will stand neither for
firm nor safe for they are disunited ambushes ambitious and without
discipline unfaithful valiant before friends cowardly before enemies they
have neither the fear of God nor fidelity to men and destruction is
deferred only so long as the attack is foreign peace
one is robbed by them and in war by the enemy the fact is they have no other
attraction or reason for keeping the field than a trifle of a stipend which
is not sufficient to make them willing to die for you
they are already enough they are ready enough to be your soldiers whilst you do
not make war but if war comes they take themselves off or run from the foe yeah
I got a friend that does like high-level security mm-hmm and they were go he was
going through like a high-level briefing plan if in in like a serious disaster
scenario with a high paying client and he was basically had incorporated into
the plan his own family mm-hmm so okay echoes the high playing client you come
to me and say hey I want if there’s a if there’s a a complete catastrophe we’re
talking chembio breakout zombie apocalypse mm-hmm what’s the plan and he
goes okay here’s the plan he came up with a plan and he put I said okay echo
here’s the plan here’s happen here’s where my family is gonna
be and the guys like what do you mean you like your family I’m not worried
about your family the security a security guy said hey I’m not you guys
sure because yes I will be bringing my family mm-hmm and the guys like wait why
am why are you bringing your family he says cuz if I’m not bringing my family
I’m not gonna be there to help you survive yeah and the guy says okay fair
enough right yes hey we’ve got a bunker to go
to I’ll get you to the bunker but I’m not gonna get I’m not gonna leave my
family and then you think I’m gonna defend your bunker when my family is out
with the zombies no the best thing you could possibly do is let me bring my
family in the bunker cuz then I will die before I give up the bunker if it’s just
you I love you I appreciate your giving me money but I’m gonna take care of my
family first yeah so think about that it’s a
squared-away plan right yeah you actually embed yourself inside my family
and you’re gonna be safe yeah I’ll use some of your money to to prepare for the
situation but then we’ll be ready yeah we’re all one team now yeah
so that turns someone from a mercenary into you know part of the team yeah continuing on the mercenary captains are
either capable men or they are not if they are you cannot trust them because
they always aspire to their own greatness either by oppressing you who
are their master or others contrary to your intentions but if the captain is
not skilful you are ruling the usual way just the usual way of being ruined you
know what that is that means you just get hacked to death on the battlefield
that’s what it means yeah lose-lose with the mercenaries a
lose-lose scenario yeah continuing a print ought to have no it’s given his
own for this one a prince ought to have no other aim or thought nor select
anything else for his study then war and its rules and discipline for this is the
sole art that belongs to him who rules any
is of such force that it not only upholds those who are born princes but
it often enables men to rise from a private station to that rank and on the
contrary it is seen that when princes have thought more of ease then of arms
they have lost their states and the first cause of your losing it is to
neglect this art and what enables you to acquire a state is to be the master of
the art so there you go that’s general rules for everyone
study nothing but war yes cool yeah yes it is it is interesting isn’t it I mean
you don’t have to go back that far to where the way things are gonna be is
settled by war on the presenter you can still say that’s true today I mean the
eponymous he fails so you go to war yeah that’s the way it works you and I can
have a conversation if that conversation fails what’s gonna happen agree to
disagree from not agreeing to that he turns into
a scrap yeah I better study yeah now if if one of us knows that the other one is
gonna win on the field of battle that’s gonna make that person a little bit more
apt to agree right yes you know what I mean yeah or agree to disagree
whichever no well the one person might have to agree right otherwise they’re
getting jokes all right so now he talks about how you
continuing on a prince who does not understand the art of war over and above
the other misfortunes already mentioned cannot be respected by his soldiers nor
can he rely on them he ought never therefore to have his thoughts this to
have out of his thoughts this subject of war and in peace
he should addict himself more to its exercise than
or this he can do in two ways the one by action the other by study so he’s saying
that in peacetime you can actually addictive
more to exercising war than you can in war itself so when it’s time to prepare
you prepare even notice well not war going on that’s when you get ready you
don’t wait until you’re getting attacked to start training jiu-jitsu you start
now yeah I’ve had that argument of people that said well the thing is takes
really long time to get good at jiu-jitsu yeah okay when are you gonna
be attacked well I don’t know if you get attacked tomorrow that’s a bummer
but you’re probably not gonna get attacked to him you’ve been getting
attacked in six months you might get attacked in a year you might get
attacked in four years yeah you can be really good by that time yeah yeah there
was an article I think even came across it you might even have commented it on
it online mmm and in the article it was like some things that you shouldn’t
focus on or whatever there’s a man or something like this and yeah I thought
it was a fake article and I mean I don’t know if he was really not but whatever
let’s just say it was real and it was like fighting it’s at fight that’s the
most wrong thing ever yeah and I actually agree that oh I actually think
that this is so high up I kind of agree that this with this statement like you
should focus on this would be a really high in your in your focus in life yeah
and it really comes down to a safety thing really and look yeah it definitely
comes down to a safety thing I’m not I’m not saying like hey just study jiu-jitsu
just study MMA I’m not saying that right because those shouldn’t be your primary
interests unless you’re a fighter right and there’s some people that are so into
whatever they get so ninjutsu that the rest of their life falls apart I’m not
recommending that right I want you to have a good well-balanced life but if
you make jiu-jitsu a part of it it’s gonna be better yes it’s gonna be better
it’s gonna adapt to everything else it’s gonna teach you about other things yeah
yeah and that’s not to mention you can fight if you want and not to mention
Peter attea he’s like he mentioned something about what was it it was
something to do with golf like basically he was saying you have to put all this
effort in and it’s too frustrating mm-hmm
and I said wait T tried jujitsu yeah and then someone else and he said that’s why
I’m not doing it or something like that and he said something along those lines
and then I said something like oh no someone else chimed in hey golf doesn’t
teach you anything like golf hasn’t what transferable skills to life does golf
have yeah hey I’m not hating on golf if you like golf cool more power to you as
far as I’m concerned but you’re not gonna be able to take the skills of a
putt and bring them to now okay well let’s let’s reach here I guess you will
cuz you know you can be able to relax you’re gonna learn how to get mental
focus so that’s good good in that perspective
we’ll give credit but direct transferable physical techniques very
limited limited especially when you start comparing them to do too well yeah
we’re golf can give you some of the same things that that like when I talk about
shooting like when you get good at shooting golf can give you some of those
same things here you’re under pressure you got to focus you’ve got to put the
last shot out of your mind you got to focus on what you’re actually doing you
can’t worry about the next shot yeah there’s a lot of things that it can
help there yeah there’s some motor skills yeah can I cut you off were you
saying what was the thing but I don’t know I was super hyped on whatever I was
about to say oh the article different oh yeah yeah so it was like fighting you
shouldn’t you know fight or whatever and what made it even worse like a lot worse
is the explanation as to why what was the reason why so if I remember
correctly it was because you shouldn’t be fighting that’s why it’s like you
only fight if you lose your temper you know like you know you should its bait
in a nutshell you say because you shouldn’t be fighting so you shouldn’t
focus on learning how to fight or whatever here’s here’s the the ultimate
dichotomy in this situation the more they’re better you can fight the less
you’re gonna have to fight exactly right and most of us in fact out I would I’m
almost tempted to say all of us everybody who is a trained fighter
unless you’re talking about competition you don’t train to fight so you can go
get into fights with me now that’s not the way the reason not even like a
little bit of the real okay I can’t think of anyone
that I’ve known in training jiu-jitsu that their goal is like hey I’m doing
this so I can go antagonize people and actually get into get myself into fights
there’s no one that you’re right there’s no legend
I haven’t I mean I’m sure there’s a couple complete jerks
somewhere out there that have done that but like I haven’t known anything even
thinking about that it’d be like you think that would that be weird
yeah seem like I’m gonna be different when someone’s like a bouncer right oh
you were a bouncer right it’s like oh I want to know how to handle myself if I
get into a fight yeah but you’d rather just be polite to people until it be
polite right don’t be nice until it’s time to not be nice I used to do it
right there even then by no means it’s literally the opposite direction it’s
not so I know how to go fight guys you know it’s more so you know what to do in
the event of a fire now I will say this I have to look at this from perspective
when I was younger like before I joined the military there’s times we were
getting in fights just to get into fights yeah and if jujitsu would have
been a thing I probably would have been doing it I was just young and stupid so
all my friends all right so here’s here’s kind of the but I call it a
dichotomy but I think it’s more like a sure I’ll call it a dead calm it’s like
a catch-22 mmm so like when you don’t know how to
fight like before you take jujitsu oh yeah um same same boat well it’s like
getting in a fight seems more appealing when you learn jujitsu and here’s the
proof by the way when you learned you – you don’t really want to do it maybe at
first maybe at first your white belt or whatever sure but think about this blue
belt purple belt brown belt and this goes up and up the more you advanced get
your black belt you’ve been a black belt for like what 13 14 years there’s
something like this yeah one a brand-new white belt comes in do you want to roll
with him or you want to roll with Andy Andy why Andy’s good
exactly right so you want you don’t want to go test your skills against them yeah
weirdo on the street you know you want to go practice and learn and improve
that you’re like good with other good people you know other people who are
trained so it’s like it makes no sense of it one I thought we were going like
that is when you’re good oh no like let’s say I’m gonna go learn how to
fight then your first jiu-jitsu class you’re like okay I’m not gonna get any
fights you know no saying like that’s what I thought you were going which is I
think a very realistic thing and I think if I was fifteen year olds old again and
jiu-jitsu exist and I was like I’m gonna go learn how to fight I would have gone
in there one class and I’d be like I’m not getting any fights learn this stuff
cuz you never know who knows this stuff you go into GG class and you get choked
out by someone that is half yours or maybe three-quarters your size yeah
that’s a scary thing you saw son start looking around going wait who knows this
yeah I’m not your confidence goes way down when you well your yeah yeah it’s
absolutely true and I was in there man I felt that it was overwhelmed I wasn’t
like like you said I was a bouncer so even at like when you get your blue belt
it’s like that’s when you’re kind of the most fiery I think in certain ways yeah
