I tried to read 300 pages in a day 😂🙈 | Reading Vlog [CC]

I tried to read 300 pages in a day 😂🙈 | Reading Vlog [CC]

hey friends it’s Friday I’m opening up
the vlog I kind of dropped the ball and vlogging this week so instead of a
weekly vlog you’re just getting a cozy weekend vlog because that’s what I plan
on doing most of this weekend is being a complete hermit and doing nothing except
for relaxing and reading thought I’d fill you in really quick on what I did
this week I have started a project for myself this year I am going to be
replacing all of my old underwear cuz trust me
ya girl’s got some old underwear going on I have decided I’m going to replace
all of my old stuff with homemade stuff and a lot of repurposed fabric so I
actually figured out a way where I can cut up old shirts that have a stain here
or there and I’ve actually made them into super fantastically comfortable
pairs of underwear I also learned this week how to sew a lace
bralette that has lots of support so that’s awesome as well so that’s kind of
what I’ve been doing and why I haven’t been reading a lot this week if I was
doing a lot of like sewing slash crafting kind of stuff I wanted to
really quickly catch you I am still reading Thunderhead and it is going
really well I’m really enjoying it I’ve read almost 100 pages today so I have
roughly 200 to go I’m hoping I can just bear down and finish it tonight because
tonight is actually January 31st and I would love to finish this before
midnight and then the next thing that I wanted to share with you really quick is
something really exciting I went to visit my friend Ashleigh on Wednesday and
she is a wonderful human being and I love her very much she gifted me this
homemade book sleeve she actually sells them she has an Etsy shop I’ll link
everything down below she does such a fantastic job and I’m absolutely in love
with this fabric I think it’s so beautiful I’ve already thanked her like
a thousand times so this is gonna be pretty redundant for her to watch but
I absolutely adore this I am just so excited and Thunderhead has been living
in it and inside that she hid this which is absolutely the most like stunning
book I’ve ever seen in my life I love this this is such a beautiful
edition and it was such a surprise I was so excited I am so in love with this and
it gets so beautiful and it has these fancy pages inside my house parts where
it’s taking quotes from the book and put it on like a fancy page inside and I
just love it it’s so pretty and then because I actually got lots of
stuff this week it also got the first Harry Potter book I finally have the first
Harry Potter books so exciting I know what I’m gonna start reading this but I
can’t tell you guys yet but you’ll find out soon enough and then yesterday I
went into town to take my kids to swimming lessons and they were cancelled
and since we hadn’t gone the week before cuz Adelei was sick we didn’t know I got
all the way there and there were no swimming lessons so that was a gigantic waste of
time but outside of the building is a little free library and I’ve never used
one before and so I didn’t have any books with me in the car but since I go
every Thursday to this building I’m just gonna stock some books in my car so that
I can like trade them in and out when I go back but I found three really good
well I hope to be really good books the first one is a longbourn by Jo Baker
this is supposed to be like the servants point of view in the Bennet household
from Pride and Prejudice and then the next book is a world war two
historical fiction you guys know I have a very hard time passing up historical
fiction this is a train in winter by Caroline Moorehead and this is based on a
true story of these women I think they were taken from France
they were resistors and they were put in like a work camp and this is their story
of how they survived that you guys know I am a sucker for World War 2 stories
and then the third book Krista from books and Jams
and Katie from life between words have both been trying to get me to read for a
little while now and it was in there and I could not help but grab it also this
cover is stunning I don’t know I was assuming it was part of a set because
it’s got a one on the side but Anne of Green Gables I’m really excited I don’t
know when I’ll get to this but I’m really excited to read this and
then last but not least it since there weren’t any swimming lessons and I
didn’t have anything out yet for dinner we went to the mall which is right near
Jarrod’s work to grab supper but there’s a store in there called Ardene I think
it’s just a Canadian store but they had slippers on sale for three for fifteen and my slippers were dying like they were falling apart they had holes
in them the stuffing was gone like I needed to replace them probably sure to
replace them a couple months ago but since I held off they were on sale
actually got these adorable reindeer slippers there Reiner picked out they’re
so cute and then I also got these gray ones with like the little bauble on them
I think they’re so adorable I usually wear this is the third pair that I got I
usually wear the booty kind they’re just my favorite they’re so warm and so comfy
so I still replaced my bootie ones but then I figured I’d branch it out and try
a couple different styles because for some reason I just always picked these
ones three for 15 bucks is pretty good especially because I go through them so
dang fast anyway that’s all I’ve got for now I just wanted to show you like a
quick little haul of all the things that I acquired this week and then I’m just
gonna take you through the weekend with me and hopefully we can just be super
cozy and hang out and I will catch up with you guys later hey friends I thought I would really
