Is A Sports Chiropractor A Doctor? | Are Sport Chiropractors Doctors?

Is A Sports Chiropractor A Doctor? | Are Sport Chiropractors Doctors?

– Welcome to today’s video. I’m here with Dr. Rich and
we’re actually gonna talk about is a chiropractor actually a doctor? Now it seems like a crazy question but there’s actually
a lot of people typing that in on google and
honestly most people think when they’re hurt or they have a cough or their back’s a little
achy they’re just gonna go to the general doctor,
they don’t even think about a chiropractor or a personal trainer or a sports massage therapist
or anything like that. So we’re gonna cover all
those topics in today’s video. (dynamic music) Welcome back, thanks for tuning in and if you’re new here my name’s Frank, I’m a certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist
with my three main goals of helping you move, feel and look better through mobility, training and nutrition. So I’m here with Dr. Rich
and we’re just gonna cover the subject, “Is a chiropractor
actually a doctor”? Are you a doctor? Did you go to school for this? – Well you know
(laughing) I tried to order it.
– Do you have to? – I bought 16 boxes of
cereal and I sent it in, you know I just didn’t like
the way that degree looked, so you know what
chiropractors are is you know a lot people have no idea
what our training is, are we doctors, so this is the deal. A normal bachelor’s
degree is 120 hours, okay? That’s to get a degree
in virtually anything. We have to have at least 90
hours to even enter the program and a lot of chiropractors
have been in exercise science or they’ve decided to try
to go in a different field, they already have a ton of stuff going. – I don’t wanna interrupt
but do you focus on one of those degrees like exercise
science or nutrition and then you go onto the chiropractic or you start off with that? – Well, and that’s where
some of it comes from. We’re all very different, so I went in with a biology degree, that was my goal, you know I tried to start
heading in that direction. They may not know exactly what they want. I started down the doctor path not knowing how I wanted to specialize. So I took a lot of those credits. You’ve got to have that,
90 degree credits first to even enter the program. – Okay.
– Once we get into the program they hit really heavy into anatomy, I got to
spend a whole bunch of time in gross labs, dead people,
looking at all of that. I had the clothes to burn
from the smell to prove it. And we study hormones, we study neurology, pathways of what’s happening. Why is my arm burning? Well because these two
fingers go right up here to this particular nerve,
it’s like a roadmap. So we can ask you little things like that. Nutrition, pathology,
that’s trying to figure out what’s wrong with the people. Radiology, a ton of that
because we take x-rays too. There’s a ton that goes into our degree. – And you actually have
to be a doctor right? – Yes. – You can’t just like
“Hey I want to open up “a chiropractic place
and just crack people.” – Right, right.
– You can’t do that. – No, yeah.
– You have to go to school. – Yes, there’s absolutely
a degree, we have a board, we had to pass four different parts of it, there’s 20 hours of continuing
education every year and that’s a big place
where a lot of chiropractors really start to differentiate, is there’s probably 200
different techniques. There’s eight or 10 different schools. Say I’m going to a
chiropractor is like saying “Hey I’m gonna go to a
random medical doctor “and hope to get a cardiologist.” Well I heard chiropractors do blank or my brother’s sister’s
nephew whose had this happen, well what type? Did they go to a podiatrist,
do they go to a dermatologist? We’re that different. – I know the two biggest things
I think my clients ask me sometimes is, “I don’t like the cracks and then sometimes I’m doing a thing with the little tool that
kinda presses in there.” There are those two different
types of techniques, do you practice both of those? – Yes.
– Okay. – Yes to both of those. – Okay, so I know some people
don’t wanna get cracked. I like it though, it feels good. – Right, a lot of us chiropractors
try to have a bunch of, let’s say, expand our toolkit, okay. Because very rarely is one size fits all. Where I may use one
technique for one person, another person they can’t relax, or they relax better
in a different position or else if they don’t
want to hear the crack, and that’s a whole different video that we’ll probably get into. There’s an option, there’s
a way we can use more force, we can use less force,
usually there’s some answer that we can come up with. – Is your continuing
education, is that mandatory or is that just something
you choose to do? – Right, on my weekends
I was going to seminars, learning different techniques. That stuff is voluntary.
– Okay. – To remain active in the
chiropractic profession, to keep your degree legal
we have to do 20 hours here in Georgia, every single year. – Well I hope that answered your question, “Is a chiropractor a doctor”? Yes, they are doctors, there’s
a lot of schooling behind it and you can’t become a chiropractor
unless you’re a doctor. So hope that video made sense. If you have any other
questions please go ahead and type them down in the
comment section down below. We, we both love to hear about it and we’d be able to help
answer your questions and I’m also gonna put
Dr. Rich’s information and the description down
below so feel free to see him and if you’re into Johns
Creek, Buford, Suwanee or even Atlanta area feel
free to make the drive and see him ’cause he knows
what he’s talking about. So, again if you’re new here
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