If Your Back Pain Does This- See Dr. NOW! Emergency

If Your Back Pain Does This- See Dr. NOW! Emergency

♪ Bob and Brad, ♪ ♪ The two most famous ♪ ♪ Physical Therapists ♪ ♪ On the Internet ♪ (intro music ends) – Howdy folks I’m Bob
Schrupp, Physical Therapist. – Brad Heineck, Physical Therapist. – And we are the most
famous physical therapists on the Internet. – In our opinion of course, Bob. – If your back pain ever
does this, see Doctor, now. Not see Dr. Now, not the name of Dr. Now. See the Doctor, now! – Emergency
– It’s an emergency, yes. – That’s a serious concern. – A little back pain is very, very common, obviously, most of us have had it. But the vast majority
will never need surgery, but there is a rare case
where you get severe back pain where you’re gonna want to
see the Doctor immediately. – Right. – And that’s what we’re
gonna be talking about today. But if you’re new to our channel, please take a second to subscribe to us. We provide videos how to
stay healthy, fit, pain free and we upload every day. And yes you don’t wanna join
us on our social media channels for one reason, because we’re
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you’re gonna find out that we’re giving away the Wall Anchor. This is something that we
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you can put on the wall and through it you can actually hook up the exercise bands or exercise tubings. Very helpful, you can really
set up a whole wall workout. – Right. I call it wall fitness. – Wall fitness that’s right. You can also go to Facebook Bob and Brad. – There you go. – So enough with the advertisement. Next on, let’s go to what
we’re talking about here. If you get severe back pain
and these other symptoms, or some of these other
symptoms which we’ll go over, this could be a sign of
Cauda Equina Syndrome. Now that’s a big word, Cauda Equina, but what does it actually
mean in Latin, Brad? – Horse tail. – Right, horse tail. And we’re gonna show you right
here why it’s called that. So you have your spinal
cord, and it comes down, runs in through the bones,
in the little canal there. And it comes out and it goes
right into the sacrum here. But if you take away the
bones of the sacrum here. Look at that, that’s the
spinal cord as it spreads out and sends the nerves into the extremities. – Right, as it comes
into the lumbar spine, instead of being one solid core, it starts to turn into
the individual nerves. And it kinda resembles a
little bit of a horse tail so they call it Cauda Equina. – And the syndrome is when you’re actually
compressing on these nerves. And we’ll tell you how
that could present itself. Generally, the most common
cause of it, by far, would be a disk herniation. And it would be a major disk
herniation, not a minor one. This is a huge blow out of a disk. And what you need is surgery immediately. So, let’s talk about
five different things, the way they can present
themselves here, Brad. Number one, it can affect your bladder. You know, you can have the
inability to start, stop or control urination. Of course as we get older, that’s a sign some of
us are already having. So, you have to distinguish
between that and a new change. If it just shows up. Lack of sensation when urinating, loss of full bladder sensation, inability to empty the
bladder, all those things. Number two, it can affect your bowels. And that’s why Doctors always ask, “Has it affected your bowel and bladder?” – Right, right. – The bowel function, same
thing, loss of feeling, constipation, loss of control. – Right. – And again, if this suddenly shows up, that’s not a good sign. Especially if you have
a long, with back pain. Number three, saddle anesthesia, Brad, do you wanna explain what that is? – That’s numbness, okay? Numbness and like, if you sit on a horse, or your bicycle saddle,
the seat of a bike, where that makes contact
in your groin area, and on your bottom, that area
of contact, would be numb. – Loss of feeling. – That tingling feeling, any of that numbness type of a feeling, that’s that saddle, you know. – Anesthesia.
– Anesthesia, sorry. – So it would be like a loss of feeling when using the toilet paper, even maybe. – Right, you can’t feel
yourself, cleaning yourself. – Can’t wipe yourself, yeah. Number four, sexual disfunction, loss of sensation during
sexual intercourse. You have trouble getting
an erection and all that. That all could be also symptom, especially if it’s coupled up
with some of the other signs. – Right, ’cause these are all
related by those nerve tracks. – Those nerves, that’s
where these nerves affect. And that’s why, these are
important things in life. I mean, you don’t want to
have permanent incontinence and have troubles with
your bowel and bladder for the rest of your life. And the sexual disfunction too. So these are are things you
don’t want to, obviously, be dealing with. And number five, you could actually have
some weakness in the legs. Your toes, you might feel, they don’t bend the way they should, they don’t extend the way they do. So I had a real life example here, it’s actually, was at this facility, Brad. And he has since passed away now, but he was in his 50s and it affected him, pretty much all five areas. And he could walk yet
because he had some muscles, but we had to have braces and
it was always with assistance. He never got back to, he
ended up living his final days in a skilled nursing
facility because of it. – Sure, for a number of years. – For a number of years. So it’s not something to be taken lightly. Again, severe back pain, along
with some of these symptoms you find yourself running to the Doctor. – And, on the other hand, I
had one person that I did, I sent her to the emergency room. She had not all five of these symptoms, but it made me like “Ah, we need to go.” And she did go and it was
not true Cauda Equina. – It’s funny, I had one too. – So it was good to,
but you gotta make sure. – It’s not something you want to- It’s like chest pain. You gotta get it checked out each time because the one time you don’t, it’s gonna end up being the heart attack. You’re right, I had a lady too, and I was like, “Oh my God,
she’s got the symptoms.” And she ended up being fine. – One way or another, it’s
something to be aware of. – Yep, remember Brad, I can
fix just about anything. – Except for. – A broken heart. – There you go. – So, we’ll work on
it, though, right Brad? You got any time tonight to work on it? – No, no, not tonight, just the weekend. Yeah it’s a weekend project. – All right, sounds good. (electronic beats)