and so I’m looking around and I’m like yeah you know I could do this but you
know I could take that guy he’s bigger but I could take him like I know I can
but then you’re like wait no I don’t know who that guy is you know kind of e1
wrestler bro what if you caught yourself or you found yourself in a rear naked
choke in a real fight hmm bro you’re you’re kind of done man you’d
be big to become yeah kinda yeah so thing when you think about that you’re
like man yeah just like I you said bro I’m not getting into any fights there is
that so sure this goes even further so this article that you’re talking about
that said you shouldn’t learn how to fight because you shouldn’t be fighting
yeah the actual if you feel the urge to fight the best thing you can do to quell
that urge to go learn how to fight yeah I think he said the best thing is to go
learn meditation no yeah Sam Harris where you at we’re not gonna help I’m
not against meditation but as a as a replacement for learning out a fight and
they’re you know sorry man and you know what I’ve had Tim Ferriss and Peter and
I don’t have to talk about this with Sam yet
that they think they they impose meditation on to my decision for me
right there like that is that hey jock will the things that people are trying
to get from meditation is what you get when you go and you do Jiu Jitsu yeah
like your mind gets emptied you’re focused but not focused there’s all
these things and I’m sure I’m you know people that are into meditation will say
no you’re missing it I’m fine that’s fine I know I am whatever but what I’m
saying is there are some similarities between there has to be because Tim and
Sam all you know they both do Jiu Jitsu and do meditation and there’s cross over
there somewhere Tim for sure has told me that Tim for
sure is tell me that even like weightlifting you know even when you’re
trying to do a movement right you’re trying to do a snatch you’re trying to
do some movement that you have to focus on that puts you I mean you know what
it’s like when you go to jujitsu you come home you feel so good but you don’t
feel good because of the physical workout you feel good because your brain
got emptied yeah you know and I think that’s part of what meditation is yeah I
don’t know but yeah I would think so – yeah it’s like you know overlap yeah
there’s a bunch of overlap there because yes and sorry to sum this up they’re not
a fight right they’re not a hundred percent Brett don’t listen to that weird
article man yeah the thing is there’s a good chance that it was like a one of
those parody whatever yeah I didn’t I forget one even it was on like yeah but
it wasn’t on like a parody website I don’t I didn’t recognize it as a parody
rep website but I don’t remember the website to be honest with you I just saw
these weird things to me it was it was the kind where all of the items on his
little list were like we’re wrong fighting was just the one that I felt as
a man whole thing was just wrong yeah there’s a joke big joke okay so as I was
wrapping up that last one he says that there you can study war you can ask
yourself is exercise yourself in war two different ways he says one by action the
other by study here we go here’s the action part
as regards action he ought above all things to keep his men well organized
and drilled to follow incessantly the chase which is like hunting and
patrolling by which he accustoms his body to hardships and learn something of
the nature of the localities and gets to find out how the mountains rise how the
valleys open out how the plains lie to end to understand the nature of rivers
and marshes and in all this to take the greatest care which knowledge is useful
in two ways firstly he learns to know his country and is better able to
undertake its defense afterwards by means of knowledge and observation of
that locality he understands the ease any ace understands with ease any other
which it may be necessary for him to study hereafter because the hills
valleys and plains and rivers and marshes that are for instance in Tuscany
have a certain resemblance to those of other countries so that with a knowledge
of the aspect of one country one can easily arrive at a knowledge of others
and the prince that lacks this skill the essential which is desirable that a
captain should possess for it teaches him to surprise his enemy to select
quarters to lead armies to array the battle to besieged towns to his
advantage so boom go out train train incessantly
train incessantly get out there that’s what you have to do and now so that’s
the action part and the other part now here now we get to the study part to
exercise the intellect the Prince should read histories and study the actions of
illustrious men to see how they have borne themselves in war to examine the
cause of their victories and defeat so as to avoid the latter and imitate the
former boom listen to this podcast yeah this is what we’re saying yeah read
if you don’t got time to read press play boom get some all right I wish I had
this podcast yeah I wish I had this podcast to listen to when I was 17 years
old when I was 19 years old when I was 23 years old when I was 33 years old
when I was 37 years old yeah are you kidding me
yeah that practice part is uh it seems like oh yeah that makes sense you know
but I think that I’m not sure if you read the whole thing but it seems kind
of even understated because like even when you study something right you’re
like okay I know it seems understated the study part more than action the
action part yeah he says incessantly he says get yourself to exercise of war I
don’t know if that’s on you probably didn’t read it well no no yeah maybe you
know me maybe it was just me maybe I think it’s just so important that that
should be the whole book I don’t know okay whatever but either way you know
and regardless of how but training is so important to you is what you’re saying I
think that actually doing it is because without it you just lose I think you
lose more than half if you consider study action right and you don’t do the
action part I think actually there’s more than enough where it feels like it
anyway because like if you let’s say you haven’t done jujitsu in a long time or
eight or anything you are correct when it comes to sports but he’s talking
about actual going to war yeah and you can’t take a nation to war you can’t
even take a platoon to war you can’t take a company to war without going to
war so yes you can do the training exercises in the field but there is
absolutely a massive benefit to studying what has happened in the past and I’ll
tell you from a leadership perspective like if I was a business person I’d be
reading about business business not so much business leadership books that this
is how to lead but this is what happened in this situation and the perfect
example for me of that from the war perspective is about-face by Hackworth
that book is not a leadership book but when you read it from a leadership
through leadership lens it’s all about
leadership it’s all about leadership and so you can take books that are about
business not about like hey this is a leadership instructional manual but hey
this is what happened in this as this company fell apart or this like you
study those books read those books then it gives you a little bit more of it
advantage but in both these what you really should be looking for is the
dynamics of human nature and you can figure out like okay when people and
this happened inside this company or this happened in this battle people act
this way people act it that way and now I understand them better yeah if you’re
seeing it for the first time just like we talked earlier about if you see if
you know an armlock is coming if you if you know how to defend an armlock you
know what’s coming you at least know to pull your elbow in right if you read a
book that explains what happened in a battle or in a business scenario and you
okay here’s what happened right here I recognize it maybe not exactly but it’s
close enough and I can expect this response from the enemy or from the
competitor or from my people yeah I can make an adjustment and at least not
blind yeah and that’s kind of the part I was talking about where where yeah
that’s right and I think that’s right even the the the inverse where it’s like
okay you can let’s say you study this I know this you know I know that this is
how it works but you’ve never been in the situation to recognize how it feels
mmm-hmm you know in you know you know so like training for war or whatever like
let’s say in your guy’s case where how you would always you say you try your
best to make the training as realistic as possible so that’s the actual action
kind of stuff even just something as simple as role playing you know where
it’s like you’re trying to simulate you’re trying to introduce the action
part of it more so than juh it’s study sure you’re
on it I see what you’re saying you know so yeah so when you find yourself in the
real situation yes I’ll give you a case in point you can read extreme ownership
you can read the Academy leadership I’ll have someone that’s read and read and
studied both those books listen to every podcast and roll in and be like hey
let’s roleplay this right here and be like you know put them in a scenario
where we’re the right answer would be to say hey like that’s my fault here’s your
module and they’ll they’ll say well the team needs to do this and you just think
yourself so you are correct you have to put people
in the action as much as you can because the observation of a situation is not as
effective a learning tool as the being involved in the situation
yeah I do actually agree with you yeah cuz just like in yours in that scenario
you just kind of painted it’s usually well I would imagine you could tell me
is it because their feelings almost kind of blocked their knowledge at that point
in a way yes you know yes yeah so if you’re in the situation you are now kind
of familiar with the feelings as long and for instance you have to learn how
to detach yeah yeah yeah if you don’t know how to detach and I throw something
I should you know how you catch because you know what the right answer is but
you don’t do it can’t do it you don’t do it so that’s that’s an that’s a problem
so yes put yourself put people put your team put yourself not just study it
okay here’s that here’s the here’s what you do you study it and then from the
study you try and formulate a simulation that you can put yourself into yeah
there you go there’s the answer there’s the answer last little section
about this a wise Prince ought never in peaceful times stand idle but increases
resources with industry in such a way that they may be available to him in
adversity so that if fortune chances it may find him prepared to resist her
blows he’s really into in the peacetime you work harder and you know what I’m
gonna agree with him next every Prince ought to desire to be considered Clement
and not cruel that’s again this is not tradition a key of le but then he says
nevertheless he ought to take care not to misuse this clemency so show mercy
but don’t get crazy beep there’s a dichotomy don’t get crazy with the mercy
this is the economy like be very merciful but don’t gonna be overly
merciful you got any balance can be a soft deep getting softy a prince so long
as he keep subject United and loyal on not to mind
the reproach of cruelty because with a few example so he said hey you should if
you’re considered cruel sometimes that’s okay this is this is tradish because
with a few examples he will be more merciful than those who through too much
mercy allowed disorders to arise from which follow murders or robberies for
these are want to injure the whole people whilst those executions which
originate with the prince offend the individual hold me so every once in a
while if somebody gets out of line you gotta you gotta kill them you gotta
execute officer okay and that is actually to keep the people more under
control more so little discipline gives you more
freedom a little discipline the freedom there on that one I think that’s the old
making eggs in exam for water it’s making an example but what he say is a
the example let me hurts one person yeah here’s the famous section when I’ll read
a pretty big chunk of it upon this a question arises whether it be better to
be loved than feared or feared than loved
it may be answered that one should wish to be both but because it is difficult
to unite them in one person it is much safer to be feared than loved when of
the two either must be dispensed with so he’s saying the best thing you could
