Ivan Maia | Aprenda a Nunca Deixar de Voltar a Ser Criança

Ivan Maia  | Aprenda a Nunca Deixar de Voltar a Ser Criança

here for you now it’s 17 hours and 5
this pyre sling of October 14, 2019
saturday last saturday was celebrated the Children’s Day here in Brazil I don’t know
if other countries also celebrates if not rain here how is my screen the
youtube if everything is ok yes in ok i will lower the rating as
always when it gives problem very well so this live I already wanted to have
done days ago but unfortunately for technological issues was not possible
last week I don’t know if you watched but I recorded several lives
almost every day of the week and every subjects were concerned with parents and children
there are also children the importance of child because it’s because week
last week she celebrates the children’s day that was last saturday
ok so this one since I couldn’t do last week
here I end this cycle although always i’m doing work on it
videos about this parents children and take care but this one is the last to last live
from the series i started monday past her name as you see
bahia learn the only one stop being
child why why do you observe how
this world how are people suffering in this world already realized you already realized
personally here from our poor country not like there are people suffering in the world
have but we live here so we see more closely this does not
it’s sadness depression panic anguish discouragement defeats all sorts of things that
you can imagine and the adults at sometimes sometimes not in the vast majority of
sometimes may be happening to you also
you forget that one day you went dancing and this is terrible because because the child
for example true happiness only child experiences difficult an adult
who experiences true happiness first adult he often confuses the
joy with happiness the adult especially the adult who
belongs to the big cattle he usually thinks that who is happy does not
it is sad that who is happy does not cry why why the adult is usually
so let me tell you something doesn’t exist in my course of my book
fine tune dealing with people I teach that we should never say to
dumb word to someone why not there are good people already talked about it
in other videos and also but let’s pretend we were the
cattle and we used the word donkey right what notes that the cattle think
how are the cattle going to stop for think a little bit about how big k
human cattle when what they say that someone is dumb when she calls
dumb when you speak the person understands when you don’t know how to do math
head is calculus when you have memory problems
when you don’t decorate speak a text where you have difficulty with some
matter so a big cattle of that donkey for them donkey that’s it they just
can see how stupid they are and need them not to say that they
call you have bull if you go like this if you didn’t study at school
if you didn’t do the primary and what about them say you’re dumb
ok now while the big cattle human says you’re smart and
let’s look a little bit when you speak more than one language when you did
college master’s degree the great wall also likes to talk
he likes to use those one way academic background they speak to you
did a mba hey i always laugh because mb / s good for those who live outside speak
the English language here in Brazil we have another name
but the cattle don’t care about that he don’t even know how to speak
they will know the difference when they say someone smart a person
lived abroad studied at colleges in the outside
when the person speaks more than one language of the person speaks well in public they say
we like this smart guy if they drink intelligence so
outrage says he’s the big cattle human
you can’t talk you can’t take it consideration what he says
the important thing is that you understand that there are dumb people
ok we’re all smart just that in different ways on levels
different about different subjects that’s it ok what measures intelligence
a person’s ability is to make distinctions
the more distinctions and to make distinctions and have to have the discernment
and the mainspring of discernment is the useful knowledge useful knowledge
I’m talking about soap operas I’m not talking about big damn brazil
I’m not talking about auditorium
i’m not talking about the sunday of ide the so inside the cauldron of the incredible hulk
I’m not talking about auditorium I’m not talking about little games
Saturday afternoon I’m not talking about that
speaking of useful knowledge the more useful knowledge you put here but
insight you have the knowledge produced discernment and the
insight if widely used he takes you wisdom and wisdom if
widely used it leads you to mastery a ok but it’s not because you’re
speaking said this has to do with is learn learn never to stop voting
or be a child next time at 75 when you were a child
you may not remember that but the that was that child you smile the
all the time you joked when I woke up until bedtime I don’t know
if you had a poor childhood like mine or if you had a better childhood but
whatever way o make friends with facility
you asked a lot of questions a child ask thousands of questions a day because
the child is not ashamed to ask she asks the question the question by
that’s you were happy proof of nothing you were a happy person
if you didn’t keep a radio you didn’t have hate that easily forgiven there
it turns out you were growing up and when you grew up and became
just like the adults around you because because there is a process called
duplication right duplication so you was being duplicated duplicated by
