Island Fever — Hawaii VLOG #4 [4K]

[Music] [Music] oh hi y’all day here we go if the windows remind me of that South Park episode was the ghost was a girl’s we’re going to California way to find some Internet [Music] I parked but I don’t think I can get up from this side welcome to Hawaii why am i carrying everything then because I’m the cameraman come on you’re only carrying a couple of stuff I’m only feeling a little sick so I’ll carry everything it’ll make me feel better but I’m kidding dude what can I keep all that these are great though that’s good oh forget the fiction look at this beach well she made the mistake when she married me so the sand here is pretty unbelievable it’s like powder I’m the ocean of amazing [Applause] little bit cold though oh it’s a little bit cold those Islands are one mile away so that probably means I can fly there this can be a good spot for taking off you’re not supposed to pick up from the beach I try to take a from a place where there’s no one that’s good that over there is even better this place has a pool we’re right next to the ocean the oceans right there in front of that house and this one has a pool and says I’m fabulous inside which is of course what she said mmm delicious I should back up putting on my swimming trunks well if you’re gonna get to know each other am i right we have to get to know each other fully – no lawyer hello everyone’s vlogging good it’s good good looking at let’s go alright it’s time to fly you know what I want I want a password on my drone DJI I like to be able to lock my drone and you can only unlock it with a password or touch ID right first let’s update looks like a dial-up modem do you think I can fly there doing its wind a little windy a little scary and that’s how I like [Applause] and by the island and I’m kind of shaking right now want to fly back you backward there’s lineup [Music] well [Music] [Music] says 13 miles per hour wind Marik still flew as if there was nothing happening maybe I got a warning once or twice and that was it I gotta tell you that I was very excited did you watch me flying all the way to that Island out did you that’s making a SAS dolphin sandal where’s the sand dolphin mouth you dolphin you whale have you I’m in BA yeah i’ll mba up boy yep here we go silly planet but what are you say boss hey Luke Ricky hello [Music] someone’s killing their car look at that Oh Oh smells horrible Wow he’s okay yeah yeah let me show you how I record this song you hear in these vlogs I have the Sennheiser lavalier mic and I use metal recorder and place it here we can see Matic Hawaii theme – and then I wait for everyone to be quiet in the Lego highly complicated system as you can see today’s blog is short but sweet but not sure when it comes to home further away I screwed my joke it was kind of nerve-racking because immense doesn’t thing please go ahead and take I misspoke on her blog which there was super serious competition we came to Hawaii actually to answer this competition and we answered and in the mail thought I warm gold medal and in the female competitor but she warned we all met and this is a one of the toughest most discipline required force out there I think it’s a big part of it as a mental game yeah how about where you are here yeah I’ve been reading the comments Mellon office reading the comments like shoulders to the pieman well basically this so nice thank you all so much for next time I have ever seen it agree it completely a brand new YouTube experience for me and really glad and we’re doing this because we didn’t plan do blogging while we were here that’s why I didn’t bring home normal well that’s why I didn’t bring anything I just thought I was going to fly left and right every day and I put together a video at the end just like I did with iPhone 6 video set I think it adds a nice amateurish more more genuine feeling to it it’s not much animatic it’s more human I think it captures a human face weird shaky you may make you dizzy but it still there’s something to it that I like Donald lights no Mike no mapping the camera is just a point to shoot for the rx100 months for and we just go around and they’ll hear me now I are no makeup which are usually wear a lot so thanks to the comb at this this is the comment I think is from rich cave I’m loving this series of vlogs from you Bay laid-back yet confirma awesome footage with thematic nice I also love that loud as to look for birthday we’re going to take a bite out of Fez banana [Music] that was a real risk though the real reaction I didn’t know he was going to do that I didn’t know I was gonna do it but how many I wonder that they were washed in you they were what yeah I didn’t wanna be computed really that it was horrible at the banana peel I know a banana peel tastes like because because I’ve eaten bananas and sometimes get so I knew that it was like sucking the moisture out of his mouth juice and that’s what we drink what is this this is water to enemies water I was because I was feeling not so good earlier today and I don’t want to like drink anything that’s not water or ice cream yeah first day was mimosas with Martina – orange is a viable and after drinking that editing was a little bit and they say could be the same thing it was the same thing is a third day it was just greedy and now I know it’s one which we don’t like to keep up on the most day but we don’t drink very often well thank you very much for watching this book and I hope you enjoyed it please hit that subscribe button I wish I was good with this our here on screen hit that subscribe button and join the world every game so it’s really good and I’ll be with you the next time take really good care of yourself and whore Chiklis and thank you for awesome comment

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