quickly update you it’s kind of chilly outside but it’s not windy so not loud
so this was supposed to be a cosy vlog tomorrow should be quite cosy and I plan
on tonight also being quite cosy but one of my elementary school friends i’ve known
him literally since I was 5 years old his mom passed away and her funeral was
today so I was out most of the afternoon hanging out and catching up
with him and another person from elementary school who was there – oh it’s starting to snow again it’s actually really pretty out but cold
when I turned around but yeah so I saw in the afternoon at a funeral today came
home snuggling with the kids. Reiner’s playing Minecraft but I snuggled with Owl and I
need to make dinner and then my game plan for tonight is to finish
Thunderhead I read over 200 pages yesterday I think I read about 225 pages
because I have roughly 75 or so to go I just could not like I couldn’t focus my
eyes anymore after reading that much I don’t know why I thought I could
accomplish 300 pages in a day but I did get closer than I thought that I would
cuz 300 pages in a day that’s a lot for me it’s like triple what I can normally
do so I am reading Thunderhead oh my goodness something just happened and I
was like freaking out mind-blowing I was so like I can’t believe this just
happened and again spoiler free nobody has to worry but I’m really curious to
see how the next 75 pages are so good because I’ve heard it leaves on a
massive cliffhanger and there’s no way I’m gonna make it to the toll in
February so I’m gonna have to wait until March or possibly April because I do
want to participate in middle-grade March but I don’t know if I can do a
whole month of middle-grade but I want to read at least a couple so we shall
see how that all works out anyway I’m gonna head inside now and I will catch
up with you guys later guys I just finished THUNDERHEAD and oh my
goodness that was such a good ending I’m not gonna say much you guys know
spoiler-free always spoiler free the last half like I I enjoyed every part of
this book I’m not gonna lie I had so much fun with it there’s a lot of orange
tabs because a lot of really bad things happen but like I loved the book I
couldn’t put it down I literally had 13 pages left today and they were so
intense I after the funeral yesterday my eyes were so dry from crying so much
that I had a hard time reading that much so I just let them rest last night but
oh my goodness that ending was so good it was so gritty and so good and I’m so
excited to see where the toll is gonna go I want to know where it’s gonna pick
up I want to see more of who were following I am just *mindblown* I just loved it so
much I had so much fun with this book it’s so good I totally get what the
hypes about I’m excited to see what I think of the toll really excited to see
where it’s going and what I think of it I am so glad that I decided to start my
year off with this trilogy I’m so excited I don’t know what I’m gonna read
next I kind of want to pick up the toll right away but there’s no way I’ll be
able to finish it before historical fiction is on so I’m trying to hold off
until March so we will see anyway I am gonna figure out what I want to read
next I’m gonna do a lot more relaxing today and I will catch up with you guys Hey hi it’s Monday
it’s Monday evening I did not update you last night was a very snuggly evening
Jared and I curled up right about in this spot and read our books and listened
to Harry Potter ASMR rooms and drank some wine and it was so relaxing and so
nice poor Reiner was sick of the dog this
morning I mean he wasn’t like throwing up or anything not that you guys need to
know that but he’s really not feeling well today so I’ve just been reading and
hanging out with the kids schools are on strike today so they were both home
anyway but it’s sad that Reiner’s not feeling great but I started at the
thirteenth tale last night and as of today I’m a hundred pages in and like
around page 35 there’s a particular scene that had me like welling up I was
like, had a lump in my throat and I was misty eyed and then a few pages later it
got dark the beginning of this book is almost wholesome like it feels so kind
and endearing and sweet and then all of a sudden it just goes boom and just
drops like a bomb on you but so far I’m loving this so much like five star
prediction I think I’m going to love this there are definitely elements of
like wuthering Heights influences and a little bit of the strange and beautiful
Sorrows of Ava lavender and also maybe a touch of the series of unfortunate
events it just has that quirky fairy tale esque writing and I love it I love
the way it’s written I don’t want to put it down I’m so glad I picked this up
next because I’ve been meaning to read it the last couple months and I just
haven’t gotten to it and I had no idea what I wanted to pick up after
Thunderhead and I think this is perfect it’s technically I guess a little bit
historical fiction not like a particular time or whatever just that it goes back
in time to tell the story of someone’s life it’s really dark really interesting
super intriguing I am my curiosity is piqued and I’m really really excited to
see where it’s gonna go anyway I am gonna close the vlog out here and I will
vlog the rest of the week like a good vlogger and you’ll see whatever happens
the rest of the week in the next vlog but as always let me know down below
what are you reading what’s going on with you do you have any plans coming up
on the weekend all that good stuff while you’re down there don’t forget to hit
subscribe if you haven’t already and the bell so you don’t miss future
notifications I do upload most Mondays and Thursdays and I will talk to you
guys all next time

