INFJ Stress: What Overwhelms INFJs (and Handling It)

INFJ Stress: What Overwhelms INFJs (and Handling It)

44 comments on “INFJ Stress: What Overwhelms INFJs (and Handling It)

  1. Vasil Adzi Post author

    Even INTJ dont plan stuff like you guys, the INJ are always sleeepy and oblvious to ekstra stimulus, if they are watching tv or reading a book, they wont even notice that you are there.

  2. Jenn Hughes Post author

    Crowded places, fake people, negative people, drama, uptight people….. mostly any kind of people lol… other than people…. not much stresses me out surprisingly..

  3. Cyn Ho Post author

    That fire in the back distracted me and looked like you were waving your hand or fingers back and forth…before you were.



  4. Cyn Ho Post author

    Hey, do a video about why dating is so hard now and why people are afraid of real relationships and seemingly only after long term sex.

  5. TheObserver Post author

    A Gift to All True INFJs and those who are inspired by these individuals. It shall resonate with All.

    Tao Te Ching – The Book of The Way

    Love You FJ! You're the best INFP out there and your INFP audience adore you! You are accepted and finally at Keanu Level Captain.

    Shine On!

  6. Jordan J. Post author

    I'm also an INFJ and before this i thought it was mostly because of my adhd and/or would be overwhelmed because I don't want to forget things. Everything you said matches up exactly and I feel better about feeling this way. Thanks Frank James. ? You're words are always spot on and give good advice. Also, lamp x frank is canon now ?

  7. Kat Turner Post author

    This is so relateable to me. I become so overwhelemed and i can't understand how some people i know can juggle so much at once and not stress about it…thanks for the video FJ

  8. Isabella Donn Post author

    Sometimes it’s like I have to think about everything at once otherwise I’m “lying to myself” so I end up just procrastinating to avoid thinking but it ultimately leaves me more stressed out and unaccomplished in the long run. Haha I hate myself.

  9. Seleste Rivero Post author

    Very helpful! Projecting into the future and trying to assign meaning to everything is one of my biggest problems!

  10. joanna marie llegado Post author

    Its really hard to be an INFJ.. when your mind is running 120kph everytime… its kinda stressing me out.. friends telling you you can overcome this and that.. but you at the end of the day end up still thinking….

  11. Deathpactangel Post author

    I really needed to hear what you had to say im a new business owner with infj and you really cleared my mind

  12. H I Post author

    Same applies to an INFP. Though, I went through an odd and incredibly stressful time in my life so I was def pushed further and further into my mind and living out of my brain instead of being at ease with the flux of movement in the external realm. If you are highly stressed, i think it can potentially make all intuitive types more and more out of touch. J/s.

  13. Binyamin Tsadik Post author

    Great points!
    One of the things that traps Ni doms is the following confusion.
    Front end: You are always in the present moment, you are just spending it by planning for the future.
    Back end: You'll have to pay for this in the actual future.

  14. Bridget Woody Post author

    Yes. My #1 stressor is not being able to execute my plans and flow in my work. My superpower is working to a plan and being efficient, and when I get interrupted or get a curve ball lobbed at me, EXTREME stress.

  15. GrandMaa's Hacks Post author

    How can I meet you James?
    I am not as old as in the profile icon.. ?
    Any Instagram handle?
    I am an INFJ.. I can really relate to every single word of yours and I've been #crushing over you lately..?

    Love, from India ??

  16. Apple Mae Tabios Post author

    Yes! Having too much of everything at once really stresses me out. Even just one event that could change my mood from okay to bad, stresses me out the whole day. But I'm trying my hardest to focus on my task at hand by writing them down then do them one by one with a little break every now and then. It helps somehow.

    P.S. Can I just say, you're looking good. Okay i'm outta here!

  17. fmbmrtjdpcmrtb Post author

    I'm an ENFP. My adult son is an INFJ. When he was 7 years old, he said one day "I worry about nearly everything" lol. He hasn't changed much lol. However, over the years I have tried to support/give advice to help him deal with stress better – including "being in the present moment", but both he and I find that quite hard to do – it does help but it doesn't come naturally.

  18. That ASMR Girl Post author

    No really though, sometimes I have to speak out loud what I'm obviously supposed to be focusing on. For example when I'm driving I'll be completely lost in thought so I'll have to say "I'm driving right now and I need to pay attention." I also say things like "I'm going to feel sad if I ruin other people's plans and needs if I don't focus on the time and what needs done now."

  19. RavishingTwinkle Post author

    Practising being in present moment in stressful times requires practising Faith. So believe in God. Just believe and pray.


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