Introduction to Osteopathy & Osteopathic Medicine : Demonstration of Counter Strain Joint Therapy

Introduction to Osteopathy & Osteopathic Medicine : Demonstration of Counter Strain Joint Therapy

Hi this is Dr. Simcha Shapiro here with Expert
Village. Now we’re going to be talking about a technique called Strain/Counter Strain.
Now remember the concept of the technique is to take the muscle, and the area that hurts,
and shorten the muscle. So the first thing we do is we find a tender point. This is a
patient who has been complaining of shoulder pain. And that looks to be a tender point.
So, was that tender? Okay. So what we’re going to do is, I’m going to keep my finger here,
so that they know this is the same spot afterwards and it feels miraculously better. And I’m
going to put the patient in a position that’s going to shorten the area. And we’re going
to call that first pain; I want you to relax your arm. We’re going to call that first pain
a 10 on a scale of zero to ten. With zero being no pain and ten being the original pain.
And I’m going to press. What would you say it is now? Almost no pain. Great, that’s just
the answer we want. So I’m going to hold you in this position for ninety seconds. Okay,
great. Now, it?s important that you stay fully relaxed when I bring you out of the position.
So I want you to just relax your arm and let me do all the work. There we go. How is it
now? A 1 or 2, almost no pain. Great! That’s just the way it works. It?s just that easy.
And you’ll feel better.

16 comments on “Introduction to Osteopathy & Osteopathic Medicine : Demonstration of Counter Strain Joint Therapy

  1. OA Post author

    Osteopathy=Pure scam,no scientifical proofs confirm the effectiveness of this dicipline.
    I mean,even D.C. olders look more credible than that…

  2. OA Post author

    Nice,but i don't bash the D.Os that practice has normal doctors as well,since most of them go through residencies and become real doctors…i blame the ones that practice ONLY ostheopathy…which i find really absurd.

  3. OA Post author

    Well,actually,D.C. holders pratically receive the same training as M.D. holders,(same courses).But they also learn the chiropractic skills.Which results in more hours spent in studies than the M.D. students.
    Chiropractic has been proven to be effective at some points,while ostheopathy had no "official research" proving it's effectiveness.
    But i agree that D.O. degrees are the equivalent of D.C./M.D. degrees,just different additionnal courses,like D.C.

  4. OA Post author

    @LegPains Orthopedists know how to deal with bone/muscle issues,they will develop the proper treatment for your problem after they diagnose what's really wrong.

  5. OA Post author

    @LegPains Like i said,go see an Orthopedist,an orthopedic surgeon is preferable.
    First go see a Family Physician,tell him about the problems,he will then refer you to an Orthopedic specialist(surgeon i think) and he'll do the job.

  6. OA Post author

    @LegPains From what i see,re-aligning spine must be done through surgery.

    If you want to take risks,go see a chiropractor.

  7. marhaza1 Post author

    life is so funny that i bet one day when one of these racist hatemongers get sick and are on their death bed, their MD/OD will be a Jew.

    and wouldn't it be even funnier if this stupidsmellycheap Jew saved your life? i wonder if you would think the same thing about him. ugh.


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