do is balance your dichotomy mmm-hmm that’s the best thing to do because this
is to be asserted in general of men that they are ungrateful fickle false
cowardly covetous and as long as you succeed they are yours entirely so he’s
saying look people aren’t kind of dastardly but as long as you’re doing
good as long as you’re successful you’ll be fine but he says when you’re when
you’re being successful he says they will offer you their blood property life
and children as is said above when the need is far distant so as long as I’m
doing good Echo’s okay yeah I’ll be there for you bro but when it approaches
they turn against you and that prince who relying entirely on their promises
has neglected other precautions is ruined because friendship this is a big
critical differentiation because friendships that are obtained by
payments and not by greatness or nobility of mind may indeed be earned
but they are not secured and in time of need they cannot be relied upon and men
have less scruple and offending one who is beloved than one who is feared for
love is preserved by the link of object obligation which owing to the baseness
of men is broken at every opportunity for their advantage but fear preserves
you by a dread of punishment which never fails so I think one of the differences
he’s talking about that when I when I give you money when I treat you well
when I you know mm generous to you you love me but that’s that’s different you
know that’s different that’s not like a respectful love yeah
but then and then he says this as well nevertheless a prince ought to inspire
fear in such a way if he does not win love he avoids hatred because he can
endure very well being feared whilst he is not hated which will always be as
long as he abstains from the property of his citizens and subjects from their
women so he said look as you can’t just run roughshod over people and take the
women and take their property but when it is necessary for him to proceed
against the life of someone he must do it on proper justification and for
manifest cause but above all things he must keep his hands off the property of
others because men more quickly forget the death of their father than loss of
their patrimony so yeah firm but fair then he sing be firm but
yeah yeah overly firm he’s saying firm when you
have to be yeah but fair is just as important it’s a dichotomy that you have
to balance that’s what he’s saying he just didn’t write it as cleverly when a prince with his army and under
and has under his control a multitude of soldiers then it is quite necessary for
him to disregard the reputation of cruelty again so he again he’s saying
when you gotta be cool he gotta be cool for without it he would never hold his
army United or dispose to its duties among the wonderful deeds Hannibal of
Hannibal this one is enumerated that having led an enormous army composed of
various races of men to fight in foreign lands no dissensions arose either among
them or against the Prince whether in his bad or in his good fortune this
arose from nothing else than his inhuman cruelty which with boundless which with
his boundless valour made him very revered and terrible in the sight of his
soldiers revered and terrible there’s a dichotomy he was revered and terrible
but without that cruelty his virtues were not sufficient to produce this
effect returning to the question of being feared or loved I’ve come to the
conclusion that men loving according to their own will and fearing according to
that of a prince a wise Prince should established himself on that which is in
his own control and not in that of others
he must endeavor only to avoid hatred as is noted so be balanced and he said over
and over again before this that it’s you know having the connection with the
people and if the people are loyal like that’s the most important thing if they
hate you or if they don’t like you or if they’re just afraid to you they don’t
have that I mean think about it when you’re afraid of somebody and you have
the chance to to rise up and smash them down oh yeah you don’t want to live in
fear you do so next section everyone admits how praiseworthy it is in a
prince to keep faith and to live with integrity and not with craft and he used
that word craft meaning like guile and sort of yeah yeah nevertheless our
experience has been that those princes who have done great things have had good
faith of little count and have known how to circumvent
the intellect of men by craft and if in the end overcome those who relied on
their work you must know there are two ways of contesting one by law the other
by force the first method is proper to mend the second beasts but because the
first is frequently not sufficient it is necessary to have recourse to the second
so look we want to do things that run nice way but if we have to you got to
get a little Savage there is therefore it is necessary for a
prince to understand how to avail himself of the beast and the man again
this is a dichotomy you got a know that sometimes you got to get crit get nots
and sometimes you got a knot it is necessary for a prince to know how to
make use of both nature’s and that one without the other is not as durable a
prince therefore being compelled knowingly to adopt the beast ought to
choose the Fox and the lion because the lion cannot defend himself against
snares and the Fox cannot defend himself against wolves therefore it is necessary
to be a Fox to discover the snares and a lion to terrify the wolves those who
rely simply on the lion do not understand what they are about he who
has known best how to employ the Fox has succeeded the best well there you go you
know can’t just be the brig brute yeah you got to have a little bit of that but
it is necessary to know this is it this is where you get this is going
traditional Machiavellian attitude it is necessary to know how well what to know
well how to disguise this characteristic and to be a great pretender and
dissembler and men are so simple and so subject to present necessities that he
who seeks to deceive will always find someone who allow himself to be deceived
there’s a sucker born every minute so he’s saying you got to act these ways
but you got to cover it up yeah which is going back to Richard the third
hey I’m gonna cover this stuff and make it up make it look like I’m a saint but
really I’m the devil a prince especially a new one cannot
observe all those things for which men are esteemed being often forced in order
to maintain the state to act contrary to fidelity friendship humanity and
religion so he’s saying look those are those the nice ways to act but sometimes
you can’t you can’t keep it yeah therefore it is necessary for him to
have a mind ready to turn itself accordingly as the winds and variations
of fortunes force it yet as I have said above do not deserve diverge from the
good if he can avoid doing so but if compelled than to know how to set it
about so hey if you can you got to be you maintain your fidelity and
friendship and humanity and religion if you can mm-hmm if you can’t you gotta
know how to get after it the other way that’s what he’s saying and again my
personal belief is if you do that it’s gonna come back it’s gonna come
back and I’m not again like I’m not talking about a spiritual karma that’s
gonna come back I’m talking about real life will come back you screw someone
over their time will come yeah you screw enough people over everyone’s time is
gonna come yeah innit I mean doesn’t maybe I got it wrong but so Jordan
Peterson for example he’ll talk about this too right like where you have to be
a good person with the capability of you in a bad person that’s optimum yeah the
optimum thing is hey you you can get you can you can bring the Thunder if you
have to but you shouldn’t you shouldn’t have to yeah this is not quite that this
is saying sometimes you gonna do some underhanded stuff yeah that’s what he’s
saying he’s saying sometimes you got to do some underhanded stuff yeah
and I’ll tell you back in these days I mean think about how much more
communication there is today yeah you do something that’s out of line everyone’s
gonna know it yeah their watch not gonna take them very long to know it yeah yeah
it’s weird man like when you see you know some people they’re just sort of
like that you know and though you know it’s almost like they can’t see very far
ahead of themself or something that like they’ll like oh yeah yeah yeah they’re
just short sighted and they just screw this guy over and screw that person over
and next thing you know they look and they wonder why they didn’t get
hired or they wonder why they didn’t get the contract or they wonder why they
didn’t get promoted it’s like Oh guess what you did yeah and it’s so it’s
almost like I thought like we’ll shoot I didn’t like I didn’t screw you over you
like why are you acting like this kind of thing or why are you treating me like
this like I’m some you know fox or clever
what a crafts person or whatever but meanwhile everyone’s seeing what you’re
doing just cuz you didn’t do it to me no bro we know what kind of person we are
one of the one of the hardest things for some people is they think that they’re a
fox they think that they can get one over on you and and and they just they
just it’s so obvious like you said it’s so obvious you’re looking at them going
hey man everyone not just me everyone can see you and you know what sometimes
people not everyone can see what they’re doing and if you’re and they think
they’re getting away with something and you’re looking at him going man I can
see right through what you’re doing yeah why are you doing this yeah because I
can see exactly what you’re doing yeah youth and the fact that you’re doing it
and I I you don’t think I can see that you’re doing it it proves two things
number one you don’t think I’m very smart and number two you’re underhanded
yeah neither one of those is gonna work out for you because this is not my first
rodeo and I’m watching what you’re doing and this is gonna come back in a very
hard way on you you don’t do that yeah and there’s that there’s varying
levels of that too like it can be like real devious stuff you know it can be
that but it can be like little harmful things too and then and the point there
is semi harm you might say harmless a semi harmless thing yes semi harmless
things but there’s but also sometimes in it I always try and get people to pay
attention this if your underhanded with me if you try and sneak one by me it’s a
trust violation yeah that’s a problem that’s a problem and you know what I’m
not gonna confront you but I know you yeah and it’s even worse you’d be but it
would be better off for you if I just came and said hey echo yeah you know you
tried to slide this one under on the expense account
and you bought you know whatever you took your family out for dinner on the
company credit card mm-hmm and I saw that and you shouldn’t do that that
would be better then Eamon it’d be better for you yeah for your little
plants than me not saying anything yeah just noting it and now I’m tracking you
yeah because it’s like oh my knowledge if that kind of gives me a foot to stand
on so I can kind of maneuver so I can continue to maneuver I didn’t say
anything yeah no and I won’t say anything I’ll
let you I’ll let you continue to reveal your dark arts my cards yes reveal your
reveal your nature yeah our nature is cheating your nature is stealing from me
looking at me like an act like I actually did though I’m trying I think
shoot did I do that right but I’m just saying think about it but the point of
what you’re saying like whenever you’re all this you’re all discombobulated
right now go do that expense report in your head boy when people can see you
but they can’t see themself you know you know how even with like small stuff it’s
all small stuff what everyone everyone can see what you’re doing everyone and
my point is though not every not it’s not always that everyone can see
sometimes not everyone can see and that actually encourages a person to continue
their little crafty ways that they think they’re so good at and it’s so when I
see that happening it’s just so disappointing yeah it’s so disappointing
because you’re not even in a situation where you’re with me because like oh I
bet you know I brought you into my house basically if someone’s gonna be able to
do that to me they’re in my house if you’re in my house and you’re trying to
you know steal some milk from the drawer when I’m not looking
sure yeah yeah like you’re trying to sneak that thing in your bag you can if
you would ask me you had you’d had a case of milk yeah but you didn’t ask