adults around you and with most of the adults only complain all the time
cursed the salary cursed money says everything is hard complains about life
complains about his brother-in-law complains about entering tuesday complains of
January February March April May then you ended up like this too
so i tell you oh learn never stop being a child again
know why why kids have a their only happy world is one who like
i have kids around everyday where children are the best
teachers of the world even these kids today that
parents are destroying from the beginning since parents give a cell phone in hand and
they used team and have parents who they talk if I hear it all the time
how are the children today smart did you see ivan numbering
smart because I thought the today’s children are smarter
Look, she already knows how to move her phone now my boy is a year old he already does
well they already do everything i’m sorry to say that I wanted acquired
if that was a sign of intelligence we we would all be wrong all of us
the children are like parrots they repeat everything they see then to see the
dad do she immediately records 100 a thousand that’s bad record much faster
what is good you can be sure just like weeds they
grow profusely in the garden and gives work you grow flowers like I already
I spoke on other occasions here for you cultivate needs a lot a lot
work now to grow weed weed
need her self contained in the songs I’m saying this because you need to have
children close to 11 you need to remember what it’s like to be a
child and back to being a child you know need to relearn playing laughing at
yourself of the troubles to live a day of
each time eating happily playing having
civil energy energy and have a child have energy
from morning until night even these children nowadays that parents
are leaving obese are destroying the their hearts are clogging their lives
her soda that left us watching television was tv inside the
malwee’s cell phone room don’t talk with them don’t have time for them
even these kids these days are still children are well below the
that formerly because so full of anxious anxious problems you buy
buy as against time and try buy buy buy buy mall
center shopping center shopping center they have almost no children who don’t
have life just have it life has not nothing more is a mall in the
same year good kids have child that her only ride said
and it’s just to buy buy buy against buys this jenna a serious picture of
suicide depression and everything else that we’ve talked about in other videos on
I’ll keep talking but today I I want in two texts for you to see two
texts that I separated that I think beautiful one of them is called teeth
of lion you know inside the lion is that she had to be was full of hair
said if you blow look I don’t know the author of this text
so need right now she’s not mine when you look at the dandelions and see the
wheel I see weeds and invading the yard my children come flowers to the
mom and only own white bunge thinking in a desire of the old beggar oil that
smile me i only see a dirty person who probably wants money so me
I push my children away, but someone comes smile at them and smile back
when I listen to a song I like it but I can’t sing and don’t have the rhythm
so I sit down and just listen to my children however feel downcast and
dance sing and if you don’t know the lyrics invent one for themselves when I
pray I say have you sir concept I miss that from him that from me mine
children mean goodbye though thank you for same toys and my
friends please keep away the our dreams tonight i haven’t yet
I want to die you would miss my mom and dad when a puddle of
mud i go around i see dirty shoes and rugs
muddy my children however always if there are dams in them to build a river
comics to use and pets to play
I just wanted to know if the children were given to teach or to
we learned from them I recommend that you appreciate the
little things in life that one day you will look back and will find that
they were great things and lastly say the text
I wish you dandelions and also some wool puddles
I always liked to tell myself but I I’ve seen many videos about risk many
slides that presents in classes in schools while families about this text is
fantastic because the way children see things completely different
everyone why the happy child for that’s what the child has an article that
almost no adult human has it’s called inner peace
the children have peace and see that interesting the same the kids that
they were sexually molested or beaten or abandoned always the
their brain finds a way to block that at times and some
occasion occasions although have a look sad
they can have fun because the child has it inside her
maybe that’s why jesus when he was in his ministry of the earth
the children wanted his life the disciples hold him radio with them
said let them come to me and when he was around them he looked at them
for adults said verily I say unto you, if you do not
vote to be like them you will not see the kingdom of heaven why
will it be right because the child is pure while you hate the child endures while
you wall the child smile while you keep saying you’re tired
tired I’m tired exhausted food the child always has energy for more
things while you identify thinking about
debts or amaudson of your own life the child inside and sleep while you
is afraid and proud to tell people people you are afraid
the child is afraid she will quietly to your room and she
says it has even while you hold the cry and stay there becoming a stone
walking without bitter feelings dying depression dying of anger and
heartache destroying his organs the child it just rains the channel is with
