Is this Memory Foam Bed Right for You? | Novosbed Mattress Review (2019)

Is this Memory Foam Bed Right for You? | Novosbed Mattress Review (2019)

– Hey everyone, Keith from Tuck here. Today we’re going to be testing
the Novosbed mattress which is a more traditional
memory foam option. It’s affordable and it’s available both in Canada and the United States. How does it stack up against Tuck’s test? Keep watching to find out. (upbeat music) Helping us test the Novosbed mattress is lightweight sleeper, Elizabeth, average weight sleeper, Charles, and heavyweight sleeper, Mari. To unbox the Novosbed mattress, first take the box into
its intended destination, grab a friend, as it is
a bit bulky and unwieldy for one person to do alone, and open it up. Once you cut the plastic off, give the Novosbed about 24 to 48 hours to full expand and you’ll be ready to go. The Novosbed mattress is
an 11-inch memory foam bed that comes in three firmness options, soft, medium, and firm. Today we’re testing the medium. The cover is made from a stretch- knit Tencel and is washable. The comfort layers consist of one inch of an airflow poly foam,
one inch of four pound, high-density Viscoelastic memory foam, and two inches of four
pound Visco memory foam. The support core consists of seven inches of high density poly foam. It’s also worth pointing out that Novosbed uses higher
density Viscoelastic foams, than a lot of other direct-to-consumer beds at this price point. Novosbed comes in three firmnesses. Today we’re testing the medium, which sits at about a five
on the firmness scale. The Novosbed has a
traditional memory foam feel. It’s conforming and slower to respond. This bed will feel like you’re sleeping in versus on a mattress. A unique feature of the Novosbed is if a sleeper finds it too soft or firm, Novosbed will send out a free comfort plus layer to adjust to their ideal firmness. We test support by looking
at the spinal alignment of each of our three sleepers
when sleeping on their side. As you can see the Novosbed preformed well for light, average, and
heavy weight sleepers, although best for average weight sleepers. We do recommend that heavier sleepers go for the firmer option, as it’s going to provide more
support which they’ll need. We test motion isolation using a glass of water and our
heavier weight sleeper, Mari moving around on the
opposite side of the bed. As you can see the Novosbed performed very well in our motion isolation test. That glass of water barely moved as Mari flops around the
other side of the bed. Our edge support testing found the Novosbed to perform fair. Taking a look at each of our sleepers sitting on the edge of the bed, you’ll notice fairly significant sinkage. When looking at each of our sleepers sleeping on their back close
to the side of the bed, there’s some sinkage more-so for our heavy weight sleeper Mari. Using our 2D and 3D pressure mapping tools, we’re able to tell how much pressure relief sleepers should
experience with each mattress. Taking a look at all three sleeping positions across all sleeper weights, we found that the Novosbed
provides good pressure relief. If you take a look at our
lighter weight sleeper, Elizabeth, there is some pressure exerted on the shoulders and hips. Same with our average
weight sleeper Charles. We found less pressure exhibited on each sleeper on their back and stomach. Now let’s take a look at
temperature neutrality. Similar to other memory foam beds, the Novosbed mattress
can retain body heat, but it’s slightly better due to the open cell airflow
technology and the use of poly foam in its initial layer. Now let’s check in with
our mattress testers. So Elizabeth what’d you
think of the Novosbed? – I liked it, I felt like
it was firm initially, but the longer that I was
laying in it, it softened up. – I liked it, it’s a little soft for me being a little heavier, but overall it’s pretty comfortable. – It’s a pretty nice bed. I wasn’t expecting it to
be as supportive as it is. – I usually sleep on my back, and I usually have to put
a pillow under my knees, but this bed I didn’t feel
the need for a pillow. – You can look at a bed
sometimes when you move and you can see how the other side of the bed equates for it, and with this there’s nothing
happening right there. And I’m right here I’m bouncing, and it stops here. – [Keith] Let’s take a look at how the Novosbed stacked up
in Tuck’s mattress test. The Novosbed has a
traditional memory foam feel. You’re going to feel like you
sink in to the mattress, versus floating on top of it. It’s very conforming which
helps with pressure relief, and is a slower response mattress. For support the mattress was good for light and heavy weight sleepers, and very good for average weight sleepers. The motion isolation on
the Novosbed is very good, while the edge support is fair, which is on par with other
memory foam mattresses. Pressure relief was good
across all sleeper weights. Lastly temperature neutrality
on the Novosbed was good. If you prefer a bouncy, more
traditional inner spring feel, this all foam bed is probably
not going to suit you. We recommend this bed for couples, especially because of the
really strong motion isolation, as well as the pretty solid edge support for an all foam mattress. This mattress will work
great for side sleepers, because of the memory foam feel and kind of the sinkage that you’ll get. We also recommend this bed for folks who want multiple firmness options. A lot of the online
direct-to-consumer beds will only come in a
universal comfort firmness, so one size fits all, but Novosbed has three firmnesses. Novosbed is really
good about making sure to work with you to adjust the firmness using their comfort plus system, if you don’t like the firmness that you selected upon ordering. Here’s some additional information if you’re considering buying
the Novosbed mattress. It comes with 120 night sleep trial, ships free, and comes
with a 15 year warranty. For up-to-date pricing and discounts available exclusively to Tuck readers, check out the written review on That’s it for this review. Please give us a like or subscribe to our channel if you found this helpful. Visit for the
full written review, and to continue your sleep search. If you have any questions
about the mattress, or want a personalized recommendation, go ahead and leave a comment below and we’ll get back to
you as soon as we can. Sleep tight!