what you thought is I’m gonna try and get this hmm
that’s a whole different way thing chic out
and I’m not even gonna say anything to you he’s gonna let me say anything to
you you can have that milk that mo is worth it because now I know your nature
you know so the torment is kind of a punishment no but okay so Babbitt oh
there won’t be any punishment Brett but ye but in a year you’re gonna look up
and be like hey I know that we got this opportunity I’m saying oh yeah yeah I
took the opportunity unfortunately don’t have room for you the opportunity that’s
what happens but one night you’re surprised when I say people can do up to
you and say you know what they say harmless ways or semi harmless ways yeah
whatever of course even like the teeny teeny tiny
things and we’ve said this before like name-dropping right yeah and that’s not
and that goes be a that’s not it doesn’t go into devious that’s not necessarily a
devious crafty thing or nothing like that but I’m just saying the concept of
someone doing something where we all see what you’re doing kind of thing you know
so you Dame drop someone it’s like Oh Sue’s part of the story but it’s like
probably I’ll see what you’re doing right there you know but it’s I think
it’s hard for us sometimes like I just named dropped Sam Harrison tim ferriss
no I didn’t feel like you did you know then again you did say their first and
last name so that’s kind of a symptom no because I think it the opposite if I
would have said oh well you know I was talking to Tim me and Sam were having a
quick conversation that’s true I think you told me that before too and you’re
right yeah it seems more I guess it depends but yes yes Tim and then you’re
hoping in the back your mind that asked him who so you get to say a lot just to
Ferris knowing to you yeah yeah so maybe but
the point is people see what you’re doing but sometimes it’s hard for us to
see that they can see that you know yes they’re unaware it’s a Saturday assume
that people can see what you’re doing there’s a good lesson for the day yeah
assume that their little maneuvers that you think are all clandestine assume
that people can actually see assume that people are a little bit smarter than you
think assume that you’re maybe not as smart as you think you are
yeah because those little crafty moves that you think are fooling people they
and they reveal you your nature as being underhanded people don’t like
underhanded people especially me yeah yeah all right moving on for this reason again we’re talking
about how sometimes you have to you have to violate you have to according to this
sometimes people have to act a little underhanded you have to act devious or
whatever and here’s what he says about that
for this reason two prince ought to take care that he never lets anything slip
from his lips that does not replete with the above-named five qualities that he
may appear to him who sees and hears him altogether merciful faithful humane
upright and religious so again this is Richard the third and there’s a whole
backstory I’ll give on Richard the third on why Shakespeare wrote it that way but
he definitely wrote it that way in it clearly from that opening he’s literally
doing what it says in this book men judged generally more by the eye than by
the hand because it belongs to everybody to see you too few to come to touch with
you everyone sees what you appear to be if
you really know what you are and those few do not dare oppose themselves to the
opinion of many so how you look is how you’re gonna be judged the Prince must
consider how to avoid those things which will make him hated or contemptible this
is not traditional Machiavellian thought it makes him contemptible to be
considered fickle frivolous effeminate mean-spirited irresolute from all of
which a prince should guard himself as from a rock and he should endeavour to
show his actions greatness or showing his actions greatness courage gravity
and fortitude and in his private dealings with his subjects let him show
that his judgments are irrevocable and maintained himself in such reputation
that no one can hope either to deceive or get around him good advice
it and my guess one of my points is everything that’s so check
this out everything that we’re saying about how people can see what you’re
doing he’s recommending that you act this way but no one will know and you
just have to pretend like you’re actually a good person and what we’re
both saying is that doesn’t work and I agree that doesn’t work yeah so the idea
that you’re gonna be all behind the scenes you’re gonna be you’re gonna be
all crafty behind the scenes and no one’s gonna catch you and you’re just
gonna act with greatness and courage and act with gravity and fortitude and
that’s how you’re gonna act but you’re not really not that way my point is that
doesn’t work because people can see through it and they will see through it
and they might not see through it today or tomorrow but they’ll see you through
it in a week or two weeks or a month or a year and then you’re gonna be you’re
gonna be undone that’s a good word a prince ought to reckon conspiracies of
little account when his people hold him in esteem but when it’s hostile to him
and bears hatred toward him he ought to a fear he ought to fear everything and
everybody so if your people support you don’t worry about conspiracies if your
people are hostile towards you you better be you better take notes and
well-ordered states and wise Prince’s have have taken every care to drive the
nobles to desperation and keep the people satisfied and contented for this
is one of the most important objects as prints can have is to keep people keep
your troops keep the people in the game there was never a new prince who has
disarmed his subjects rather when he has found them disarmed he’s always armed
them because by arming them those arms become yours those men who were
distrusted become faithful and those who were faithful are kept so and your
subjects become adherents now I think where this really plays into from a
leadership perspective is when you get you when you are in a leadership
position and you empower people you give them power it builds faith it builds
trust it builds and and the power that they that you give to them becomes yours
we the more powerful you make your subordinates the more
powerful you become if you have the ego that you can put in check so that you
don’t mind giving some of that power away because it’ll come back to you
tenfold and here’s what happens on the other in the spectrum when you disarm
them at once you offend them by showing that you distrust them either for
cowardice or for want of loyalty and either of these opinions breeds hatred
against you and because you cannot remain unarmed it follows that you turn
the mercenaries which are a character which are of a character already shown
so once again if I take your power from you then that’s offensive yeah so be
careful give try and give people power don’t
take it away from them it takes a high level of lead security and confidence
with your own leadership that you can give it away the more you’re the more
confident you are the more you can give it away the more paranoid you think
people are gonna be better than you the harder just give it away the worst
leader you are the worst leader you become the worst situation the less
power you have you try to hold it all for yourself continuing the best possible fortress is
not to be hated by the people not traditional Machiavellian thought mmm
the best possible fortress is not to be hated by the people yeah seems like a
good start it’s a great start because although you may hold the fortress yet
they will not save you if the people hate you the fortress isn’t good if the
people hate you the fortress is gonna help don’t even bother
oh you built up a great fortress cool we’re gonna we’re gonna seed you yeah
because we no water no food huh can fire over the walls
continuing nothing makes a prince so much esteemed as great enterprises and
setting a fine example set a good example not traditional Machiavellian
father ooh good one the choice of servants is
of no little importance to a prince and they are good or not
according to discrimination of the prints and the
first opinion which one forms of a prince and of of his understanding is by
observing the men he has around him and when they are capable and faithful he
may always be considered wise because he has known how to recognize that capable
and to keep them faithful but when they are otherwise one cannot form a good
opinion of him for the prime error which he made wasn’t choosing them so people
your team people look at you and they judge you by what your team is like hmm
and if you surround yourself with people that are incompetent and incapable
that’s what people are gonna think you so use caution next when you see the
servant ah when you see the servant thinking more of his own interest than
of yours and seeking inwardly his own profit in everything such a man will
never make a good servant nor will you ever be able to trust him because he who
has the state of another in his hands I’ll never think of himself but always
of his Prince and never pay any attention to matters in which the prince
is not concerned so if you got someone let’s think of himself you cannot trust
them yeah on the other hand to keep his servant honest the Prince ought to study
him honoring him enriching him doing him kindness sharing with him the honours
and cares and at the same time let him see that he cannot stand alone so that
many honours may not make him desire more many riches make him wish for more
and that many cares may make him dread chances so what’s the best way to have
loyalty with someone you treat him really really well you enrich him you
honor him you share the honors that you get with that person and then he throw
it has to throw in a little dig which is you gotta make sure they understand that
they’re not gonna get that by themselves yeah he always throws a little dig in
there yeah a little bit he distrust people you know he says it a bunch of
times people are scoundrels spaces Oh important section how flatterers
should be avoided I do not wish to leave out an important branch of this subject
for it is danger for it is a danger from which princes are with difficulty
preserved unless they are carefully unless they are careful and
discriminating it is that of flatterers of those of whom courts are full because
men are so self complacent in their own affairs and in a way so deceived in them
that they are preserved with difficulty from the past and if they wish to defend
themselves they run the danger of falling into contempt because there is
no other way of guarding oneself from flatterers except letting men understand
that to tell you the truth does not offend you you’ve got to make sure
people understand that if you tell me the truth I’m not going to be offended
but when everyone may tell you the truth respect for you abates then he throws
them a little something little counter right he doesn’t want people talking
smack to him yeah he wants me to tell the truth therefore a wise prince ought
to hold a third course by choosing the wise men in the state and giving them
only the liberty of speaking the truth to him and then only of those things
which he inquires and of none others so you can talk the truth as long as I ask
you but he ought to question them upon everything but even though I say hey
well you only to echo you only tell me the truth when I ask you but I’m gonna
ask you everything and listen to their opinions and afterwards form his own
conclusions with these councilors separately and collectively he ought to
carry himself in such a way that each of them should know that the more freely he
shall speak the more he shall be preferred so the more you tell me the
truth the more I’m gonna like it the more I’m gonna like you outside of the
east he should listen to no one pursue the thing resolved on and be steadfast
in his resolutions he who does not otherwise is either overthrown by
flatterers or so often changed by varying his opinions that he falls into
contempt he continues on with his thought a
prince therefore ought always to take counsel but only when he wishes and not
when others wish he ought to rather discourage everyone from offering advice
unless he asks it but however he ought to be a constant inquire and afterwards
a patient listener concerning the things which he is inquired also on learning
that any one or on any consideration has not told him the truth he should let his
hanger his anger be felt and if there is someone who think that a prince who
