Iron Neck – A Solution for Neck and Back Pain

As a guy north of 60 who’s been active my entire life, physically I’ve noticed probably in the last 20 plus years tightness and pain in my neck and also less mobility in turning my head. About six months ago I purchased one and I spend very little time with it. Maybe four or five minutes a day. I noticed within a week or two that the magnitude of the pain and my neck diminished to really zero and I’m able to turn my head much more I also play a lot of golf and I’m putting great pressure, I think, on my back in my neck as I swing and so it’s a pleasure now to complete a round of golf and not have significant pain in my neck or stiffness at my back. There’s all kinds of promises with products out there and many don’t deliver or they’re complicated to use. This is simple to use, easy to set up and it takes very very little time to do that daily workout. I’ve not experienced any pain in my neck in probably four or five months. The pain in my back hasn’t gone away a 100 percent, but it’s probably 60 or 70 percent reduced. I mean I used to go to the chiropractor all the time because I would have pretty extensive pain. I was very uncomfortable and I’ve cut down significantly on those visits, because I don’t feel the need to go as often. I’m highly confident that that’s the result of using the Iron Neck.

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