Hello folks! Sorry I didn’t update my channel like before. I don’t feel well these days because of a little bit of a headache. I don’t think I get the coronavirus. Maybe I have been self quarantined at home too long. Help Me! I am getting MAD! Today we have breaking news about the coronavirus in China! Again!. That’s an increase of 15,152 confirmed cases and 242 death from the previous day. That’s insane! I know that they haven’t been telling the truth. But this death number in one day is too much. The reality may be beyond our imagination. There is a research report issued by scientists at Imperial College London. The team estimates that 1.3% of the population of Wuhan currently had the infection on January 31st. That’s more than 180,000 people. And about 5 million people escaped out of Wuhan before the city was lockdown. According to the information I have collected from the Chinese medic chat group and other social media, it shows that the virus doesn’t act like a common virus like flu. The flu virus will attack a human’s nose, throat before it reaches to lungs. People will have symptoms like water nose, cough, sore throat, fever, etc, at the very beginning! But the coronavirus travels around those parts and attack lungs directly! According to the report issued by Chinese scientists recently, the virus may have an incubation period of up to 24 days. Although the medium incubation period is 3 days. And in that time, people show no symptom but can infect others. But once people have those symptoms, l ike fever, cough, heavy breath, that means it’s too late. And for some reason we haven’t known yet, the virus may cause chain affection like a sudden heart attack. That may explain why a few people just fell to the road while they were walking in my previous videos. Is it a bio-weapon? There are some rumors. Because there is the most advanced virology lab in Wuhan. But I have no evidence. And about the video leaks in Wuhan, there is not much recently. Is the chaos Over? I don’t know. Maybe that’s because the situation is getting better and better. Supplies and medic teams have been sent to Wuhan every day. And new hospitals are built. Or Because they cut off the internet in those severe epidemic areas. I am worried about my family. Tomorrow I will go to Walmart to stockpile some cans and foods before it’s too late. Wish me luck.


  1. A T Post author

    Please keep posting. We want you to be healthy. Many of us are sharing the videos you post to many people. Take care Prism Coffee.

  2. A Post author

    Vietnam quarantines 10,000….

  3. learrus Post author

    Oh good to hear your voice and know you were not kidnapped, and actually did just upload a video highlighting the nicer parts!

  4. learrus Post author

    Make sure you get lots of rice, it's cheap and fills your belly, so you can make two meals from one can of food instead of one, by adding some rice to it; that way your canned food will last longer and you can help keep hunger away more!

    We are all cheering you on!

    Xiangguo Qiu is a doctor who worked here in Canada at our bioweapon lab, then she was kicked out for a 'policy breach'; from what I read that breach was safety protocol not being followed properly; THEN SHE GOT A JOB AT THE WUHAN LAB TRAINING SAFETY PROTOCOL…

    I've read also that patient zero went INTO the seafood market, and was not infected BY the sea food market, but rather infected the sea food market.

    It's all too obvious! Plus PhD scientists are analyzing the genome and uploading angry youtube videos about how it's clearly a human creation and not the product of evolution!

  5. The Not It Factor Post author

    To me it's starting to look like a man made bio weapon with the intent of creating mass hysteria within China and anger against the ccp to overthrow it. If I'm right we should watch the political aspect of this and see it change as a result of this virus. China is a superpower and pretty much every western country is in debt to China and yet they have no ability to manipulate the power structure within China because it's not a democracy and does not abide by democratic laws or treaties etc. Other countries can't put sanctions on China because of it, but if it becomes a democracy they can.

    I believe it's all about power, money and control and they can't just send troops in there the west will lose because china is too powerful and has powerful allies so how do u overthrow a government? You get the people within that system to do it for you by creating so much fear and chaos and hatred towards the system that the people literally cry out for change.

    This is my theory and i hope i am wrong.

  6. Jim Jekyll Post author

    Take care of you, most likely you might survive the infection, but Im not so sure about the "treatment" by "your" government!

  7. Jim Jekyll Post author

    BTW Would you be able to verify this clip from "alternative media" in the US?
    Possibly it could be also desinfo, as part of some sort of "clandestine warfare" (in order to provoke unrests maybe? After all, Steve Bannon is a personal friend of Trump and also the "mastermind" behind this "truther network"!)


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