Is Getting Out of Bed Causing Your Back Pain?

Is Getting Out of  Bed Causing Your Back Pain?

is my bed causing my back pain that is the question today I get this question a lot today’s Tuesday two days all about the tips our goal is to give you the tools to make your life better our goal is to give you the knowledge so you can make better decisions about your back pain, back pain can be a slippery slope and if you’re not careful it can really be devastating so our goal is to make sure that doesn’t happen to you we want to give you the tools so every tuesday we give you tips the tips are part of our nine step process some patients that come to see us but these are just as good for you and I think even mention the other day we’ve been doing tip stretches and exercises on Tuesday Wednesday thursdays and we get food yesterday that’s a good one it’s all about chocolate back pain so our goal is to give the tips again make your life a little easier but this is really all about the patients that we see and we see some of the worst patients and we prevent them from surgery we see obviously back pains the stenosis sciatica herniated disc bulging disc spondylolisthesis which is pretty complicated but really all of these are problems within the disc and one of the things that we want you to do is we want to make sure that your daily activities that you perform don’t make your back pain worse and there are very specific things that we’ve talked about these we talked about the hip hinge which is really the fundamental most important tip will talk about the micro breaks breathing brushing your teeth ten-minute rule lifting how to get out of car we did that all we didn’t do the car but really these are all about avoiding too much flexion this is the forward line like this but also its avoiding rotation because rotation very often will cause problems in the disk too much flexion will cause problems in the disk so if you’re seated too long you’re gonna overload the discs there are certain things you have to do to stretch to get it back into a better position but today’s about how to get out a bed and when you get out of bed wrong you potentially make your back worse because you start to create more stress on the disc so all the tips are really about what to do not to overload the stresses on the disc’s again it’s this disc here now there are little joints on the back called the set joints and when you lean forward and you rotate it puts the facet joint in a position where it allows for rotation on the disc and rotation of the disc and the lumbar spine is the worst thing that you can have they’re not designed to do that so you want to avoid over flexion and over rotation and what happens and we talked about this getting in another car if you get out of the car and you turn your shoulders first and then your hips your rotating the spine same thing when you’re laying on your back when you’re laying on your back and you are getting up by during your shoulders and then your hips or guess what you go like this and then you rotate to get out a bit now you’re overloading the disks so what we’re trying to teach you same as getting other car is when you turn you turn together so the shoulders and the hips turn at the same time and then we’re going to have you put your legs out and then push yourself up so you’re not rotating not rotating and you’re not flexing at the same time that is the key so we call the log roll and the long roll what you’re going to do is there’s two ways to do it you can bring your knees up to your chest and then you can push yourself up or you can lay your side and push yourself up but i’ll show you in a video that we have right here so what does vs he’s laying on his back but you bring your knees up and the whole idea behind bringing your knees up is when you get to your side when you use your knees to sort of help rotate you to get out of bed without rotating your spine it’s pretty simple right i think i made it more complicated so you’re bringing these up and then you rotate to the side and then put your feet down and then you push yourself up and then you slowly get up without flexing that’s how you get or if it hurts a lot and you can bring your knees up what you do your side and then you bring your knees up and then you put your legs out to the side of the bed and push yourself up that’s how would you replace right and duty in there alright so again knees come up to over complicate this rolls over and then you’re going to push yourself on the bed with this arm here and you force yourself up like this without doing any rotation same time you wrote a little bit and then you get up without doing much flexion that’s the tip i think this is this is a long tip but it’s not that complicated our goal really is to take you from suffering to being able to do what you love to do for lifetime the key these tips are if you continue to do things wrong you’re going to aggravate your spine and the aggravation and your spine is really what prevents you from getting better i want to make this over complicated but if you do if you continue to do the wrong things you’re going to have a breakdown it’s not going to get better so if you do it a little bit every day and you think about it so it’s really about how to start your day it’s hard to start your day without causing your back to get worse off if you like what you hear every tuesday we do tips wednesday we stretches and thursday we do exercises and then somewhere along the way we do a little bit of the science or the anatomy and then we do some case studies because you can learn a lot from the case studies it’s important to know what type of treatment would benefit the most for out so share this information with your friends and family like us like our page and we do live videos probably once a day we were doing more but they were it was good everybody and subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on instagram and follow us on Twitter that’s it tomorrow we’re doing a stretch oh and I have a piece i’m going to do about fusion surgery we did a little bit 12 weeks ago or last week but we’re going to do one tomorrow because it came up some really good information that you’re like so tomorrow or thursday that’s it have a good night thank you very much be safe and wear your seat belt drive save and we’re

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