conveys an impression of his wisdom is not through his own ability but through
good advisers that he is around him beyond doubt they are deceived because
this is an axiom which never fails that a prince who is not wise himself will
never take good advice so if you look at someone and say oh oh that that CEO is
doing a good job but that’s because he’s got these guys with him that’s actually
wrong the CEOs got that good person with him those good people brought them in
and then listens to him yeah they get credit he’d get some credit for that hmm
and you know what’s funny that’s good salesmen she have listened to this
therefore it must be inferred that good counsels whensoever they come are born
of the wisdom of the prince and not the wisdom of the prince from good counsel
so he’s saying if you’re listening to what I’m saying right now that makes you
good if you listen to this book listen to the words I’m saying and you Oh BAM
that makes you great you’re not giving credit to me you’re great if you do yeah
what like your cuz you’re so smart to listen to the earth good stuff that you
taking this advice proves that you’re brilliant right yeah you it’s like hey
if you read this book it proves that you’re smart yeah this is
the only a smart person with this book only a smart person would take the
advice of someone else that’s how smart you are that’s like good salesmanship of
the book do not let do not let our Prince’s
accuse fortune for the loss of the principalities after so many years
possession okay so saying don’t let don’t blame luck don’t blame bad luck
mm-hmm when you lose your principality don’t blame bad luck
rather their own sloth because in quiet times they never thought there could be
a change it is a common defect in man not to make any provision in the calm
against the tempest so it’s common the people when things aren’t going bad they
just kick back they cruise they cruise instead of working and when afterwards
the bad times came they fought a flight and not of defending themselves and they
hope that the people disgusted with the insolence of the conquers conquerors
would recall them that’s a good plan hey if I get her overrun I’ll just hope that
the conquerors are so bad that the people rebel and bring me back and here
he talks about what fortune and again he uses fortune like luck what fortune can
affect in human affairs and how to withstand her I will hold it to be true
that fortune is the arbiter of about one half of our actions but that she still
leaves us to direct the other half perhaps a little less so he’s saying
look luck has 50% 50% that’s a big number yeah and you might go well if
it’s 50% man why even try well that’s it leaves you 50% in control that’s
actually a lot yeah he goes on I compared her and he’s her dad he’s
talking about his fortune I compared her to one of those raging rivers which when
the in flood overflows the plains sweeping away trees and buildings
bearing away the soil from place to place everything flies before it all
yield to its violence without being able in any way to withstand it and yet
though its nature be such it does not follow therefore that man when the
weather becomes fair shall not make provision both with defenses and
barriers in such a manner that rising again the waters may pass away by canal
and their force be neither so unrestrained nor so dangerous so floods
are real bad and they’ll wipe you out but when there’s no flood you can build
walls you can build barriers you can build canals and
then you can control that that danger that flood continuing on so it happens
with Fortune who shows her power where valor has not prepared to resist her and
thither she turns her forces where she knows that barriers and defenses have
not been raised to constrain her so that bad luck if you don’t work that bad
Luck’s coming at you yeah it’s coming at you kind of like the weather right
remember like how you were saying yes like you kind of like extreme ownership
almost situation where it’s not kind of it is straight up ha straight up yeah
like yeah you know let’s say I put a TV outside be cool um you know it doesn’t
really rain much here so it’s I don’t really need to put on a cover every day
you know kind of thing and then sure enough the one day out of the year it
rains on your TV no more TV seems saying but if you were prepared properly yeah
even though it’s sunny you just keep the cover on anyway you know just in case it
rains good one yeah yeah that’s you know to me that was the perfect example you
know I think there’s a majority of people will find that to me perfect
example one last last little thing to close this out and he goes into some
some more kind of historical documentation and examples but this was
a good one so I just wanted to close it out with this a prince may be seen happy
today and ruin tomorrow without having shown any change of disposition or
character and what that’s saying is normal face you just need to keep like
regardless things are going great things are going bad guess what we’re sticking
with normal that’s how we’re sticking mmm and that wraps up the book again a
ton to think about a ton that does there’s there’s definitely parts of it
that match kind of the traditional Machiavelli Machiavellian common perception and there’s plenty of
it that goes against it and I believe the right answer is balance and it’s
more balanced than people think it is but speaking of you know bolstering up
our defenses against the whims of fortune or misfortune you know do you
have any maybe suggestions on how we could share bolster yeah and prepare for
that yeah yeah a few ways up well back to the book real quick in so let’s say
to sort of sum up what what is a way to sum up Machiavellian ways well like I
said the the the traditional understanding and meaning of the word
Machiavellian is a negative it means hey this person’s underhanded they’re gonna
deceive they’re not gonna care what kind of destruction they leave in their path
yeah that’s what people think of if you like I said if so if you say hey this
person’s a Machiavellian leader everyone thinks okay they’re gonna be
merciless they’re gonna just run roughshod over everyone they don’t care
who they step on to get to rise to power yeah that’s the true deficit that is
what the word actually means but and we just gave example after example it’s not
that cut and dry yeah and he definitely introduces many dichotomies to to that
idea that you’re just gonna do whatever it takes to get to the top he talks a
lot about these other more moderate and important things that you need to do as
a leader to did not know what to get in a position to but to stay in position so
being having good relationships with your people making sure they understand
where you’re coming from like these things are not considered when you hear
the word or you don’t know any better you just take the word for what the word
has become to mean yeah what the word means now Machiavellian is like hey I
will stop at nothing to rise to the top yeah and that’s one of the reasons why I
wanted to cover this because even with that even though he definitely leans in
that direction and he he what he’s saying is look sometimes you gotta
sometimes you gotta stab your somebody in the back occasionally and you
covered up to the best irritability that’s what he says I don’t believe that
I believe it when you stab someone in the back that person they may die but
they got a they got a friend they got a brother they got someone else they got
someone else’s you don’t know you don’t recognize and at some point they’re
gonna come and get you yeah so you have to you know you have to
try and balance these dichotomies you have to try and and that’s not even
balancing in the economy that’s just straight up like hey you got to take you
got to treat people you got to respect people yeah and you’ve got to not always
look out for your own good and what I will tell you and what I know the more
you look out for your own good and this is where this is probably the biggest I
caught it dichotomy with this Machiavellian attitude the more you look
out for your own good the worse off you’re gonna be and the more you look
out for the good of others and the more you look out for your team and the more
you put the mission and your and your people ahead of yourself the better off
you’ll end up in the long run so that’s in complete contrast to what the
Machiavellian the the common thought about being Machiavellian is and I and I
will tell you when I work with companies the leaders that put their people ahead
of them the leaders that put their that put the mission ahead of themselves
they’re always respected they’re always they’re always loved by the troops they
always have support of the troops and they always go forward and do a good job
the people that screw the people over screw the team over put themselves ahead
their egos those people those leaders never end up doing well in the long run
sometimes you can do some short-term stuff hey I’m gonna screw that go over
and get promoted because I’m gonna you know fill out a report that he didn’t
you know look I’m gonna rat him out on this thing okay cool I rat you out but
what I don’t realize is that you have another friend that’s with us that’s
that you that’s your peer yeah and now he’s watching me and there’s gonna be
copper tunity for him to rat me out yeah cuz I missed something that I didn’t do
something so if you form good relationships if you put your team and
your mission and you put others above yourself you’re gonna end up in a much
better position than you will stabbing people in the back
and stepping on people to try and rise to the top yeah and not only that when
you get to the top you will be much more comfortable not only when you look
yourself in the mirror but also when you get to the top and you know that the
people below you in the chain of command actually want you there and actually
will do anything to defend your position up there that’s a lot more comfortable
than having to constantly look behind your back and see who’s sneaking up
behind you so do the right thing be good leader yeah key word is good so kind of
in a way it kind of goes along really does go along with kind of what you say
where like Matt so okay Machiavellian way
traditionally whatever could be put simply maybe over simply but simply you
know looking out for yourself totally you know kind of thing look out for that
what you say and what he ends up saying is the best way to look out for yourself
to look out for the mental that’s always talking about these people the people
you don’t get the people so man it kind of brings it full circle in a way it
does bring it full circle and the full circle answer is take care of you people
take care of your team look out for other people don’t put yourself first
yeah if you do that you’re gonna end up you might like I said you might end up
stepping up for a moment but in a long run things aren’t gonna go your way
and even when you are on the top you’re gonna be waiting to get stabbed in the
back yeah yeah always and the more more I think but you kind of turned me on to
the whole idea of the long game you know the more I kind of opened my eyes to
like look at things it kind of seems like playing the short game isn’t the
smart game it’s totally ignorant yeah the short game so when you figure and
you can see it to where it’s so obvious when people are playing the short game
well yeah with everything with everything yeah in fact if you identify
any one of your failures or the failures of others whatever but tried your own if
you identify any one of them you’ll probably trace it down to you’re playing
the short game in regards to that Lucy you’re overweight or whatever you clean
a short game as far as like what you eat what you’re doing physically or whatever
you playing shirt you’ve got what the short-term payoff rather than the big
big yeah so if you can maintain that in your mind I think play the long game all
you’d be doing some good stuff yeah my opinion it’s it’s a weird dichotomy that
if you really want to do well yourself the best thing you can do is take care
of you know your people who’s not yourself yeah it’s an economy but it’s
the reality it’s it’s a nice little blessing that you get at the end of the
day for for trying to take care of people they’ll take care of you you take
care of people they’ll take care of you then to go one step further if you take
care of yourself and give you yourself the capability to keep take care of more
people see I’m saying so it’s like this never ending yeah well if you take care