15 comments on “I tried to read 300 pages in a day 😂🙈 | Reading Vlog [CC]

  1. The Lawn Gnome Post author

    Right now I am about to start a nice buddy re-read of The Lunar Chronicles. I have a big project that involves both those and The Renegades Saga coming this summer. I am also planning to read the 5th book in The Miss Peregrine Series which just came out almost a month ago. I am also reading a ton of comic books so plenty of reading happening.

  2. Plata Alexandra Post author

    Im planing on reading Scythe sometime this year but can’t wait!
    So exited for the readathon even though I’m still deciding which book to pick up first lol

  3. Michael Knipp Post author

    Actually, I think it might be good that you are getting a break between Thunderhead and The Toll. There is a decent pace/mood change between the two (And a little bit of a time gap) so it might actually work out better in the long run. That explosive ending of Thunderhead tho. lol

  4. The Bookish Mom Post author

    I plan on reading scythe this year. I picked it up recently but havent read it yet. Also, that book sleeve is so pretty!

  5. Manda M Post author

    I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed scythe and thunderhead so much! I really think they’re worth the hype. I’m pretty sure the thunderhead is my favorite character of any book. He’s just so wholesome and smart and loving and fair ugh it’s the best. I’m curious to see how you like the toll. My fiancé loved it, I thought it was pretty underwhelming compared to the other two.

    Omg that’s so cool you have a little library! That’s so neat you picked up Anne of green gables, I just started listening to it and I’m surprisingly enjoying it

  6. Voraciously Reading Post author

    Can you post the link for your friends Etsy shop? Pretty please 😊 Have wanted to treat myself to a booksleeve forever now & it'd be awesome to get one that's handcrafted from a small business. The one you have is cute! Thanks in advance.

  7. Life Between Words Post author

    Eeeek! I want to get my hands on some of those beautiful season editions of books! And I want to read Scythe!

  8. Liv’s Library Post author

    That snow is so pretty! It’s supposed to snow here today but we all know it won’t stick. 😂

    HARRY POTTER. 👏🏻 Be prepared to spend the next 2 months binging the series!

    Have you seen the Anne of Green Gables old tv series? SO SO GOOD.

    Thanks for keeping my company while I’m sick. ♥️


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