Instant Back & Neck Pain Relief – Short & Effective Stretching Routine

Instant Back & Neck Pain Relief – Short & Effective Stretching Routine

So i invite you to join me, let’s do this
together. Seat yourself onto a chair, you need to have
a table in front of you, and let’s go. Close your eyes, sit up straight, and just
let your head hang down. Remember to breathe normally. Now bring your head up again, and put it in
the back. Back to the middle, and now look to the left
side. Don’t artificially stretch your neck, just
go so far that it’s still comfortable. Back to the middle, and to the other side. Okay, now pull your shoulders toward your
ears. Hold this. Hold this. Aaah, and release. Again, shoulders up to the ears and now roll
them forward. Hold it there for a second, come back to the
middle, and roll them backwards. Now back to the middle. Depress your shoulders down. So press them into this direction, and now
again roll them forward. Hold here for a second, and go back. And back to the middle sitting position. Now extend your arms, put them back. Place your head a little bit to the back,
and stretch yourself like you would embrace the sun. Then come back forward, place your hands on
the table and just rest your head on the table. Let’s get back to the normal position. Now you need to have a chair like this, place
your hands on them, and just rotate your upper body to the side; but don’t force it, okay? Just a comfortable sitting position where
your upper body is rotated to the side, and you feel a slight stretch in your upper body. Come back to the middle, now we need to change
the sides. Into the other direction. And that’s it! You can do this routine every time you feel
tension in your neck, or in your back. This should give you immediate pain relief,
or at least it gives you a feeling of satisfaction. I hope you enjoyed this. If you did, please leave a thumbs up. Below, and please subscribe to my youtube
chanel, or you could comment and write me your own personal favorites. Thank you, and goodbye! I’m using today’s endcard to advertise for
a guy named Nick-E, who is a good friend of me. He has made a tutorial on how to sit properly
on the floor. I think it’s very important that you sit properly,
because we are sitting all day, every day, and if we don’t watch how we sit, then we’re
going to get back pain, and neck pain. So please look at this article, and please
report back if you found it helpful.

10 comments on “Instant Back & Neck Pain Relief – Short & Effective Stretching Routine

  1. EXOinc Post author

    Excellent videos! They help a lot. Can you please do video on wrist pain/sore release? Especially after office work. Thank you very much!

  2. Joe Post author

    I always have back and neck pains/stretches when I do exercise, and this video really helped, so thank you 🙂

  3. Himanshu Pal Post author

    Hey man I am just a beginner 19 year old. I didn't begin in mean time. I am kinda skinny guy. I am pure vegetarian but whatever I eat just I think it's wasted as I am gaining from more then a month and not a single effect on my health. Please suggest some workout. I do lot of cycling and jogging. Please do suggest some core exercises and diet guide. And also I am not able to do push-up's and pull-up's

  4. Romkeeeee Post author

    Hello Tykato! I found your channel only around a month ago (i think it was your grip workout), but already fell in love with your videos! And I have two questions: 1) Two weeks ago I've sretched my neck (and probably my right trapezoid too, judging by the fact, that I had to rest my right hand on something because of pain in my trapezoid and my middle and upper back in right side), so I had to wear a collar for two weeks, and now my right shoulder is a bit elevated relatively to my left shoulder. If i depress it, then it starts to hurt a bit. Should I do stretches to get it back in normal position or will it get back on it's own? 2) What is the best way to deal with cracking sound in shoulders? Thanks for everythin you are doing! You're awesome!

  5. Ninnifier O.o Post author

    Ugh, I really really hope this helps some people.

    I have tension headaches and my back and neck are very tight.

    I didn't notice much improvement with these stretching exercises but again I really hope this helps other people.

    I think I just need like a rough massage every day.


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