53 comments on “If Your Back Pain Does This- See Dr. NOW! Emergency

  1. thejool Post author

    Love the information but your one minute plus intro is brutal.
    Maybe consider getting right into it and leave the info posted in the background or place on our viewing screen really small.
    I forward to 1 min on auto. I’m thing you guys are missing out on some $$ by people doing this, no?

  2. TMT1473 Post author

    Do you guys have any advice for ppl who had L45 fusion surgery and have never really recovered? I had it in 2006 and have not had one pain free day since yet the mri says everything is fine.
    I think that was a FAD surgery and my surgeon could not care less that I was in so much pain. He retired and went bk to Egypt. I have even been to Cleveland clinic and they recommend p.t. which just hurts worse so I quit. Thank you.

  3. Jose Rodriguez Post author

    Dr can you revisit your deadlift videos. Maybe emphasize on those of us the lift heavy. And focus on sumo and conventional and also your squat technique. Revisit that. And how we can avoid back pain in relation to these movements. Gracias. ASAP (just kidding)

  4. Kirsty Macfarlane Post author

    I had a very lucky escape in 2001 I was 27, to this day I still have symptoms and, unlike the department of working pensions said, my condition didn't improve. The cauda equina obviously was resolved but because of a Dr's negligence I still have numbness, weakness, muscle atrophy and deformation of my toes. The gp told me I had a uti. 3 weeks later I was rushed for emergency surgery! I have the spine of an 80 year old, that's not a good thing to hear when you're only 38 xx

  5. revoqution Post author

    I just went to the ER for exactly this & I'm now scheduled for 2 days of spinal surgery in early September. Worst pain I've ever had in my 57 yr life…

  6. Sehara Post author

    When I am laying on my back i get numbness and tingling on the outer sides of my feet. It is really anoying.

  7. Kathy Pisarczyk Post author

    So will an MRI diagnose this? Is surgery only option and do the symptoms go away!

  8. LiveInternal Post author

    I had a herniated disc in my L4, L5. Surgery was the best thing I ever did at 18 years old.