Rafael shows that there are only a few differences
now there are adults that they want turn children into adults
they want a 10 year old has the same mindset of a person of 30 and
40 is full of father and mother is like this but you
should not be so you should enjoy still enjoy this river than one day
you will die and you will not be warned besides leaving another text here for
you I separated to not forget me
it is a story attributed to albert einstein claim certain legend tells that
two kids were skating on top from a frozen lake
it was a cold cloudy afternoon and the children played without concern
suddenly the ice broke and one of the children fell into the water
the other child selling his little friend drowning under the ice caught a
stone began to strike the ice with all the forces
managing to break in and save your friend when the firefighters arrived and
saw that it had happened asked the boy how did you
managed to do that it’s impossible that you have broken the ice with this
stone your hands are so small and weak this instant appeared in 12
said i know how you got it all asked how the old man answered no
there was no one around him to say that he no
would be able this is another and this is another attribute of children to children
believe they are capable why they are capable right is
written in the bible everything is possible to that who believes is written also I can all
in him who strengthens me everything the word everything was absolute everything
happens because adults and savvy first don’t believe them
believe following everything it is possible that fall into the sky
only just saying from heaven knows it’s ovarian rain and lightning in other things
don’t fall from the sky understood you will have to delay are you
that I have to believe you have to believe the child believes the
creed child even use it against she often pedophiles are these
macabre ideologies taught today catch up on youtube junk channels
the hideous tv shows in the silos so the child and gullible this is used
against her but when she speaks learn never stop being
child is for you too have faith is for you believe more in yourself you
believe more in god for you believe it’s worth being alive
understand then learn never to stop back to being a child you need
says you will live much longer and will have lived in all these years I
I assure you it’s worth you there are children around you
do you live with children congratulations learn from them
note that learning from them does not worry so much about yours in your empathy and
you want to teach how to learn from them watch the children
see how they act even with regard to nature in them
we need it you need it to live is to be alive to thank
that word is cursed thank learn from your children face time with
your children spend time with their children
learn from them see what the action is like understood in movie theaters also more learn
with them you will see how a lot of thing in your life changes when you pass
to pay attention to that kind of thing and I can’t help saying to
you the purity of the record answer a child has to had a
father who every day and talked to his son 3 year old son you love me and the boy
said i love you dad a lot another day of talking a son do you love me
and I answered the sympathy a lot one day to screw
he said like that because you love me son the boy simply answered why
you love me so much that i love you from back is that too for kids
English like that because you love me love me so much that i have is also simple or is it
simple kids are like this see the kids
ask all the time I’m with my daughters the car mostly the
small all she asks she has six years
the plates that such thing and then I went that is the such a thing explains all the time and the
albert einstein’s work when it was already famous as a story to him
about it from a friend of his told he the following why he wasted time
being so famous for giving you three hours for a sophomore girl
primary he teaches math class all free day for her
he answered like that if you only knew every question she asks me
only the child she doesn’t ask invested the adult who asks question in
brasilia the child is not our beach is natural
the questions wells up inside her love your children take the others
people also help the child doesn’t help whoever it is is always ready to
reach out you definitely need to learn to
never stop being a child if you do that your life will be
fantastic are you sure well closing it here this is much more
reduced than the others she just to finish this mission tomorrow has more
light tomorrow start and the videos begin about other subjects and there’s a lot
good surprise you have no idea of ​​the surprises that
I have saved for you here from channel
if you are not subscribed still enjoy now write by clicking
you who think of the explanations comments for me time to close the video now I
and he gets recorded comments to me what you found
have children following them closely you also learn from them that being
learning from children if they understand the that I said you agree you disagree
write there I’ll be happy always happy to see the comments
I do this a number of times a day in the river
share with people you think who may benefit from this kind of
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you who watched live we are there with 340 people thank you
you who will watch later ending now 17 hours 27 minutes
this Monday the 14th of October 2019 long days beautiful nights for you
all the happiness in the world a big kiss

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