if you look to this this is that no this is the opposite of what I just said the
opposite of what I just said is if you take care of yourself as the primary you
will end up being in a worse position that if you try and take care of other
people yeah that’s this that’s the reality so if I’m if I’m always looking
out for me if I if I act in the traditional Machiavellian way sure I
might get ahead right now I might step on I might get a short term win here and
there long term I will not be in a better position long term I will be in a
worse position yeah that’s the way it is yeah I was thinking more you know the
oxygen mask in the plane you know put on yourself before your kids kind of thing
so you know it’s a thing but every once in a while every once in a while you can
find something that has both a short-term and a long-term payoff
jiu-jitsu is one of those things short term long term indeed big time are there sacrifices you why wouldn’t
you take jiu-jitsu and I’m not saying like oh you know you I’m just saying
what it what are these in general I don’t have time
number one yeah number two there’s all Canadian we want you once you get past
that one it’s just a whole array of reasons I might get hurt
I don’t like cry I feel claustrophobic which by the way is an even more reason
to do it because you should be trying to overcome that what other yes uses
general intimidation you know that generalization
yeah I don’t trying something new that’s kind of like a big thing Gary
yeah scary I’m scared need to read my key in the Dragons but go ahead yeah
nonetheless if when we see fit to start jujitsu if we haven’t started already
you’re gonna need a key and a rash guard maybe some other stuff don’t get a rash
guard yes cool and then yeah or or at least some mats and a friend or at least
a friend okay okay yeah sure but when you get the key and people yes people
still ask what kind of gear should I get just started what kind of get mmm or
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from beginning to end made in America getting to the end of
the whole process designed by people that do jujitsu you know not by a random
person that doesn’t train yeah not by a person that looked in Aikido D
yeah was and said okay well that’s you know Aggie yeah that’s what a person
that says I do Jiu Jitsu yeah daily and I need to make the best
possible tea I compete in Jiu Jitsu and I’m gonna make the best possible game
yes that’s where you get there that’s where you get the origin gita boom there
you go you’re welcome ten and then we’re gonna make it in America yeah I wish I
knew that before I bought my first my first key I bought from the Academy did
I buy it from the unit yeah how about it from the Academy the boxing club mm-hmm
yeah it’s the worst guy ever and ever yeah and here’s the thing and that’s
that’s what keys are like yes that’s right no I didn’t know so then I bought
like I went and I saw one from a guy a guy had one on that looks cool the logo
looks cool you know when I felt it open yeah looks feels beefy yeah I went and
got mine and it was like it shrunk a little bit too much and it was like it
didn’t fit that good he was like there were some scenarios where it felt like a
straitjacket mm-hmm and which you know it depends on who you are whatever but
it was just so thick and maybe might have been too
small I don’t know but nonetheless no one pointed me in the right direction
that’s the point yes now you’re being told so now now you are telling being a
telly yes don’t want it in a straitjacket no you don’t want to be in
very comfortable comfortable which you are Fung highly skilled at assessing
calculation yes big time yes but here’s the thing in jiu-jitsu if the
key is comfortable that’s a good thing yeah I mean hey if you’re some weirdo
savage who’s like you know what though it’s gonna be part of my training to put
on an uncomfortable geek and harden my mind there was a dude to train with a
wetsuit under his ski was for the discomfort level d’Artagnan
he’s still a jujitsu guy he’s out there he was like Higgs when it Higgs his
training partners Barker today yeah but he’s still out there so is that kind of
like the the guys where the the restriction master whatever
well you don’t put on a wetsuit very often but wet suit ever wet suits are
slightly especially this is this is twenty years ago that that this guy was
putting on a wetsuit and training and wet suits have come a long way they’re
much more comfortable now and much more pliable but back in the day put on a
three millimeter wetsuit it was it was it was restricting your mobility so just
do that and train and be hot and sweaty and uncomfortable yeah that’s next level
put the wetsuit on underneath your orange and be a lot more discomfort
there’s your there’s your answer all right if you’re training for that
yeah I say one hundred percent don’t do that that’s what I would recommend no I
know you wouldn’t recommend that but it is kind of hard core it is hard cry
there’s a certain legitimate level of respect to have for Tartini are teeny
you’re doing that thing that’s kind of he’s out there man did you do to just
strong as hell yeah just sit wearing a wetsuit later
oh there’s other stuff at origin – yeah like t-shirts and sweatshirts and
and by the way we’re gonna have jeans we have jeans right now what we do well I
do yeah cuz I’m I looked I know yeah I know you don’t have you will get some
soon but anyways just like biggie is awesome here’s the problem with Aggie
you can’t wear Aggie to the store yeah ant where Aggie to the restaurant me you
can technically but you wouldn’t do that so you know talking to Pete I’m like
Pete I love I love my origin geese I will ever an origin key around the house
maybe a little bit right I said Pete I can’t go out I need an even any genes I
need something and genes guess what you can do in genes we’re up to the
restaurants you can wear them anywhere you can swing a hammer when you’re
wearing jeans you can pour concrete when you’re wearing jeans you can go to a
restaurant when you’re wearing jeans 14 jeans origin jeans coming I very soon we
will have them available on the website sure Priya where I think we’re gonna do
like a pre-order thing yes because we want to know how many to make but yeah
then we’ll just start making them as fast weekend so made in America uh what
the denim without compromise maybe in America buttons American Way what else
things called that you that you fastened at the top of the visa buttons yeah the
buttons they will brass the brass are made in everything in America and
they’re sewn up in Maine by serious craftsman legit crafts people yeah
American denim then straight up bringing it back bringing it back or gin Maine or
alcohols you’re on the program right back on the program my art like I’m back
in Jitsu my arm is healed but it’s like really susceptible to tendinitis you
know like this kind of especially with the twisting yeah I don’t know if I’m
ready for like any kind of legitimate ghee situation but so after training it
stiff I just pound joint warfare krill or whatever next day I’m like cool but
the day after that good Tacoma yeah it’s like yes good amazing nonetheless but
yes joint more first joint warfare is what it is for your joints keeps it
together krill oil same deal dis
just I’ve been on the discipline you can’t do a little bit you said to me
like cuz yesterday I turn kind of harder than that did you – and you said you
were asking me what kind of jujitsu training feels best
and then you named a couple times a couple different types and then one of
them you said was like a three scoop of discipline day like a the highest level
that was the highest level of good jujitsu day yes it is three scoops of
discipline yeah which by the way you can get in Tropic Thunder flavor now yeah
come on that we’re waiting for a cease-and-desist level for a letter from
from Jack Black yeah who is in Tropic Thunder Robert
Downey jr. and Robert Downey jr. and Ben’s still at Stiller yeah man well
until then I’m Jill then we’re just gonna make Tropic Thunder yeah it’s good
I actually like that flavor very much and I like the you know the cognitive
enhancement some stir I’m do the three I’m gonna try the three and back on the
program and do the three oh three scoops of history scoops yeah I did scoot two
scoops the other day come on oh it’s good like it what day paid off Wednesday
okay what about Sunday oh yeah Sunday yeah I sensed a little
bit of urgency yeah you actually made me move I was pretty impressed that’s
actually the best I can hope for right now but hey we’re doing it one step at a
time you know what we’re moving forward also if you want some additional protein
in addition to your steak steak or sushi mmm whatever you’re you know whatever
your gig is drink milk drink it everyday if you have to okay I have I have talked
about this before but I stepped it up okay so you can also get warrior kid
milk which is for kids it’s got a it’s it’s the best possible thing you can
feed a kid they edited this out when ty was down doing the the the week in the
life of Jocko sure I was like I said something along the lines of hey when
you’re feeding your kids when you’re feeding your kids a soda that’s child
abuse I was going but so I that’s why I made warrior cat
Mon warrior cat milk cuz I have a bunch of kids myself and it’s really hard to
get kids to eat good food because it’s either you don’t have time to prepare it
or you running late or you whatever or so we made warrior kid milk yeah here’s
the thing it tastes delicious here’s what I did yesterday my daughter she was
making her dessert strawberries I said here let me can she usually take
strawberries she puts a whipped cream on it and then she sprinkles the warrior
kid milk on the top like a little dusting remember good we had no whipped
cream yesterday so I said hey we got some heavy whipping cream and I’ve done
this before but I actually got the tool out the proper mixing tool that spins
real fast it what’s it called oh well there’s a bunch of them but the one that
I am familiar with is called the magic wand okay mine wasn’t or though this is
like a no that’s electric he wasn’t gas powered but it’s just like the
traditional thing that you saw in the 50s a little too little things that spin
together and all the eight meter yeah like an egg feel so I’m sitting there
with the egg beater so I put in a heavy whipping cream and then I put two scoops
of strawberry warrior kid milk whipped it dude it’s ridiculous it’s completely
ridiculous and then and then put that on strawberry yeah it’s like a whipped
cream it’s like whipped cream with multi whipped cream so this is a whole nother
thing this might start a whole nother sort of
cultural revolution in this nation from our children when they just are eating
warrior kid whipped mold cream it’s amazing
so anyways give that a try interesting that
yeah the egg beater will the mat you know the magic wand is it’s it’s not
it’s like maybe from the 80s it’s like a it looks like oh yeah you just stick it
in your dress yeah it makes whip you can make like male with or whatever but from
what I understand it I don’t know nonetheless yeah it would have been
interesting to imagine you with one of those because it is kind of a dainty uh
apparatus so get some of that get some of that
for your self or your children yes all on origin main dot-com also Jocko has a
store it’s called Yakko store choco so this is where you can
get more rash guards rash guards that represent the path and put a new rash
guard on they’re kind of obvious ones saying
stand by to get some because it applies to yeah you’re doing some new stuff I’m
is wearing a rash guard when I was working out this morning yeah when I was
F day yeah when I do when I do a lot of ring work
when I’m using the rings yeah sometimes you know you get the chafed going on
right cups yeah it was the straps so sometimes on this particular day and I
didn’t have a rash guard on this morning good also t-shirts shirts on there
represent truckers hats and flex fit by the way or beanies sure
Jack patches on there I know we were out of patches we were okay sorry I should
have done a better job of paying attention to that yeah no no and no it
was my fault in in no not completely my fault this is what I’m gonna do to
rectify I ordered more patches without more patches in at this time also some
women’s stuff on there some hoodies on there it’s basically if you want to
represent the path that you’re on that we’re on boom that’s where you can do it
clothing wise jaw closed or calm that’s why I see it like that’s how I see it as
a whole that’s what it is and subtle representation of the path can also be