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  1. phil rutan Post author

    Me n gf of 14 yrs yes hav slept on couch a good 10 yrs. We got a bed last yr and lost everything n a flood n mannington WV..starting over has been hard…i enter so many sweeps and bed sweeps 3 yrs straight almost and not 1 win lol.prayinh I hav neighbor said yalls beds r amazing

  2. lorraine bromley Post author

    This Memory Foam Bed Is Very Right for Me. I have arthritis so I think this would prove to be beneficial for easing my joint discomfort.

  3. Michael Rockwell Post author

    Good thorough review. I really like to soft top coupled with the firm foundation providing comfort and support along with allowing your partner to move without waking you.

  4. Courtney Garvin Post author

    My current mattress is like sleeping on a concrete slab!
    This looks very inviting!

  5. House Of Caleb Fashion Designs W Post author

    I keep leaving comments but I'm not getting credit for that action 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  6. Judy Thompson Post author

    wow me and my hubby could reallyuse this my hubby had 2 steel rods in his back and 8 screws and his back hurts a ll the time and Im so bad in pain this would be Great to WIN Thank you for the chaance to WIN this fab Mattress <3 again Thanks for the chance <3

  7. Terri Shaw Post author

    I like it is pretty even on pressure points. And I love the idea that you feel like your sleeping in the mattress instead of on it.

  8. Kim Tanti Post author

    I love the fact that you sink into the mattress. Also that both sides of the mattress does not move when my hubby is flipping around. I am not a good sleeper then I have him waking me up as well.

  9. willitara Post author

    Although I initially thought the Novosbed mattress might not be for me because of the idea of sleeping "in" rather than "on" the mattress, the suggestion that it is really good for side sleepers changed my mind.

  10. Kathleen Keleher Post author

    Concerned that you sleep in not on.  I move a lot and not sure if this would work for me.

  11. Dave's Sweeps Post author

    Great review, this bed looks really comfy, and I wish I was sleeping on it right now, unfortunately, I am sleeping on the floor and so is my friend, this is an awesome giveaway!
    I wish everyone the best of luck and thank you for the chance 🙂

  12. Pamela McKenzie Post author

    excellent review. I would love to try this mattress out to see how it works for me. I'm a back sleeper and it looks like this mattress would be comfortable and supportive for me.

  13. sam m Post author

    I need a good mattress so much. This one when you tested them really hooked me. I want this mattress so much.

  14. Sandy Reis Post author

    I am sleeping in my recliner now because my bed is horrible! I would love to have this amazing mattress and finally get a good nights sleep! Thank you for the chance!

  15. RUKrisfan07 H Post author

    Thanks for making this video and providing such a thorough review of the Novosbed Mattress. I am definitely more interested in the mattress after having watched the review for it. And I do think it might be a good mattress for me, especially since I am a side sleeper and it provides good pressure relief. I also like how the company will work with you to try to make sure the firmness level of the mattress is just the way you want it. I do wish the edge support of the mattress was a little bit better, though.

  16. Cracky Nator Post author

    I have just gotten my Novosbed 2 days ago and coming from a innersping matress JESUS IT FEELS GOOD it did felt firm on the first day but now its already softening up (I took the soft version) I am a strict side sleeper this bed feels simply Incredible. I would recommend this to any side sleepers As I have searched for many many hours reviews on all kinds of matresses for side sleeper and this overall with an average price was the absolute best choice

  17. DJ M Post author

    I've watched a few different reviews of this bed and it seems like the most recent version has two separate 2" layers of memory foam with the top layer being aerated and softer (holes in it). On the Novosbed website they don't mention a 1" layer of polyfoam on top followed by a 1" layer of memory foam and a 2" layer of memory foam. Is this the difference between the third and second generation of the bed?

  18. hannah anderson Post author

    Wait, what, that's not the current construction, it's 2 inches and 2 inches over 7 inches. What bed did you get here, that's odd.


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