  9. timmd909 Post author

    If you're so excited for a new video that you can't control your bladder, then ignore warnings at 3:00

  10. timmd909 Post author

    If you're so excited for a new video that you can't control your bladder, then ignore warnings at 3:00

  11. Branjiebelle Post author

    I've entered your competition. I've been wanting to get the wall anchors but postage to Australia is a bit pricey. Thanks for this important information about serious back injuries.

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    Well if even you two wonderful folks can't heal my broken heart, who can? Getting kinda desperate here 🙁

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    Thank you. You men are fun and have great exercises for injuries and pain. There was an ad on your video about a neuro transmitter for pain. Do you know about them or offer them for sale? It sounded interesting.

  14. lola lolay Post author

    I had a spinal cord injury and ended up with drop foot.
    I went to the Doctors multiple times and was told it was a muscle problem. (I was in a lot of pain) when the pain stopped, my foot had dropped. Finally after 18 months I was given an MRI and they told me I had severed a nerve which resulted in drop foot.
    Fast forward 15 years and my foot has never been the same but after a lot of self work it has recovered about 50% because I learned to use other muscles.

  15. gorhamcj1 Post author

    This happened to my daughter when she was 12 years old by multiple tumors. Emergent surgery and she is now disabled for life. Cause Equine is very serious. Good video!

  16. Sarah Connolly Post author

    Thank you for spreading the awareness. I'm almost two years post op with a diagnosis of acute Cauda Equina Syndrome and I presented to the A&E with all 5 symptoms. So very few people are aware of this syndrome.

  17. Jolly Joel Post author

    Ironically, this is exactly what I thought I had because I had similar symptoms except the pain. After doctor said to go to ER, they couldn't find anything, sent me to Neurology and they found I had MS.

  18. The one from far away Post author

    Last month, after the MRI my doctor said I need asap surgery, but I don't agree for now
    (I have 3 big problems and not easy to do a surgery) My physio tells me about alternative therapy ,
    spinal decompression not surgical exercised on the pool and use TENS machine. It is difficult for me to walk as before. If I get to the wheelchair, I told to my doctor that I prefer euthanasia, not surgery.

  19. Shayne Zhao Post author

    Only experienced numbness in my legs and feet. Went to see a physio and I was asked to do some strengthening exercise. The numbness was gone quickly, but the pain in legs and hips is still here after 2 months already. Not sure if I need to see a doctor

  20. Cindy Pock Post author

    Ha! You say you can't mend a broken heart, but am 99.9% sure, with your skills that you could match 2 broken hearts @ once if you set up 2 of your single clients!! "The Bob and Brad Match Game!"

  21. James McDANIEL Post author

    Whoa! #1,2 and 5 kinda scared me a little. I guess when you have low back issues you're going to freak out a little. I will continue to keep my fingers crossed – that helps.

  22. Clara Raimundi Post author

    You two have so much energy, so much drive– that is admirable 😎
    Great info.

  23. justwanabebeautiful Post author

    Can you do a video on hyper-mobility and EDS do and don’t s of physiotherapy for hypermobilty

  24. Connie Staggs Post author

    This has become my favorite YouTube channel. I'm curious as to what causes cauda equina.

  25. sloffler woogiewoogie Post author

    I have, in the last month hurt my gluteus medius, lumbar, and middle of my spine in 3 different successive instances. (The gods are trying to do me in, and I’m only 56…and female.) Are there any specific exercises to strengthen/protect one’s spine and it’s surrounding muscles? Should I be strengthening my stomach and core more?

  26. Harmony Sunshine Post author

    Currently being tested ( mri) for this…have had 4 surgeries, fusion Lf5/S1…recently having positional numbness upon lying down…numbness inside left groin /thigh area, left butt area when I'm wiping…… having trouble beginning urine stream during night or first thing in morning but it all resolves after I'm up for a while.

  27. krista doss Post author

    I went to a spinal team a week ago with all these exact symptoms except they come and go. The doctor said it's probably not cauda equina. I literally have every symptom. It blows my mind that you guys made this video right when I'm going through this. I'm crying right now in frustration. How do I get the doctor to hear me?

    I'm waiting on results from MRI I had on Tuesday.


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