done yes on that store you can check it out for yourself and see some subtle
representation ofyou know uh yeah deep no chuckles or court calm and chocolatey
mmm what up with it tastes delicious is completely good for you isn’t it weird
that people would make foods that are not completely good for you but yet most
people make foods that are not completely good for you yes God Almighty
is completely good for you what goes bandits yeah tastes delicious
got a little caffeine little hitter it’s not gonna get you crazy it’s not a it’s
not an energy drink that makes you psychopath makes you addicted to
caffeine mm-hmm no it’s not that it gives you a nice little hitter a little
caffeine hitter Theo yeah well yeah I mean I wouldn’t even say this the
caffeine is significant it’s not nothing no it’s 60 milligrams that’s that’s
lower than a cup of coffee of two thirds of a cup of coffee yeah that’s good yeah
you scale it you feel it yeah yeah yeah but it’s actually good for you yeah and
that’s the thing going back to a you know the short term long term or long
game short game yeah that’s the reason people sell food drinks whatever that
are not good for you because they’re selling to the short game players yeah
the one that teas good with all that the sugars and whatnot you don’t get on that
path no I’m not gonna play that game no we’re not playing that game anymore
jakka white tea you can get it with tea bags or you can get it with in a can yes
I have lots of cans and I just crack them open and get after it
and obviously everyone already knows that you get it 8000 pound dead left
with that so check it is available on Amazon
yeah and the store also subscribe to the podcast blah blah blah don’t waiting if
you do that also check out the warrior kid podcast you might if I know about
this podcast cuz you’re listening to it you don’t know about the warrior kid
podcast warrior kid podcast is awesome mmm I think I think so too
so check out the warrior kid podcast also check out warrior kids soap and
Irish Oaks ranch calm young aid news a warrior kid up there making soap
building a business creating a brand yep but most of all milk and goats and
turning it into something usable that’s what I like working hard thank you right
yeah that’s what I’m talking about don’t forget about YouTube we have a
YouTube channel it’s called Chacko podcast yes yes called jockle podcast
this is where echo puts all these videos he put some
they’re including these for podcasts and including excerpts and including
enhanced excerpts that he goes Oh crazy with his old digital CGI stuff and makes
noise explode sure sometimes also psychological warfare you don’t know
what that is I know we don’t know what that is we’re waiting for a
psychological warfare – but in the unlikely event that you don’t know what
it is this is what is it’s an album with tracks
Jaakko tracks Jaco talking to you telling you telling us really how to get
past these moments a weakness cool in our journey on the pill
lift awake you know whatever we gotta do I gave you and let you talk about that
way I know and you know I just I figured this out border this is what you’re like
yeah like yeah that’s what it is we’ll move on kind of kind of attitude you
know why why because you don’t use that you’re not gonna pull you’re not gonna
play the mp3 of yourself telling yourself I don’t know maybe do but I
don’t think you do you already have that mp3 embedded in your brain or any in
fact that’s what it is absolutely what it is but I do so I know yeah you know
more than me because it’s weird because sometimes I do and it’s sort of like
it’s sort of like the the discipline goes freedom Field Manual yeah I did
write that book but sometimes I have to refer to it yeah sometimes I have to
refer to and I’ll tell you what it’s good yeah it’s good to be able to refer
to something that actually states in no uncertain terms the direction of the
path and where you need to walk we need to move yeah it’s very it is very
there’s a lot of clarity in that yes and that’s powerful to be able to refer to
something back like that you know yet so yeah fully and yeah so psychological
warfare same thing when I listen to it it definitely has an impact there’s no
doubt about it yeah when you get psychological warfare and you click it
yeah it’s gonna it’s get through to you it almost like and I’m trying to imagine
this right now like let’s say okay you know the night before you might have
this problem might not I don’t know but the end of the night before you’re like
hey I know you probably don’t actually hey this is what I’m gonna do tomorrow
I’m gonna take care take care of business I’m gonna work out this at this
time and I’m doing something do this and then tomorrow coming like dang kind of
not in the mood for that so I’m just gonna I won’t do that today I’ll skip
that I’ll opt out of that today because I’m not in the mood or whatever but what
if you if you have like a audio file of yourself telling you hey this is why you
should do this yeah it would bring you back I think you know even if it’s
yourself you know huh interesting interesting little phenomena never
explored that nonetheless good psychological warfare
it’s called psychological warfare it’s on you know Amazon iTunes where you can
get big artists as link artists where warfare 2 is gonna be released to to be
to be decided first track is gonna be don’t hesitate in making psychological
warfare 2 yeah I can play it to myself deal yeah anyway also your path on the
path we’re working out boom go to on it dot-com slash chuckle this is where you
can get more whether it be workout equipment or you know any anything that
you might need to add to your capability and workouts health knowledge on the
path this is where you go go on it calm slash go good stuff on there really good
stuff she’s got some stuff the other speaking of stuff forgot my key in the
dragons book for kids all ages between 3 and 300 so you can get that you can get
way the warrior kid and marks mission to books teaching kids how to be on the
path you got discipline goes freedom which I just talked about teaching
adults how to go on the path and stay on the path the audio that is on iTunes I
was on music google play extreme ownership the first book that I wrote
with my brother lave babban it’s about leadership and that is followed up by
the dichotomy of leadership which actually goes granular on the nuances of
extreme ownership so check that one out and real quick back to Mikey and the
Dragons this what’s good about this book and I was talking about life talking
with Leif about it this morning it applies it to everything for a kid
because kids have to think about it when you’re a kid what are you when you’re a
kid facing the world mhm everything is hard everything is
scary yeah and so you have all these fears to overcome and miking the Dragons
lace life throws that at his son says hey gotta face these dragons and fire it
up you know and that’s what you do you
learn these lessons and it’s a life lesson so Mikey in the Dragons get some
of that what else special on front speaking of life this
is our leadership consultancy and what we do is solve problems through
leadership me Lafe Babb and JP to nail Dave Burke Flynn Cochran Mike Cirelli
Mike bimah if you’re having problems with your team with your company with
your organization with your business and you want to turn those problems around
the problems our leadership problems that’s what they are every problem you
have is a leadership problem go to Ashland front comm if you want us to
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muster speaking of leadership this is a leadership conference event that we have
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5th Sydney Australia go to extreme ownership calm if you want to come to
one of those events they have all sold out and these are gonna sell it to the
the last one we did in San Francisco they’ve all sold out but the one we just
did in San Francisco I had people calling me 10 days out personal friends
and like hey just want to bring three people for my team and oh my god let’s
go no you can’t come we have a fire code we
cannot bring you into the building stop don’t don’t come because you know you
know some people just figure you like oh you can just squeeze me in there yeah
they can’t do that yeah they’re all they all have sold out
they are all going to sell out so go there and register as quick as you can
EF online is live is launched what is that I’ll tell you what if you can’t
make it to a muster or you can’t afford to go to the muster or you can’t afford
to bring 12 people from your team to the muster EF online
that’s what EF online is we the original intent of EF online was to be able to
train people without having them have to come to the muster give them the same
experience give them the same knowledge about having to come to the muster so we
did it and EF online comm interactive you get the briefs you get to go through
scenarios it’s it’s powerful it’s way more powerful than I thought it was
gonna be and I thought it was gonna be good but it’s better than I thought it
was gonna be yeah it’s it’s interesting too because I went through I went
through it and I was like oh yeah you know like cool this is like just like
what we talked about at the muster or what you guys are I must have quite
listened to and then it’s cool because sort of at the end of the sections or
whatever there’s like a little quiz I think the way the thing came out and
we’re continuing to work on it and work continue to upload new modules so like
oh and what’s and the other salute so one of the reasons that we made it
was to was to help people that weren’t coming that couldn’t have come to the
monster whether they were overseas they couldn’t afford it and couldn’t get time
off the other major demand signal was we work with giant companies that have a
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thousand employees said to me hey well we want you to train every employee we
have and this was two years ago and I didn’t have a good answer form and I
don’t like having to not having a good answer right oh you want me to travel
globally for the next six months to all your different factories and it wasn’t
six months it was probably to take three and a half months or something like that
that’s feasible like I can’t just go off the
grid everywhere else not record a podcast we travel in the world to
training people right that’s not gonna happen
mm-hmm so what are we gonna do yep online yeah and so we got an enterprise
with it to where you can have your whole company train it and it’s awesome it’s
awesome so get your people online that’s AF
online and of course one last thing EF overwatch this is us connecting proven
leaked combat leaders from special operations and from combat aviation and
we’re bringing them in to companies that need leadership in their organization to
get problem solved go to EF overwatch comm you want people
that know and understand extreme ownership no one understand the laws of
combat no one understand how to balance that Academy of leadership go to EF
overwatch comm whether you’re a person that’s trying to hire or a person that’s
trying to get hired if you’re one of those vets go and sign up there and if
you have anything to communicate with us we can be found on the interwebs on
Twitter on Instagram and on Boogie EKKO is at Echo Charles and I am at Jocko
willing and finally thanks to all of our military personnel out there for
training hard and for holding the line as always against evil around the globe
and also thanks to our uniformed personnel here on the home front and
that includes police and law enforcement firefighters and paramedics and EMTs and
correctional officers and border patrol in all first responders thank you and to
everyone else out there like Machiavelli says in his book not the one that you’ve
heard about but what he actually says guard yourself from flattery by
demanding the truth especially the truth from yourself and choose good people to
be around you and set a good example by acting with courage and gravity and
fortitude and to study the art of war its rules
and its discipline and keep your body accustomed to the hardships and exercise
your intellect with reading and last but not least even when the weather is fair
in fact especially when the weather is fair make provisions build defenses and
barriers and dams and canals and protection protections against the
rising waters of misfortune so even when things go wrong you all
ready to get out there and get after it and until next time this is echo and
Jocko out

