Ice vs. Heat | Back Pain Relief

Ice vs. Heat | Back Pain Relief

I get a lot of questions regarding how to
use ice, and when to use ice, and how to use heat, and when to use heat, and they’re
very different modalities, and their very different uses. They’re not interchangeable at all. If you’re having an acute back problem or
a very unstable back problem, you have to assume that there’s a lot of pain or a change
in your pain for the worse. You have to assume there’s a lot of swelling,
as well. Now, I’m not saying there’s this visible swelling,
like in the knee or when you bump your head, but there is swelling around the tissue, around
the joint area. So, the ice in this case is very, very, very
helpful. It does two things. Number one, it starts to slow down the blood
flow to the area. It’s called a vasil constrictor. It constricts the blood vessels, which is
not that great for healing, but it’s really good at trying to promote the swelling problem,
get the swelling out of there. Remember, blood is carrying all of the nutrients,
which is a good thing. But, it’s blood. It’s a fluid and you want to rid the area
in the first step in the recovery. And, that will enable you to move on to the
second and third phases of the recovery, which is part of the modeling and repair phases. The other problem or the other thing the ice
does is by reducing the swelling. The swelling is pressing up against all the
pain receptors, so if you can get the swelling out of there, there’s going to be less pressure
on those pain receptors. So, that will make the pain hurt less. So for two reasons really, you’re going to
use ice in the acute phase. Once you’ve returned to function and you’re
in less pain, and you’re more mobile, and you’re having a better go of it, that’s when
you can, sort of , use the heat modality to, sort of, help with the soothing muscles. The heat will promote blood to the area. A vasil dilator, it’s called. So, it can help with the last two phases of
your healing. In either case, whether you’re using ice or
heat, you’re thinking 15 to 20 minute intervals with the modality. It’s never recommended to put it right on
your skin. You can really irritate your skin, hot or
cold. And by and large, if you’re not seeking a
physical therapist’s advice and you’re using some of the general knowledge, you’re going
to want to stay away from the heat, by and large, for the first 3 days after injury. Certainly, within the first 7 to 10 days after
injury, it can be recommended depending on how bad the pain is.

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  1. g quinn Post author

    Heat promotes circulation to bring nutrients to the area to heal. I use heat and it works great and I am heal in a matter of time. My girlfriend with the same  injury uses cold and it never heals and she continues to use ice packs because she listen to people like this video.

  2. Linda C Cook Post author

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  3. Dale Bergeron Post author

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  4. Leo Post author

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  12. Manuel 22 Post author

    So I’ve had back pain for years and it’s gotten worse and worse. I stretch every day and it never helps. My joints ache and my muscles are tight. Chiropractor and massages only helped slightly but the effects did not last. I recently pinched a nerve due to my rib. I used ice and nothing helped.

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  13. Claudette Good Post author

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