56 comments on “Jocko Podcast 161 w/ Echo Charles: Machiavellian Leadership: Myth VS Reality, with “The Prince”

  1. Jane Doe Post author

    I think 48 laws of power is the modern "prince". It would make for an amazing podcast if he could get Robert Greene as a guest.

  2. Anant Sharma Post author

    Would love it for you to take a closer look into the Bhagavad Gita as well, sir. I think it'll be super interesting for us to see how you dissect it. It's a warrior's manual as well, well kinda. It's about this warrior, Arjuna, who's reluctant to fight his brothers, uncles and teachers. Then, God, who is his charioteer, provides a sermon (for the lack of a better word).


  3. bluescanfly1981 Post author

    Meditation is about self-control, so is Ju Jitsu, or fighting for that matter. In the beginning it's about controlling the opponent, but as you get better, it becomes about controlling yourself as you get humble and notice you have work to do.

  4. russell crase Post author

    Why is it called Molk? Whats the origin of that name? Watch it be something painfully obvious that im missing.

  5. Amy Ross Post author

    Another great one in the books boys!!! Can’t believe we get this stuff for freeeeeeee!!!! Thank you so much!

  6. Matthew Morris Post author

    Drinking game for podcast 161: Take a shot every time Echo or Jocko says "dichotomy." Wo betide to anyone's liver brave enough to undertake this task.

  7. MythMethuselah Post author

    Dude, that art of war comment chain got a special mention. 😂. Tbf the guy took extreme ownership.

  8. Roger Montgomery Post author

    I have read The Prince around 20 times, I first read it in 1998 and have had a copy ever since. Great book one of my favorite.

  9. Jeremiah Duggan Post author

    Fun Fact about "The Prince". It was written by Machiavelli to save his ass because he was against the Borgia's (who jailed him when they took Florence) due to him working as a politician who spoke against them. This book was designed as a selling point that they were right so they would free him from jail and allow him to work again as a politician. Niccolo was more for Republics (which Florence was before it was conquered) than for Principalities.

  10. Gheorghe Vasile Post author

    At 1:26:00 i respectfully disagree with Mr. Echo , a "prince" or a Commander needs to have verry good knowledge and study of the terain , the people who you are fighting and take in consideration their knowlege of the terrain , their habbits and use all of it in your troups advantage(your fighters must be trained in practice and be ready all the time) as you guide them to victory..sorry english is not my native language…knowing where a swamp may form after a rain or knowing all the angles you can have as vision from certain hills and where you should send the sniper..

  11. Chris Post author

    Jocko can you do a podcast regarding the importance of the Indian military units in ww2. Caucasian male that lives on the east coast. I just feel that most americans dont realize the importance of these military units in ww2. They certainly dont have any saving private ryans, they dont have any with the old breeds or helmets for my pillow that OUR COUNTRY can reflect on. Especially with the increased immagration of our middle eastern and Asian brothers that its an incredibly important piece of history that alot of americans are currently missing. Thank you jocko and echo

  12. Raao1 Post author

    I just realized that when Echo agrees with Jocko he sounds like a muppet waking up from a nap – "Mhhm. Mhmm!" LOL

  13. Spencer Maclean Post author

    Anybody know at which point he reads "at bended knee with worn out tool you will pick up the broken pieces and rebuild…" ? Thank you

  14. calska140 Post author

    Absolutely love this, classic literature is my freakish little niche, but there are so many lessons in works of antiquity that seemingly every new generation has to re-learn the hard way right before the next generation becomes nascent.
    I think 2 reasons are to blame for this:
    -people assume modern people and society are incredibly removed from those of previous eras
    -not alot of exposure until they enter University or seek it out on their own.

  15. nodrules2 Post author

    Normy English Teacher: umm so I don't want to offend anyone, but this book is very aggressive.

    Jocko English Teacher: YOU MUST DESTROY YOUR ENEMIES! REND FLESH WITH ME MY BROTHERS! Shakespear on Tuesday, stay on the path.


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